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Diverse Food Choices in Dubai


Dubai’s unparalleled architecture and attractions are famous across the world. But do you know that Dubai is also considered a food-lovers delight? A real paradise considering the diverse population residing in Dubai. You get to taste new delicacies from varied cuisines all over the world. Mouth-watering food is just another driver for the increasing tourism in Dubai. The land of royalty gives you a rich experience of so many delicacies from different parts of the world that you would be spoilt for choices. And a surprising fact is that every scrumptious meal in Dubai does not burn a hole in your pocket. Several places in Dubai give you access to rich delicacies to savor on a reasonable budget. We have listed some of the best places to try out when you are on holiday in Dubai.

Zuma in Dubai

1. Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar

Australian cuisine is not found commonly in Dubai, but heading to Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar is a real treat to savor rich Australian delicacies. A space with great ambiance and excellent service, booming with character, and original designs reflecting the authentic Aussie culture. There is a billabong-inspired terrace, which is a perfect hangout in the colder months. The menu oozes Australian to the core and features top dishes like barramundi, yabby, kangaroo, emu, and other internationally flavored dishes.

2. At.mosphere

This restaurant is at the highest level on earth. Placed on the 122nd floor of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the At.mosphere gives you a combo of lip-smacking dishes and mesmerizing panoramic views of the city skyline. Zip through the express elevator and step into the two-level glass atrium post-sunset, the ambiance naturally steals the show from the cuisine. But, you can taste delightful European cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred guest chefs.

3. Tribes

This African-themed steakhouse offers you an enchanting experience of tasting African delicacies with the African tribal dance in the background. The menu is mostly non-vegetarian. Enjoy the rich, creamy, and meatier dishes like never before. Even the waiters are serving food dancing past the tribal dancers to bring your order. We assure you that it would be complete fun and entertainment. You should not miss this experience.

4. Royal Express

Feel the glorious past of the colonial Indian railway at Royal Express, one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. The Royal Express waiters dressed in porter uniforms and announcements done in Hindi with train sound effects in the backdrop give you an experience of the rich Indian Heritage. The vibrant scarlet and gold furnishings polish the entire ambiance. The cuisine is mouth-watering and can provide an Indian restaurant in the city a run for their money.

5. Aprons & Hammers

Dining in water is another popular concept introduced in Dubai. Dubai comes with a bout of surprises that you can never imagine. Aprons & Hammers is a dining restaurant on a Dhow, just next to the expat’s favorite Barasti Beach bar. This unique themed restaurant offers delightful delicacies. You can enjoy delicious meaty crabs and lobsters by the bucket load.

6. Ossiano

Placed in the Atlantis hotel is an experience in itself. Ossiano is a seafood restaurant created with gold color themes and large aquariums embellished instead of walls. For the best experience, try out the Superior Sturia caviar, crispy monkfish, and Lobster gazpacho. One of the most classic and elegant dining settings you can ever come across. It is a beautiful feeling dining in between the sea creatures.

7. Al Hadheerah

A delightful dining restaurant to taste the best of Emirati cuisine inside a traditional fort. For starters, the falcons and Arabian horses’ delicacies steal the show. Enjoy delightful Emirati delicacies with a round of local singers entertaining the audience with Sufi music. Don’t forget to try the whole lamb simmered in a charcoal pit and slowly cooked to perfection for six long hours.

8. Pierchic

This warehouse-shaped restaurant is suspended on wooden slits over the waters on Jumeirah Beach. With the stunning Burj Al Arab and the iconic Atlantis Hotel at its two ends, you can’t ask for a better ambiance to enjoy delightful, diverse seafood cuisines. Do try out the yellow-fin tuna, fishy carpaccios, oysters, sea scallops, and several kinds of seafood artfully served.

9. Cle

The famous Australian-Lebanese chef and cookbook author Greg Malouf takes charge of this modern Arabic dining setup in DIFC. Although it is decorated with abundantly black designs to create a dark ambiance, the Chanelesque padded leather furnishings and the gilded Kalashnikovs steal the show from the rest. The menu is packed with Middle Eastern cuisines with a new twist.

10. Mythos Kouzina & Grill

If you fantasize about idyllic Mediterranean cuisines, then this is the place to be. The wooden flooring, stonewalls, white furniture, dim lighting, and pastel-blue decor elements decorate its internal landscape. Enjoy gourmet Greek dishes from grilled octopus, slowly cooked lamb, overnight-stewed veal, and much more. For people with a sweet tooth, try the classic baklava.

No matter which places on earth you belong, Dubai houses everything to match your taste and style. Come to the land of diverse and delicious cuisines and go back with a smile on your face.