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Dubai Desert Safari Packing List- A Complete Handbook 2024


Does a desert safari in Dubai need an official prologue? Here, each snapshot is steeped in legacy, elation, and sublime magnificence. This Arabian Desert expedition is an incredible compilation of unforgetable memoirs. To savor this enchantment in your desert quest, here is the one-stop guide for creating the perfect desert safari packing list.

What You Must Bring on a Dubai Desert Safari?

Read on to learn the full packing list for a desert safari in Dubai. We’ll cover everything from essential clothing that protects you from the sun’s glare to handy gear that keeps you comfortable and entertained throughout your desert escapade. It will help you have a fun-filled, smooth, and rewarding time in the flowy sand.

Desert Wear

A couple with backpack at desert safari Dubai.

Dubai’s desert throws a curveball. The scorching sun beats down all day, and then chilly winds sneak in at night. So you must dress smart to stay relaxed and safe out there. It is all about picking the right threads for this wild ride!

Comfy, Airy, Lightweight Threads

What to wear on a desert safari during summer? Pick attires made of linen/cotton – nature’s fibers. Smart picks entail loose shirts complemented with baggy trousers to keep sun and sand dangers at bay.


Headwear, typically scarves and full-size brim hats, provide UV wave resistance to your face and neck. To keep dust/sand particles at bay, tie bandanas .


A featherweight jumper/stole is satisfactory during breezy winds as night falls. What to wear on desert safari during winter? Cozy bottoms, thermals, and fleece tops are a big YES.


Put on sturdy closed footwear boasting exceptional hold and inflexible grip. There is no room for sandals because of their inability to cut against the blazing desert sands.

Stay at the Pink of Health: Precautions

Health measures cum safety cannot be sidelined when it comes to Dubai’s unsympathetic desert milieu.

You need the right gear to shield yourself:

  • Sunscreen—Slather on high SPF lotion. Cover all exposed skin. Reapply often after a swim or sweat session.
  • SPF Lip Balm—Dubai’s desert air absorbs moisture. Protect your lips with SPF balm to avoid cracks.
  • Sunglasses—Your eyes need a shield from harsh rays, so, do not forget shades for your safari adventure.
  • Bug Spray—Dubai’s desert does not have creepy crawlies, but it is smart to be ready for surprise guests. Although the tour operators keep such things ready, keep a bug spray handy.
  • Water-One of the biggest concerns on desert safari Dubai is the chance of getting dehydrated while performing adventures. So, stock reusable water containers for sipping time and again along with stocking a strong hydration pack.
  • First-Aid– Any lengthy duration tours require a first-aid set, and desert safaris are no different. Add everything possible, including ointments, bandages, wipes, cotton, prescription medications, and tablets for motion sickness, painkillers, and more. A small diary with dosage reminders will be a smart move.

Throw in Accessories/Equipment

Backpack, camera and other accesories kept on a table.

Your luggage must also encompass appropriate accessories/equipment to blow up your experience extensively.

  • Backpack-A premier backpack equipped with infinite pockets for stockpiling all essentials along with a roomy hydration bladder pouch will create wonders.
  • Binoculars– Observe delicate desert sights and far-fetched wildlife through a handy binocular’s excellent lenses.
  • Camera and Extras– A top-notch camera or the latest smartphone topped with accurate photo skills to take beautiful photos of the Dubai desert makes sense. Not to forget the add-ons;additional batteries, extra memory cards, and good quality lens cleaning equipment.
  • Charger-Does this even need an explanation why? Chargers play a decisive part in any excursion, for that matter. Today, solar chargers will act as a conscious choice.
  • Torch-An overnight desert safari, in particular, demands a powerful touch to promise you unmatched poise and well-being.

Relaxation and Snugness

Different variety of snacks kept on a table.

Pack these items to make the experience all the more joyful.

  • Snacks-Yes, foods are included in safari packages, but you are welcome to bring your comfort food. Non-perishable delicacies are the apposite for snacking, from energy bars to dry snacks, and from nuts to dry fruits.
  • Wipes and Disinfectant– As your hygiene may take a toll in the desert, keep disinfectants as wipes or sanitizers in the bag for quick sanitation.
  • Blanket and Travel Pillow — If the expedition is going to be long, it is advisable to have your blanket and a travel pillow for extra comfort, especially at night when you are going on a night safari. It will create an idiosyncratic difference.

Entertainment Extras

You can make your commute to the desert more enjoyable by selecting the right entertainment. Play cards or travel games while at the Bedouin camp—grab your favorite podcasts or music before you leave. Also, throw in an e-reader or some fascinating book that is lightweight to take pleasure in hushed moments.

Norms of Tradition/Culture

Honoring the Land of Dreams’ primeval customs and customary practices will make the expedition truly enriching. Ensure to pay reverence to the host. Wear covered clothing in cultural/religious sites, as Dubai is a Muslim metropolis. Familiarize yourself with the commonly used Arabic words like thank you, please, or some greetings to pay homage to Arab way of life and augment communication too.

Cash, Cards, and Documentation

It is important to have ample funds and apt documents to avoid problems. Remember to bring along documents such as a driver’s license and passport, among others, whenever you take off for a journey. Proper documents are required if your desert safari involves driving. This travel insurance must cover all eventualities from lost luggage to adventure sports.

These days payment through credit/debit card is common but it is highly suggestive to put some cash in the wallet to tip or shop at local shopping stores. Keep smaller denominations for best results.

Rest Tight

On a desert expedition, relishing a comfortable, undisturbed night beneath the twinkling stars is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To attain this, a premier sleeping pad/restful sleeping bag is the prime necessity. A camping pillow can always act as a cherry on top. Again, you are spoilt for choice with options encompassing raised airbeds or even an inflatable mattress. Choose a bag with an outer layer made of material that does not allow water to penetrate inside to protect yourself from moisture and condensation. Just like in the case of desert safari Dubai, clothes are paramount, and so are carrying a sleeping bag wherever you go.

Kids Requisites

Kids playing in desert sand.

Desert safaris are only idyllic for well-prepared children. If touring with little ones, do add the following- diaper rash ointment, right-size diapers, changing mat, a little pillow and a wrap, soft towel, and others. During the day, carry additional clothes made from breathable material, but there should also be some warm layers to put on during cool nights alongside sun hats or glasses. In addition, parents should bring bottles for babies on a desert safari with kids; formula milk powder, a thermos flask containing hot water for making infant feeds when necessary, and sterilization tablets. Little ones require healthy snacks, ample water or fruit juice, baby wipes, sanitizer, etc. Furthermore, they need toy cars, books, electronic games for recreation, and a small first-aid bag. For peace of mind, bring a handy baby travel crib, a baby carrier, and a good-quality sunshade.

Some Extra Here and There

Add chic vibrant swimsuit if and only swimming pools fall under your safari package to soak in a stimulating dip. If desert sandboarding is your type of adventure, go ahead with a sandboard. It will make your movement across the desert’s dunes. Pen down your travel memoirs in a notebook. Also, consider investing in a stargazing kit such as a telescope and star map.

Wrapping Up

The desert safari in Dubai is more than a lifetime adventure because it has exciting activities and outstanding natural beauty and is characterized by a deep immersion into cultures in such an environment. Along with vigilant safari packing, pay serious attention to your travel insurance coverage, too. It is not merely about what to wear in Dubai desert safari but the safety and ease too deserves equivalent consideration. Delight in the much-loved Arabian Desert awaiting for you to open out, encircling the elite Bedouin camp moment, investigation of dunes, and celestial camel treks.


Q1. Do I have to carry my bedding on an overnight safari?

If you are going through a tour company, they will arrange all the necessities, including sleeping bags and pillows.

Q2. Do I need to carry food?

Generally, the package includes breakfast and dinner, depending on the safari type selected. But you can always bring some snacks and refreshments. If you are touring with kids, do pack baby food.

Q3. Does an overnight desert safari provide toiletries?

No, you will have to carry personal toiletries.

Q4. What is the approximate duration of the Dubai desert safari?

  It varies as per the time and type selected, but it is approximately 6 hours long.

Q5. Name some Dubai desert safari packing essentials.

  • Appropriate clothing as per season
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Sunshield
  • First-aid
  • Electronics
  • Backpack
  • Hygiene products
  • Travel games
  • Essential documents