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Discover the Best Experiences for Eid Al Adha in Dubai 2024


Eid AI Adha in Dubai in 2024 will be celebrated from Sunday, June 16 to Tuesday, June 18 — when, once again, the metropolis will illuminate the Eid AI Adha spirit with its distinctive flair. Celebrated for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and engineering marvels, Dubai has become a haven of festivity and spirituality. Majestic mosques host special Eid prayers, while modern malls and traditional markets provide shopping ecstasy with special Eid deals. The city skies will brighten up with extravagant fireworks while families will meet for delicious Eid feasts, thus sharing the unity and delight of the sacred celebration. The warm hospitality and rich cultural tapestry make Dubai a notable place for commemorating Eid AI Adha.

Eid AI Adha Rituals-A Synopsis

Table with food and decoration on wall saying Eid Mubarak.

The Feast of Sacrifice commences with prayer sessions at mosques that are followed by gatherings of families and feasts. A significant constituent of Eid AI Adha is a gift exchange, with young souls eagerly anticipating Eidi, the money offered by elders. Not to forget the delicious Eid feasts that feature family favorites and traditional delicacies, with tables that are filled with assorted dishes encompassing kebabs, savory biryanis, and desserts. Last but not least, Eid fireworks add that alluring touch to the festivities, and the city hosts Eid festivals and special events, comprising entertainment shows, cultural performances, and concerts. To find a more detailed answer of how to celebrate Eid AI Adha in Dubai in 2024, readhere.

Things to Do and Places To Visit during Eid-Al-Adha in Dubai

On the auspicious 2024 Eid AI Adha festival, Dubai has ample on its platter. Some highlights include:

Desert Safari

Dune bashing done by a car in desert safari Dubai.

If you are in Dubai on Eid AI Adha, book Desert Safari Dubai to indulge in the magic of dinners in Bedouin-style camp under twinkling stars, the charm of camel treks, and the thrills of dune drives. This one-of-a-kind escapade lets people immerse in the magnificence of the city’s vast deserts, soaking in spectacular sunsets, and take pleasure in traditional cultural performances-belly dancing & Tanoura. Most tour operators during Eid also provide special packages, thus making the experience truly remarkable.

Dubai Parks & Resorts

Man playing with children infront of Legoland Dubai.

Plan a day filled with fun and joy at the best-rated Dubai Parks & Resorts. Be it Legoland Dubai or Motiongate Dubai, each offers unique entertainment and attractions. Explore interactive zones and also indulge in the various themed dining experiences. Not to forget the latest add-ons, the Real Madrid World for football fans and the space-themed Neon Galaxy for young souls. With assorted attractions, rides, and different holiday-specific festivities, this indoor theme park promises a remarkable day of celebration and adventure for every family member. Whether holidaying in Dubai in June or July, these air-conditioned indoor attractions are wonderful summer respites.

Historical and Cultural Sites

Dubai Museum under clear bright sky.

While in the city during Eid AI Adha, do drop in to the celebrated historical sites – The Dubai Museum & AI Fahidi Historical Neighborhood for familiarizing with Dubai’s heritage. Take lazy strolls along AI Fahidi’s narrow alleys, where the age-old window-tower architecture provides an insight into the city’s yesteryears. The Dubai Museum also located here is replete with exhibits and artifacts that chronicle Dubai’s renovation to a worldwide metropolis from a tiny fishing village. This is amongst the most excellent places to visit during Eid AI Adha in Dubai as they arrange special guided tours, cultural performances, and exhibitions, offering deeper insights into Emirati history & tradition.


Beautiful view of a beach in Dubai infront of a luxurious hotel.

Wind down at the gorgeous Dubai beaches (eg, Jumeirah, Kite and La Mer Beach) for some beach activities and interesting water sports. Take a revitalizing dip in azure waters or lounge under the sun on golden, powdery sands. The former beach offers a serene milieu ideal for family picnics or a leisurely stroll, while the latter provides stirring activities – beach volleyball, paddleboarding, and kite surfing. On Eid AI Adha, such beaches brim with live electrifying festive events, comprising beachside barbeques, live music, and wonderful family-friendly entertainment, thus making this seaside retreat memorable and relaxing.

Dhow Cruise

A Dhow Cruise sailing in water infront of a beautiful mosque.

What can be a better means of spending Eid AI Adha holidays in Dubai than taking pleasure of a dhow cruise along Dubai Marina/Dubai Creek, complete with entertainment and dinner. While gliding on calm waters, soak in the vistas of the splendid skyline ornamented with glittering lights and legendary landmarks. A dhow cruise provides an exclusive mix of cultural heritage and modern opulence, featuring a delicious buffet of Emirati and international delicacy. Whether one chooses an outing with friends and family or a romantic evening, a dhow cruise on the special occasion of Eid will create lasting memoirs. To make the most of your Dubai tour and to save some money, you can choose a Dubai desert safari with Dhow Cruise tour.

Firework Displays

Firework display show at Burj Al Arab Dubai

Observe spectacular displays of fireworks at famed spots, such as The Beach at JBR, Dubai Festival City, and Burj Khalifa. The night sky on Eid AI Adha comes to life with dazzling patterns and vibrant hues, creating an awe-inspiring visual feast. Such splendid exhibits add special and magical touch to Eid festivities, thus making it one to remember.

Dubai Mosques

Night view of a beautiful white colored mosque in Dubai.

Dubai has some of the most beautiful mosques in the UAE. Dubai’s gorgeous mosques on Eid AI Adha murmur with spiritual fervor. From the peaceful Jumeirah Mosque to Bur Dubai’s majestic Grand Mosque, such sacred sites organize huge congregations for Eid prayers. People unite for prayers followed by special Eid meals. Such mosques turn beacons of unity, rumbling with spirits of generosity and sacrifice, which in Dubai characterizes Eid AI Adha.

Eid Feasts

Sample lavish Eid feasts from international cuisines to Middle Eastern delights at Dubai’s famed hotels and restaurants. Relish decadent desserts and aromatic rice dishes to celebrate the Eid spirit. Not to forget the roasted lamb, a much favored traditional delicacy prepared during Eid AI Adha in UAE & other Middle Eastern countries. It is prepared by coating the meat with butter, spices, and herbs. Feasting on this delectable delicacy is truly a must in Dubai.

Dubai Mall

Interior view of Dubai Mall one of the largest mall in Dubai.

World’s largest shopping spot, the Dubai Mall, transforms into a pulsating hub of celebrations and festivities during Eid. Purchase Eid collections and reap the perks of special promotions/discounts, making it idyllic for an indulgent shopping spree. Make the most of the festive milieu and delight in delicious dining experiences at a mall eatery.

By the pool

Another experience which one can enjoy with his or her family is a pool party. Therefore, for an energetic pool party and a number of other entertaining activities with your family and friends in Dubai, head to the Pool Deck in Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay on Eid AI Adha for a worthwhile celebration. Also, relish mouth-watering meals like Chicken Shawarma, Beef Burgers, and Chicken Wings, among others.

Efficient Tips

  • Book for dining experiences and major attractions well in advance
  • Hunt for special Eid offers
  • Dress respectfully
  • Remain hydrated
  • Consider public transport to navigate efficiently

Final Analysis

In the City of Gold, Eid AI Adha is a merry celebration packed with lavish feasts, grand mosque prayers, and cultural traditions with no dull moments. Visitors and residents can survey historical sites, indulge in shopping, or let loose on the beach. Hurry, spend this one among the much-awaited public holidays in Dubai with pomp and grandeur.


Q1. What should you do during the Eid Al Adha holidays?

  • Partake in community service 
  • Relax at beaches 
  • Sample lavish Eid feasts 
  • Attend mosque prayers 

Q2. Where to go during Eid Al Adha?

  • Desert Safari 
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts 
  • Dubai Mall 

Q3. What do Muslims do during Eid AI Adha?

  • Visit friends & family 
  • Enjoy feasts 
  • Give presents 
  • Wear new clothes 

Q4. How do you greet people in Dubai during Eid AI Adha?

People wish each other saying Eid Mubarak.

Q5. How long will be Eid AI Adha celebrated in Dubai?

It is from 16th-18th June, 2024.

Q6. During Eid AI Adha, what dishes are served?

  • Biryani 
  • Roasted Lamb 
  • Baklava 
  • Kabseh 

Q7. What clothes should I wear on Eid AI Adha?

Abaya and Kaftan are worn during Eid.

Q8. What does Eid AI Adha mean?

It is the Feast of Sacrifice.

Q9. Name the Dubai Restaurants that provide special Eid delicacies.

  • Armaani Hotel-Dubai 
  • Ewaan-The Palace Downtown
  • AI Nafoorah- Jumeirah AI Qasr

Q10. Name the best spots in Dubai to observe Eid AI Adha’s special fireworks.

  • The Beach at JBR
  • Dubai Festival City
  • Burj Khalifa