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Complete Guide About The Dubai Falcon Shows


Traveling to Dubai Desert and taking in its unspoiled charm and serenity is an inevitable part of any UAE holiday. So, if you have finally made up your mind to enjoy the perks of desert life, look for an overnight stay at the desert camps through the Desert Safari Dubai, where you get to indulge in multiple adventures like the Dubai falcon shows, dune bashing Dubai, sandboarding Dubai, and Tanoura dance show, making it a complete adventure from all aspects. Multiple professional falcon shows in Dubai arranged by tour operators and agencies form a core part of the experiences during the Desert Safari Dubai. In addition, private Dubai falcon shows, hot air balloon rides with the in-flight falconry demonstration, and interactive birds of prey shows are part of the overall experience. Let us take you through this complete guide about the Dubai Falcon shows, which is one of the best things to do on a desert safari. Watching the falcon shows will provide you with more insight into the rich Bedouin desert lifestyle and culture.


Falcon has a deeply rooted history in Dubai’s culture and is treated as a cultural icon throughout the UAE. In fact, UAE’s national bird is the falcon; hence, the government has left no stone unturned in highlighting the opportunities to glimpse into the bird as well as its rich history and significance in the UAE culture. As a result, the falcon prominently appears on the local currency, national emblem, street signs, and many other places.

Why are falcon shows in Dubai so important?

Falcon Show

Falcon’s significance in the UAE goes back several thousands of years before Dubai hosted the amazing falcon shows we know today. In fact, in earlier times, the Bedouins used these captivating birds to survive by helping them hunt and kill animals for food. Over a period, the falcons bonded more deeply with their owners.

The falcons were caught and tamed over several weeks as they are on the verge of migration from Iran towards the south and heading towards Africa every winter. The falcons are released back into the wild as the weather begins to ease out and warm again. The deep-rooted relationship with the falconers is greatly respected, admired, and appreciated by the audience. This forms a core block of the great history within the region and a glimpse of the past.

Falconry History

Falconry has a long and rich history dating to almost 4000 years back when the Arabs used the falcons to help them hunt and kill animals like birds, gazelles, hares, and rabbits for the population. Today, falcon shows in Dubai are considered among the most elite sports in the region.
The falcons are trained by the falconers to participate actively and showcase their skills in several competitions. Falcon stands as a symbol of nobility, honor, courage, and pride among the Arabs. It is one of the key reasons that it is listed on the country’s national emblem. The falcons are nurtured during their training, forming an everlasting bond with their owners, greatly admired by the tourist population during the Dubai falcon shows.

Traditional Falconry

Traditional Falconry in dubai

Traditional falconry demonstrations are part of almost every Desert Safari Dubai package. The traditional falconry shows in Dubai give you a much deeper understanding of falcons’ history and significance in the region. During the traditional falcon show in Dubai, you will see how the falcon trainers train these gorgeous birds to fly and swoop for prey and lures. Once they catch the lure, they are rewarded with their favorite snack, the quail. After the show, you can capture moments with the falcon sitting on the glove.

Bedouin Falconry

Bedouin Falconry in Dubai

The Bedouins use falcons to hunt and kill animals traditionally. Today, the locals keep the falcons as their companions and are often treated equally as family members. During the Bedouin Dubai falcon shows that are part of the overall Bedouin Collection of experiences, the camaraderie is quite visible and is considered an authentic falconry demonstration by an Emirati falconer.

As part of this show, tourists and guests get to navigate through the Arabian Desert landscape on a camel ride. Once you hop off the camel, be ready to sit down and witness the falconry magic. These shows are slightly less structured, and guests are often encouraged to question and know more about the marvelous falcons and their various stunts.

Interactive Birds of Prey Show And Falconry

During the falcon shows in Dubai, the falcons are considered to be the key highlights of the show. However, during the interactive birds of prey show, the prey species capture all the attention. These shows are engaging and elaborate, allowing guests and tourists to get deeply involved in this unique desert experience. The falcon show is much longer than other falcon experiences as people look to interact and experience a unique nature with the falcons and other birds of prey like the hawks, eagles, owls, and hawks. There are also several aerial tricks performed by the birds of prey. This show also allows you to capture the falcon coming over to sit on your own glove.

Private Falconry

Falcons are also considered a status, class, and luxury symbol. There are instances where people have shelled out almost 1 million dirhams. Due to the elegance, charm, and exclusivity of the falcon shows in Dubai, many luxury desert safari Dubai provides a private and exclusive falconry display. These falcons are exclusively displayed in small groups. The private falcon shows in Dubai are best suited for tourists and visitors who want a high-end experience and still get deeper insights into the cultural significance of the UAE.

Hot Air Balloon Falconry

There are only a handful of tourist agencies and operators that offer an in-flight falconry show on a hot air balloon ride, almost floating in the air roughly 4,000 feet. Sharing the same basket with beautiful creatures in thin air is unique and distinctive. These can’t be described in words. You must be here live to experience the magic. The falcons are released after some time, soaring into the golden blue skies and circling the hot air balloon baskets from all corners. You should look to capture these unforgettable moments as they are very rare and hard to forget.

Falcon Heritage Sports Center

This center in Dubai specializes in nurturing the falcon training and skills deeply embedded in the region’s culture and tourism. The center is mostly visited by people who love falcons or the ones who bring their exotic birds for a regular check-up. The falcon heritage sports center is open daily from 10 am – 12:30 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Final Thoughts

A falcon is more than a bird for Emiratis; it is a symbol of national heritage and signifies the country’s might, pride, and unity. Not to mention, watching falconry and clicking a few snaps with this mighty bird make for a prized souvenir of your Dubai or UAE trip.

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