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Pick Your Dubai Desert Safari Location for a Thrilling Experience


Dubai engages tourists like no other city in the world. Here, you can pick and choose your options for fun and entertainment throughout your stay. Desert Safari Dubai is the best option for both. Whether you wish to get out of the rut or jazz up your mood, it is the perfect choice for both.

But when it comes to Desert Safari, there are many locations in Dubai. You might want to go to the best ones for an invaluable experience. Given the long list of locations for desert safari in Dubai, you may come across the problem of choice. Read on to know about the best locations for the ultimate experience of taking part in Dubai desert safari activities.

The Best Locations for Dubai Desert Safari Activities

On average, Dubai Desert Safari lasts for six hours. However, it could be more, depending on the package you choose. Here are the top locations wherein you can get the true feel of Desert safari Dubai in the true sense of the term.

1. Al Qudra Desert

Al Qudra Desert Dubai

If you are fond of wildlife photography, quad biking, and camping, the Al Qudra Desert is the best place for these activities. You can come here between November and February. Other than beautiful dunes, this place is also popular for housing a rich variety of desert fauna. If you are a bird lover, this place is ideal for you as you can see more than 130 species of birds here.

2. Lahbab Desert

Lahbab Desert Dubai

You will find many options for dune bashing and sandboarding in Dubai. But if you want to enjoy the experience of camping in Bedouin style along with these activities, you must visit the Lahbab Desert. The desert stretches over 2000 kilometers and is home to a rich diversity of wildlife. The history of the Lahbab Desert is about 6000 years old. You can visit this place between November and February.

3. Bidayer

Bidayer Desert

Are you a 4×4 enthusiast? If yes, Bidayer is a Dubai desert safari place name that would come to your mind. It is a must-visit place for you between November and February for several activities. These include camping, dune bashing, and quad biking. It is a spot that is popular among tourists for two reasons: its smooth dunes and terracotta red color. Compared to the dunes of the other regions in the Middle East, the ones in Bidayer are the smoothest.

The best thing about the desert is its location along the Hatta Oman Road, which makes it easily accessible. Because it has the smoothest dunes, you do not need to worry about handling a dune after arriving at this place. Whether you are professional or not, you can handle them with ease.

4. Sweihan

Sweihan Desert

If you have been looking for the best desert safari location in Dubai between November and February, especially in terms of exploring a place on a vehicle, Sweihan is where you would want to be. The hallmark feature of the training ground is its location which borders three popular emirates, namely Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Sweihan presents a challenging surface for driving. It is for those who are experienced in the art of driving. Consider exploring this desert in a vehicle if you are used to driving on the rough surface of deserts. You may have already seen people walking with camels. If you wish to witness it practically you can do so in the Sweihan Desert. It is also perfect for dune bashing and off-roading. The desert safari in this place lasts for an hour and a half.

5. Jebel Maleihah

Jebel Maleihah Desert

Image Credit: www.theroadreel.com

A world heritage site nominated by UNESCO, Jebel Maleihah is a major desert safari Dubai location. Due to its rich deposits of marine fossils, it is also known by the name of ‘Fossil Rock’. It is a place of historic importance as many archaeological items have been found in this place.

The items primarily found in this place include camel skeletons, utensils, and tools. The Mleiha Archeological Center is located here. Researchers of this institution undertake the study of the history of this region.
Visiting Jebel Maleihah will benefit you in two ways. Other than enjoying the desert safari here, you will also get to learn about the historic facts linked with this region. Besides, you can also indulge in activities such as photography and off-roading.

7. Al Faya Desert

If you like seeing large-sized dunes, you should visit this desert. Due to this feature, the local people also call it the “Big Fall”. Unlike in the past, a lot has changed in this desert. These days, it is used for sports activities (extreme sports). Visiting this place during the weekend would be ideal for you if you don’t prefer a crowded atmosphere. On other days of the week, it remains full of people and activities. Some popular activities in which you can indulge here are buggy racing, dune bashing, and sandboarding.


Sandboarding and camel riding are the two most popular Dubai desert safari activities. It also offers other exciting activities to visitors and the best places for a desert safari to choose from. If you visit Dubai to get the feel of a desert safari, do not forget to go to the aforementioned destinations for the best experience.