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Top Reasons to Try Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai’s multicultural diversity features plenty of profound traditions and customs that form the elementary blocks of its cultural heritage. The Dubai Desert Safari is one grand opportunity to deep dive into the desert landscape, lifestyle, and wildlife, coupled with some amazing experiences that will last a lifetime. It is great even if you are travelling with children, as there are plenty of things to do on a desert safari with kids. For all the travellers who are still unsure of whether they should be opting for a Dubai Desert Safari, then this article will surely help remove all the queries and concerns you ever had about the Dubai Desert Safari.

Reasons to embrace a Desert Safari Tour

Dive deep into the Bedouin lifestyle

 Bedouin lifestyle

Exploring the cultural heritage of the Bedouin people is the key to the Dubai Desert Safari. You get to witness the live environment of the Bedouin life, their daily struggles, and a sneak peek into their embedded culture. Uncover various hidden aspects of the authentic Bedouin culture during your Dubai Desert Safari tour. This tour is an excellent way to know how Dubai was in the yesteryears and how it has transformed into a global tourist hub.

The charming desert landscapes

The charming desert landscapes

The Dubai Desert Safari is a perfect opportunity to explore the splendid desert views, and this can be the only reason you should go ahead with a Dubai Desert Safari. Whether you book a morning, evening, or overnight safari, you will have plenty of opportunities to bask in this glorious landscape. Beholding in the exquisite landscape helps you understand the true nature of this incredible landscape. You would not have witnessed such scenarios before. This landscape can be the perfect recipe to unleash your creativity. Don’t forget to capture these moments, as this magnificent landscape offers plenty of click moments all along your journey.

Camel riding on the dunes

Riding a camel on the splendid dunes is a wonderful opportunity to explore the best of the desert landscape. It gives a sense of royalty and elegance in some form riding on the camel back and enjoying the desert landscape from the top, surely forming major blocks in your cherished memory book during your Dubai holiday. Most Desert Safari tours offer camel rides as part of the package.

Extreme Desert Adventure

Extreme Desert Adventure

There is much more to the Desert Safari than just dune bashing on your 4×4 air-conditioned desert terrain vehicle. Get to explore extreme sports like sandboarding, quad biking, sand skiing, and hot air balloon ride. These activities are not only high-octane and adrenaline pumping in nature, but they also form core memory blocks that you can cherish lifelong. So choose and personalize your Dubai desert adventure and ask your partner/guide to collect cool snaps as you indulge in these extreme desert sports.

Eat like a king at the unlimited barbecue dinner buffet

Eat like a king at the unlimited barbecue dinner buffet

The Arabian cuisine has two core elements – spices and meat, and both are loaded to the maximum in the unlimited barbecue dinner buffet at the desert camp. Quench your hunger in the middle of the Grand Arabian Desert with local and international delicacies. Satisfy your appetite and garnish it with a round of fresh fruits while enjoying the cultural activities in the desert camp. Wind up your scrumptious dinner with a round of traditional Arabic coffee and sweets, or opt for a shisha for the gastric juices to settle down. Many Dubai Desert safaris offer alcohol at an additional price.

Its party all night at the Dubai Overnight Safari

Its party all night at the Dubai Overnight Safari

For all the travellers who opt for a Dubai Overnight Safari, you see the gorgeous sunset and sunrise and incredible experiences throughout your journey. Whether cultural activities like applying henna on your hands and legs, belly dance performance or tantalizing barbecue dinner or fun activities, the overnight Dubai Desert Safari ticks all boxes for entertainment and fun. You can choose your personalized activities that match your requirements and taste.

Gorgeous sunrise and sunsetsunrise and sunset

Experience the spectacular sunrise and the sunset that turns the red dunes into golden during the transformation—one of the rare moments in your entire lifetime. Don’t forget to capture these unforgettable moments and breathtaking views. It will form a great collection for your Instagram and Twitter profiles. You can’t afford to miss this, as many people venture into the heart of the grand Arabian desert to witness the magical ambience.

Move away from the tourist city hotspots

Move away from the tourist city hotspots

The Dubai Desert Safari offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the mighty desert terrain and the unique culture and brings up some memorable moments and experiences all through your journey. It’s a perfect recipe to escape the busy city life. Experience the unique desert magic as you venture into the heart of the grand Arabian desert.

Packages for all types of budgets

The Dubai Desert Safaris is not just for the rich. If you are on a budget tour to the Dubai Emirate, you can still experience the best of the Dubai Desert Safari. Many tour operators arrange pocket-friendly desert safari tours. So you can keep adding experiences and activities as per your budget. The Dubai Desert Safari should not be missed at any cost during your Dubai holiday, no matter your budget. It’s worth every penny spent.

Explore the rare wildlife in the desert

wildlife in the desert

The desert trip is all about exotic indulgences, and wildlife safaris are just one of them. First, get to experience falconry, a traditional sport of the UAE and one of the original art forms in the Dubai culture. The national UAE bird is now utilized for sporting events and cultural activities like falconry. Capture a selfie with this majestic bird – one of the unforgettable moments in your journey. Also, keep an eye out for other wildlife creatures like owls, meerkats, Arabian oryx, and other desert birds. The Dubai Desert Safari offers plenty of fauna as you pass through the desert terrain.

The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the best things to with family in Dubai. It offers a myriad of amazing fun, entertainment, and adventure combined in one package that matches the taste and requirements of all global travellers. You can’t even think of missing this spectacular indulgence if you have landed in the Dubai Emirate.