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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Water Parks in Dubai


Water parks are a modern invention that has become quite popular amongst people, especially for those who are looking for things to do in Dubai with kids. From the time the first water park was built, a lot of changes have happened in the following years. With growing technology, the water slides and rides have become more complex as well as thrilling, and at the same time extremely safe. Dubai, being the best in everything it does, has some of the best water parks too.

Here we will take a look at the best water parks that Dubai has to offer.

1. Atlantis Aquaventure 

When it comes to the best water parks in Dubai, Aquaventure holds the top place in the list. Right from the water slides and rides to the facilities, everything is the best. Located on the artificial island, Palm Jumeirah, this water park is situated inside the hotel, Atlantis the Palm. So you gain free entry if you are staying at the hotel. Although the entry fee may seem a little high, the time you spend here is worth every penny.

The Aquaventure is more than a water park with 65,000 marine animals in 21 exhibits, covering marine activities and a private beach for various family play choices. This water park which has seven water slides, white water charges, a river with tidal waves and pools as well as water rapids uses 18 million liters of water. Among the seven thrilling water slides, the Leap of Faith is a 27.5-metre-long vertical drop and also the longest and the most thrilling ride in the park. Apart from this, it is the only water park where you could have a shark encounter. The Shark Attack Ride is a slide with an inner tube that goes through a lagoon filled with sharks. This is a rare opportunity to meet these wild creatures up, close, and personal with 100% safety. There are also rides and parks for little children, the best one being the Splashers, which is an all-dancing and all-singing play area where they would definitely have the time of their lives.

The view that Aquaventure offers is quite splendid. You get an unremitting view of the Arabian Gulf. Also, it is lined by restaurants for brunch to the buffet, spa & fitness options, and interactive educational programs. In short, you do not have to get bored while waiting for your turn at the numerous slides. Moreover, the fact that there is a beach, a dolphinarium, a sea lion point, a diving junction, and an aquarium next to this water park makes Aquaventure all the more attractive.

2. Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Located next to Burj Al Arab, you can gain free entry to this water park if you are a guest at the hotel. The Wild Wadi Water Park is not a water park with merely water slides and wave pools. On the other hand, it offers a whole lot of adventure activities which you would be able to enjoy during a visit to a beach or a river. The Wild Wadi is a water park where you could enjoy kayaking or rafting. Along with this, it also has a surf pool where you can do surfing on three-meter-high waves every 90 seconds. However, try this only if you are a pro at surfing as novices may not be able to handle these high waves. Other than this, you can also try ziplining, wall climbing, and rope climbing here.

While there are a lot of fun and adventure rides meant for adults, the Wild Wadi caters to the interests of the kids too. The fake rocks, waterfalls, and storms of the place create a fantastic ambiance that kids love. Apart from this, the Disney-esque Arab characters also add to the charm of the place. There are also rides meant only for the little ones. The Wild Wadi Water Park is quite simple, yet it offers adventure and unadulterated fun.

3. Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai

Dreamland Water Park is a dream come true for families who want to spend a fun and at the same time relaxing time together. Although it is not located exactly in Dubai, it only takes 45 minutes to reach this water park in Umm Al Quwain. The best thing about this water park is that it has a lot of open places and greenery too. So if you just want to read a book or relax on a lounger when your kids are having fun in the water, this is the perfect place for those who are looking for things to do in Dubai with kids.

The Aqua Play area for kids has water bikes, water bouncers for little babies, a splashers area, etc. There are also bumper boats, wave pools, inflatable assault courses, etc, for older kids. There is also a mini zoo which kids would love. However, the highlight of the park is the Twister where you plop in and are flushed out just like poop. Hence, this ride is infamously named Toilet.

While this is a ride that will get your adrenaline pumping, some other adventure rides for adults are Twisting Dragons and Kamikaze. There is also a swim-up pool bar where you can enjoy a drink or two while enjoying swimming or relaxing in the pool. It is also one of the best picnic spots in Dubai and a great place to camp for the night with your family.

4. Yas Water World

Yas WaterWorld Abu Dhabi

The Yas Water World is located in Abu Dhabi, an hour and a half away from Dubai. But if you are in Dubai, you must definitely visit this place. This water park is probably the largest water park in UAE as it houses around 43 super-thrilling rides. If you like extreme adventure, Yas Water World is the only place where you would get a similar experience. For people who love speed, there is the Water Bomber Roller Coaster which zooms at the speed of 55 km/hour. You must also try the hydromagnetic-powered waterslide that is more than 235 meters long. Then there is the Bubble’s Barrel which is the largest sheet wave where you can surf using bodyboards and flow boards. The Bandit Bomber is also a fun ride you must try.

While Yas Water World houses some amazing water rides and slides, the theme of the park is another thing that attracts people here. The park has been fashioned based on Abu Dhabi’s pearl diving heritage and is named the Lost Pearl. The story is of a young Emirati girl who goes on a search for a legendary pearl, and the visitors can experience the things and places she came across during her journey. All in all, the Yas Water World is a fun place to be. What adds more attraction to this place is that it has the Ferrari World next to it.

5. Laguna Water Park

Perched in the area of the La Mer beachfront neighborhood, the Laguna Waterpark attracts people who either want to unravel the fun or unwind at a beach. And what makes it the superstar of all parks is, it is only three of its kind in the world. It is perfect for summer and will help you beat the heat. It is home to thrilling 5 state-of-the-art waterslides including Constrictor, Freefall, AquaLoop, Mad Racer, and Mantra, a lazy river, a children’s zone, an infinity pool, a licensed bar and restaurants, and several rides and attractions.

The slides attract the daredevils, where you can race your best friend, go for exhilarating bumps and turns, slip through the dark tunnel with steep turns, whip through the translucent tube, and splash into the water from a heart-trembling height.

This enormous park has captivated the kids’ hearts by dedicating an entire zone to your little ones, which features Splash Pad and AquaPlay Rainfortress. Another exciting option that you should indulge in is the  Aquadrop which plummets you into the water at a speed of 62 km/second.

Take a respite from the adrenaline-pumping slides, and float down the Lazy River, or just lounge in the cozy cabanas overlooking the quaint ocean views. Duck inside the region’s first-ever 180-degree surf club, WaveOz 180, and challenge your surfing skills.

In the trip’s conclusion, there are retail outlets and multi-cuisine dining options inside the campus. If you are lucky, you can be a part of the occasionally held events like Ladies Night, Kabayan Fiesta, and Camps.

6. Legoland Water Park

The first Legoland in the Middle East and seventh in the world, this is family water and theme park. It is not your usual water park where all you would do is swim and splash, but also have the opportunity to build rafts. While your kids find fun in the water, they also have to put their skills to work. So, learning while playing- what could be better?

With over 20 slides and attractions, there is no dearth of the kind of thrill you seek. It is the best place to cool off with your kids from 2-12 and families. And the star highlight is that most of these slides are in twins which would help the kids compete and race. The Duplo Splash Safari is a big hit amongst the big brave kids.

The Build-A-Boat will exercise the brains and ask the child to construct any kind of boat they can imagine, with the big and small legos. They could test the boat’s strength against the waves and redo it to sail down the Lazy River.

The Joker Soaker is an interactive playground for all kinds of ages and offers you to either walk through the pool or soak in the heavy downpour from a 300-gallon. Fall with the flow of the water and discover a 60-foot drop in Splash Out, have a fantastic family ride in Red Rush, race against your friends in Lego Slide Racers, and find your way amidst the endless twists and turns in Twist ‘N’ Spin and experience a gentle wave in Lego Wave Pool.

You can ditch the water for a while and jump to the themed rides and shows at Legoland Dubai which has cool rides, large kingdoms, adventure games, and other recreational areas. So, the complete Legoland is a promise of non-stop entertainment.

The restaurants and shops nearby will facilitate the full-day trip.

Are you ready for the fun challenge?

A visit to one of these water parks should definitely be on your list of things to do in Dubai. Not only would it give you a break from endless sightseeing and shopping, but it is also the best way to spend a memorable time with your family and friends.