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The Best Places to Visit in Sharjah


In U.A.E., Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the obvious places where many people prefer to travel. However, if you land in Sharjah, there are definitely some fascinating things to see and do. Located near the Persian Gulf, Sharjah is known for its rich culture which needs to be discovered. Known as the ‘Cultural Capital of the U.A.E.’, let’s look at some of the top things to do in Sharjah.


1. Arabian Wildlife Centre

This center deserves a lot of credit for preserving the precious Arabian natural wildlife. This place is best if you have young ones along with you. There are different regions inside the center where animals of different categories are kept. Snakes, reptiles, warm-blooded animals such as cats, rodents, canines, primates, ungulates, and a large number of tiny bugs can be seen here. The center has a treat for young ones where they can feed and nourish animals like horses, goats, and giraffes. Other than this, the Sharjah Desert Park is also worth exploring.

2. Central Market

One of Sharjah’s famous landmarks is the Central Market. It is also known as the ‘Blue Souk’ because of the blue color on the exterior. If you wish to experience traditional shopping then this is the place to be. Items such as jewelry, perfume, gold, clothing, electronics, and other items are sold here. A must-visit place to see if you wish to get some awesome souvenirs.

3. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Visit the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization to learn about Arabic and Islamic Culture. You’ll find tons of Islamic arts and craftwork from the 7th Century till the 19th Exhibits of clay, pottery, glass, and handicrafts made of gold, silver, and brass are some of the features of the museum. The museum also holds items from the ancient Abbasid and Umayyad eras.

4. Sharjah Science Museum

The Sharjah Science Museum offers some of the best and most fun activities to do, especially if you’re with young ones. It is divided into 4 regions consisting of – the Static Electricity Show, Magic Show, Space Show, and Physical Law Temperature Show. Each show offers activities that are suitable for all ages. Activities like holding a glass of water upside down where nothing dips out from the glass and grabbing the famous Van De Graaf generator and watching your hair stand are all must-experience.

5. Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area offers an experience that can only be done in Sharjah. It is an opportunity to explore and study the traditional Arab homes of the desert. The place is perfectly restored in quality condition and guests are allowed to investigate and research the place completely with no restrictions. The structures of this iconic place are quite similar to the Al Midfa House which has its own wind tower.

6. Sharjah Maritime Museum

Located off the Al Meena Street, the Maritime Museum signifies Sharjah’s link to the water. Witness the main highlights such as a traditional wooden dhow docked outside the museum and a collection of pearls (as pearl collection and fishing were known to be the oldest economy here). Right next to the Maritime Museum is the Sharjah Aquarium which is also a good place to visit.

7. Sharjah Aquarium

beautiful image of creatures at sharjah aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium is a host to around 150 species of the sea which includes sea rays and reef sharks. This place is quite popular for families who bring their kids along for educational purposes. The interior of the aquarium is surreal with tube-shaped tanks that allow you to see beautiful fish pass by from the top. There’s also a café called Sammach Café that serves teas, coffees, and fried-crispy fish.

8. Al Jazeera Park

Al Jazeera Park is yet another top destination for families. The park is located on a small island next to the Khalid Lagoon, which offers the perfect spot for an outing, rich in greenery and away from the busy streets of Sharjah. There are a few rides and activities which are suitable for all ages. You’ll also find bistros and fast-food joints for those who wish to have a peaceful lunch.

9. Al Noor Island

This is a perfect place to be for solitude seekers and those who wish to take some time out from shopping and museum exploring. Al Noor Island is a public park created in Khalid Lagoon. The island is beautifully surrounded by modern arts and nature making your invitation a memorable one. One main feature of this island is the inclusion of a butterfly house which comprises over 500 beautiful species of butterflies.

10. Sharjah Art Museum

Image of Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Art Museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary art from the UAE and the wider Arab world. The striking modern building designed by UK architect Lord Foster houses both permanent collections and rotating exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media arts. Wander through galleries displaying works depicting Emirati heritage and identity. Don’t miss Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi’s private collection.

11. Sharjah Archaeology Museum

To uncover Sharjah’s ancient past, head to the archaeology museum, which showcases artifacts from sites across the emirate. Displays illuminate life in the Bronze and Iron Ages with objects like pottery, tools, weapons, and jewelry. Standout exhibits feature an ancient pearling boat, ruins and find from the important Mleiha archaeological site, and a collection of ancient Qurans.

12. Al Noor Mosque

beautiful lightning image of Al Noor Mosque

With its intricate tilework, soaring minarets, and grand dome, the stunning Al Noor Mosque is among the most beautiful in Sharjah. This vast house of worship, built from sandstone and marble, can accommodate over 1,200 worshippers. Visitors are welcome to view the ornate interiors and admire details like the dazzling chandeliers, carved wood mihrab, and stained glass windows. Modest attire is required.

13. Al Qasba Canal

Al Qasba Canal in Sharjah

Take an evening stroll along the Al Qasba Canal, a picturesque waterfront area in central Sharjah lined with cafes and restaurants. You can rent a small boat and paddle along the shimmering canal, dine by the waterside, and catch choreographed fountain and light shows. Cultural events like art fairs, markets, and performances are also often held here.

14. Sharjah Desert Park

People Riding uopn Camel at Sharjah Desert Park

Escape the city to Sharjah’s Desert Park, spanning 2.2 square kilometers of authentic desert environment. Get close to Arabian wildlife like oryx, foxes, and falcons, ride camels, drive over sand dunes, and learn about ecology at the Natural History Museum attached to the park. A string of attractions like traditional Bedouin camps, children’s farms, restaurants, and overnight resort accommodation will round out the experience.

15. Rain Room

For a magical weather experience, get tickets to Rain Room at Sharjah Art Foundation. Step inside the sensory installation and walk through torrential rain without getting wet. Advanced technology detects human forms and repels water where you stand, creating the illusion you can control the rain. It is an intriguing concept, bringing art and nature together.

16. Sharjah Science Museum

With interactive exhibits and educational activities, the recently renovated Sharjah Science Museum makes STEM topics engaging for children and adults. Try physics experiments in the Light & Sound lab, explore space discoveries in the planetarium, and join robotics and coding workshops. Temporary exhibitions cover additional scientific themes.

17. Eye of the Emirates Ferris Wheel

See Sharjah from new heights on Eye of the Emirates – one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels at 525 feet high. Each climate-controlled glass cabin holds up to eight passengers for a smooth 30-minute rotation. Majestic views stretch across Buhairah Corniche, Al Khan Lagoon, and beyond from the top. Great for photos.

18. Sharjah Safari Drive

Take a thrilling 45-minute off-road drive into the desert just outside Sharjah. Bump over rolling dunes in a 4×4 vehicle with stops to try sandboarding, ride camels, and watch desert sunset views. End with a traditional Arabic meal under the stars at a Bedouin-style camp. It is a fun desert adventure for all ages.

19. Sharjah Aquarium

Local marine life takes the spotlight at Sharjah Aquarium, featuring huge tanks and over 250 species from the UAE’s Gulf waters. Gaze at graceful rays, sharks, turtles, and colorful reef fish. Walk through an underwater tunnel surrounded by aquatic life. Outside, touch pools let kids interact with sea creatures like starfish.

20. Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Journey into Sharjah’s prehistory at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre! Excavated ruins and artefacts here exhibit life from 130,000 years ago to the early Islamic era. Standout finds include a 50,000-year-old skeleton called ‘Sharjah Man.’ Guided tours, camel rides, stargazing, and dining complete the heritage experience.

21. Sharjah Calligraphy Museum

Get an introduction to Islamic calligraphy at this museum dedicated entirely to the art form. View exquisite Qurans, manuscripts, and craft tools showcasing stylized Arabic scripts like Thuluth, Kufic, Diwani, and more. Learn how calligraphy conveys deeper spiritual meaning through writing. Don’t miss the English botanical manuscripts or contemporary calligraphy fusing modern styles.

22. Majaz Waterfront

Majaz Waterfront is a lively recreational area along Sharjah’s Khalid Lagoon cornice. Stroll the boardwalks and fountains, catch choreographed water shows, admire views of the Al Noor Mosque, or dine at waterside cafes and restaurants. Cultural markets, festivals, and musical performances are often hosted here as well. It is a popular spot for evening outings.

23. Sharjah National Park

Escape to the great outdoors at Sharjah National Park, spanning nearly 250 square kilometers of protected desert, mountains, and coast. Hike amongst ghaf trees and desert hyacinths, spot wildlife like oryx and foxes, try archery or horseback riding and camp overnight under the stars. It is apeaceful wilderness getaway.

24. The Flag Island

Venture just offshore to The Flag Island, an artificial island housing one of the world’s largest flags, towering 123 meters tall. Accessible by boat from Al Khan beach, you can walk around the base of the towering flagpole for unique views back to Sharjah. It should be best seen when lit up at night. A patriotic landmark!

25. House of Wisdom

Dedicated to books, learning, and culture, the House of Wisdom is both Sharjah’s largest library and an architectural work of art. Browse thousands of titles under a beautifully carved ceiling made from recycled manuscripts. Various spaces host book fairs, readings by authors, workshops, and research. Bibliophiles will be in heaven.

26. Heart of Sharjah

Heart of Sharjah is an ongoing heritage restoration project to revive the oldest districts in town. Wander alleyways between restored traditional coral and sandstone buildings now housing museums, shops, and cafes. Guided walks explain the conservation and revival of Sharjah’s cultural core.

27. Sharjah Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre offers hands-on edutainment for kids focused on science, technology, aviation, and space exploration. Budding inventors can design robots, engineers can construct buildings to withstand earthquakes, pilots can simulate flying planes, and future astronauts can train for space travel through interactive exhibits and workshops.

28. Al Khan Beach

Beautiful view of sunset at al khan beach

Cool off at Al Khan Beach, one of Sharjah’s most popular stretches of sandy public coastline. Relax on loungers under thatched umbrellas, frolic in the gentle surf, grab snacks from seaside kiosks, and enjoy picturesque views across the Khalid Lagoon. It is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, or seaside strolls.

29. Mega Mall

Whatever you’re shopping for, Mega Mall likely has it covered. This massive mall houses hundreds of stores, from global brands to local boutiques, lined across three floors. When you need a break, refuel at the food court, catch a movie at the multiplex cinema, or let kids burn energy at the Magic Planet theme park.

30. Sharjah Classic Car Museum

This motorsport museum houses an impressive collection of over 200 classic and rare vehicles. Browse vintage and muscle cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and bikes from the early 20th century to the 1980s, many in mint condition. Car and racing memorabilia round out the displays at this must-see for gearheads.

Sharjah deserves a lot of credit because it has many top attractions which can only be experienced here. Apart from the places mentioned above, Al Noor Mosque, Khorfakkan Beach, Al Qasba, etc. are some other attractions you must visit in Sharjah. Take some time out and plan your visit to these amazing places mentioned above and you’ll surely have a great time.