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Dubai’s most Romantic Restaurants


We all know Dubai has many modern-day marvels that are futuristic and amazing. They draw millions of tourists each year. But did you know, there are also many marvelous romantic restaurants in Dubai that are also quite popular in attracting tourists and honeymooning couples. Other than for family vacations, Dubai is also a popular honeymoon destination. To cater to these couples, the city has a plethora of romantic restaurants that are a perfect place to have an intimate meal with that special someone.

Let’s have close look at the best Dubai restaurants that are guaranteed to give a romantic meal to remember.

1. Pierchic

Voted as the most romantic restaurant in Dubai in the year 2013, this amazing seafront restaurant is always packed with couples. One of the reasons for its popularity is the view. Imagine slowly munching on delicious food, gazing into the eyes of your bae, and in the background, you can hear the calm waves on the beach. This is what you can expect every time in Pierchic. What’s more is that the restaurant has a good waiting staff who will serve you well. The food is absolutely delicious, and will be the highlight of your evening. The restaurant booked so be sure to make reservations in advance.

2. Pai Thai

This wonderful restaurant is in the waterways of the famous Al Qasr Hotel. One great thing about this place is that you can reach Pai Thai by an abra (small boat). So, you can get the romance started by taking a romantic boat ride. In the restaurant, you have a choice of sitting inside or outside. It is recommended that you sit out, as the view only adds to the romantic atmosphere. The stars, the waters, and the cool breeze will ignite your appetite. The food here is a delicious spread of Asian delicacies, and Pai Thai is one of the best restaurants in Dubai that you should not miss.

3. BBQ Dinner in the Desert

Desert Camp

Desert safari in Dubai is a fun and adventurous activity, but did you know that here, you can also enjoy a romantic dinner. After an evening full of dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding, at the desert safari camp, you are served a delicious BBQ dinner near a bonfire, under the stars. What’s great is that you also get to enjoy a belly dance performance by professional dancers. The dinner is delicious but the whole atmosphere adds to the experience. If you choose the overnight desert safari, you can spend the night in sleeping bags or sit by the fire, sip on delicious coffee and just chat away the whole night with beloved one. If you like the desert, do try this activity.



Simple Table by Alleno Yannick or STAY is a franchise restaurant that was designed to be a romantic dining experience. STAY has two other branches one in Beirut and the other in Beijing, which are equally popular. The whole restaurant sets the mood with a generous use of burgundy, black and cream colours in the decor. You also have the option of being seated in cozy booths, so you feel like you are the only ones in the restaurant. There is no particular theme to the menu but seems to take inspiration from modern French cooking. The staff really know the menu and are able to explain each dish. One of the restaurants great feature is the dessert menu. You can order small tasters before place your order. Once the order is placed, the patisserie chef prepares your dessert in front of you. Dining at STAY is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

5. Karma Kafe

Though it has a hip sounding name, Souk Al Bahar’s Karma Kafe is as romantic as it gets. One of the best features of the restaurant is its location. It is located near the famous Dubai Fountains. The fountains attract thousands of tourists when they dance like flames on music. So, if you are at the Karma Kafe, you should request for a table in outside seating area, which has an uninterrupted view of the fountains. This area has oriental style chandeliers and is lit up in red lighting setting the mood for romance. The indoor decor is also utterly romantic with lighting done with fuschia lamps and colourful cushions all around. Karma Kafe has a good menu, and also serves delicious vegetarian treats. You are guaranteed to have a memorable meal in the Karma Kafe.

There is no dearth of romantic restaurants in dubai. However, we have listed the best of all the dubai restaurants. There is also another romantic experience you can try. The Dhow Dinner Cruise is quite popular, and brings together elements that promise a great romantic experience. You’ll be taken on a cruise of the Dubai Creek, and served a buffet of Emirati and international cuisine. You end the night on the top deck, under the star, enjoying the view of a brilliantly lit up Dubai city.

Couples are guaranteed to have a great time in this wonderful city. Just checkout this Dubai travel guide for food lovers while picking the right restaurant to ensure that you have a great time.