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Morning Desert Safari Overview

Extensive yet untouched, mysterious yet incredibly mesmerizing, Dubai’s tranquil desert is an enticing Arabian gem. Anyone who loves to discover the unique natural beauty of desert and traditional lifestyle of Bedouins should definitely take a desert trip during the wee hours of morning. A ride out of the Dubai’s hustles and bustles for the Dubai Morning Desert Safari will not only enable you to venture into the mysterious dunes of Arabian Desert and discover its extraordinary depth but also enables to savor the contrasting exquisiteness of the emirate from a different perspective.

Forget your anxieties and get lost as you admire the desert flora and fauna and immerse in its resplendent charm during your with a morning safari with Best Desert Safari in Dubai. It gets even more breathtaking when you go for an adventurous dune bashing session across the unparalleled sands in a 4x4 vehicle. However don’t just restrict your desert trip to dune bashing. Adventurists and fun lovers can further upgrade their desert safari package by including some thrilling activities such as quad biking, camel riding, and sand boarding. So what better way to take it to the dunes?

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a nature enthusiast, a morning safari with Best Desert Safari in Dubai will certainly be one of your memorable desert jaunts, as it guarantees you the perfect balance of fun, adventure, and enthusiasm. Call us now to book your memorable desert trip at best ever rates. Dial on +971 42087444 to discuss all your queries about our desert safari packages.

What are included in the package?

  • Exciting ride over the Dubai's magnificent red dunes
  • Adventurous desert dune driving in 4x4 cars
  • Sand boarding
  • Camel ride
  • Quad biking
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai / Sharjah

What You Can Expect in Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Spread out as far as the eyes can see and yet left mysteriously untouched, Dubai’s expansive deserts are a mesmerizing expanse of sand dunes, wadis, hard valleys, oases and craggy peaks. This beautiful landscape shines and glitters in the morning sun owing to the presence of tiny bits of mica in the sands. So imagine this – early morning, just as the sun rises, you’re poised to see one of the greatest spectaculars in history – the sun’s rays breaking over the dark sun dunes, setting all the mica stones a-glitter.

If you love the desert, as you should, and if you want to discover the culture of the people who’ve inhabited this at-times hostile territory for millennia, then a morning desert safari Dubai is just the ticket for you. During the wee hours of morning, get a ride out of Dubai’s bustling cityscape and head out to the desert on our Morning Safari Dubai. Venture into the pristine Arabian Desert and bask in its absolute silence. You could hear a pin drop in the desert. Perceive the extraordinary depth of the desert and savor the contrast from the city.

The early morning sunrise sets the mood for the rest of your safari. For the next few hours, forget your identity, forget what you are used to doing and forget everything about your life. Give yourself to the silence of the desert. Admire the desert flora and fauna and immerse yourself in the charm of the barren landscape around you. Your morning adventures begin with dune bashing, where you are driven at speeds right up to the top of tall dunes. As you come belting down the dune only to climb up to the next one, you’ll see how this is like a natural roller coaster! Enjoy the fantastic dunes in our superb 4x4 vehicle, screaming all the way. Your adventures don’t stop right there, though. There are some more thrilling activities and you can include more. How about sand boarding, camel riding and quad biking? What better way to enjoy the dunes than to speed down them while holding on to a board? The dunes are sleek and slippery and just perfect for sand boarding.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a thrill seeker, you’ll find something to enjoy in our morning desert safari. It’ll certainly be one of your memorable desert jaunts, as it offers you the perfect package of fun, adventure, romance and privacy.

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Desert Safari - Highlights
  • Enjoy the blissful desert scenery in its purest form
  • Delve into the region’s fascinating culture and heritage
  • Thrilling dune bash
  • Indulge in unique off-road activities like quad biking
  • Specialist desert safari team at your service throughout the trip
  • Pick up and drop off included
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