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Desert Safari Dubai Guide for Solo Travelers


Setting off for solo travel can be elating, a voyage where the horizon is your lone guide and the single compass your curiosity. Imagine yourself amidst vast expanses of glistening golden sands, where the wind’s murmur composes a sonata of solitude. This is a Dubai desert safari. Here, each grain foretells a tale, and each ray of the dipping sun paints a magnum opus in the sky. For a solo traveler on the lookout for an exciting escapade, this oasis of enchantment offers more than merely an expedition, but rather an adventure of self-discovery.

Desert Safari: The Varietals


A group of tourist riding camel at morning desert safari dubai

A morning desert safari is just the thing for early birds to kick off the day. Picture the exquisiteness of the infectious sun rise that casts a magical charm on the sparkly desert landscape. With activities ranging from camel riding to dune bashing, there cannot be a better way to start the day.


Man performing fire show

It commences late afternoon hours up to night. Indulge in an idyllic juxtaposition of rich cultural experiences and daring adventure. This is an absolute package encompassing everything from traditional dance and soothing Arabian music to delectable cuisines.


Camel sitting on a desert at night

An overnight desert safari in Dubai is for those seeking an all-inclusive desert experience. Spending a beautiful night beneath starry stars is undeniably a one-of-a-kind experience. The activity list here is akin to that of the evening safari, with the cherry on top being the chance of taking a nap in a Bedouin traditional tent.

Why Explore the Dubai Desert Safari on Your Own?

Thrilling Adventure

Man riding quad biking

If you are a daring soul, make the most of the desert activities, including camel riding, quad biking, dune rides, and more. Sandboarding in Dubai is also highly favored. It is ideal for solo travelers, thanks to the skilled and friendly guides that make the entire experience fun and safe.

Stunning Vistas

A Man with a hat sitting on desert sand

Dubai’s desert landscape is attention-grabbing to the core, predominantly at sunset. Solo travelers can engross themselves in the desert’s raw beauty, grab the best photos, and reap the perks of solitude amid the sand dunes’ immense stretch. Sunset photography is one of the most alluring desert safari attractions in Dubai for female solo travelers.

Cultural Experience

Girl holding falcon in her hand.

Experience authentic Bedouin culture on a Dubai desert safari featuring Tanoura, henna art, belly dancing, and falconry shows. A solo traveler may engage with locals to learn more about their traditions and customs.

Social Interaction

Even if you travel solo, most tours involve group activities to connect with fellow travelers or adventurers from different nooks and corners of the globe.

Safe Milieu

Desert safaris are known for their well-organized activities and skilled guides. Safety measures and precautions are mostly in place, guaranteeing a secure setting for solo travelers, both males and females, to partake in adventure while keeping all worries at bay. Select the best locations for a Dubai desert safari for an out-of-the-box experience.

Tips to Pursue

Tips for a Solo Desert Safari in Dubai entails:

  • Do accurate research to coordinate with a highly regarded and proficient tour operator.
  • Plan well to keep 11th-hour glitches at bay.
  • Stay hydrated at all times and carry sufficient water.
  • Value the UAE’s traditions and local customs, like refraining from the display of affection in public.
  • Dab good quantities of sun lotion to stay protected from the harmful rays of the desert sun.
  • Always keep the local authorities contact information for any form of emergency.
  • The dress code for desert safari in Dubai generally comprises loose, airy, comfortable attire, and closed shoes. Also add glares, a scarf, a hat, and a light pullover to the bag.
  • Embrace exclusive experiences.
  • Partake in new things.
  • Always choose the right operator with positive reviews and good ratings.
  • While in the desert, do not venture off alone.
  • Confirm pick-up as well as drop-off location.
  • Understand what the tour comprises to avoid disappointments.

Things to Know

The things to know about Dubai Desert Safaris prior to getting on comprise,

  • November to March are just ideal for exploring the desert.
  • Desert activities vary as per the season.
  • The duration of these safaris is about 3-6 hours.
  • Kids under 2 years old are not allowed to participate in off-road safaris and dune drives for safety purposes.
  • Expecting women and people with neck, heart, and back issues are not permitted to partake in selective activities for their thrilling nature.
  • The cost of a desert safari varies depending on a couple of factors, like the tour length, time selected, the tour operator, and activities included.
  • Eat light while going on a safari.

Final Analysis

A desert safari is just the thing for any solo traveler on the hunt for adventure. From laid-back moments to heart-pounding activities, there is at least something for everyone. Getting on board a safari solo will let one weave lifetime memoirs, and above all, let one discover a strong bond with oneself as well as the world that envelops them. Patiently follow the Dubai desert safari guide for a happy and glitch-free experience.


Q1. Is traveling solo to the Dubai desert safari safe?

Yes, generally, it is safe. The safety measures are taken care of by the tour operator while the guides supervise the desert activities.

Q2. Is photography permitted?

Yes, photography during a safari is permitted. Be camera ready for thrilling activities, glitzy landscapes, gorgeous sunsets, and more.  

Q3. Which is an ideal time for exploring a safari?

An evening safari is a good pick to witness the desert in daylight as well as at night.

Q4. Which time of the year is ideal for a safari?

The cooler months from November to March are ideal for a safari.

Q5. Can a solo traveler join a group tour?

Yes, most tour operators provide group tours that let a solo traveler join them, letting them mingle with fellow travelers, share the fun and adventure.