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Dubai In January 2024


Dubai is an Emirate city that oozes luxury and opulence. From tall skyscrapers to ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts, the architecture of Dubai is one of the main reasons people visit the city. Apart from this, the city is home to numerous world-class attractions, including theme parks, water parks, and shopping malls. Moreover, Dubai also gives you the chance to enjoy several outdoor activities, including extreme sports like sky diving, scuba diving, shark diving, etc. The best time to visit Dubai is between the months of November and March, when the climate is pleasant. Here you will find all the information about visiting Dubai in January 2024.

Dubai Weather in January

One of the main reasons people love visiting Dubai in January is the climate. Although Dubai has a warm climate throughout the year, the weather in January is cooler as compared to the summer months. The temperature is anywhere between 14 °C to 25 °C in Dubai during January. While the day is pleasant, the nights can be a bit chilly, especially in the desert. Although the weather is quite nice in Dubai in January, there are chances of rain during this month.

Why Should You Travel to Dubai in January?

  1. Pleasant Weather– If you look at every weather metric for Dubai in the month of January, immediately you will see why this month is ranked as the most hospitable for travel. Dubai in January truly is ideal, with mild winter sun and a comfortable temperature. Everything which you can see in the city and on the beaches is at its best when the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Also, it is ideal to enjoy outdoor sightseeing and adventure activities like skydiving, water skiing, and desert safari while it’s not too hot outside. The average daytime high is 24°C, while the average evening low is 14°C. Great conditions for wearing a T-shirt or casual clothing during the day. Bring a jumper particularly for the evenings in order to combat the little chill in the air. According to us, the weather in Dubai during January is ideal for city exploration, excursions, and outdoor activities.
  2. Dubai Events in January– Dubai’s January is nothing short of than a joyful month. The entire city is decorated in sparkle and light. As mentioned, the fantastic Dubai Shopping Festival is the city’s most popular event in January. In order to entice more and more visitors, tourist attractions throughout the city are constantly introducing new features. Every year is simply different when it comes to Dubai in January.
  3. Moderate Crowds– The majority of schools across the world restart in January following a lengthy holiday break. As a result, many families are unable to afford to book a trip to Dubai during January. After the holidays and the New Year, many offices resume their regular work hours. Dubai does not see a lot of tourist throngs in January despite having a lot of enticing features. It becomes easier to explore the top-rated tourist attractions in Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai in January

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the grandest events that happens in Dubai every year. The best part about DSF is that the entire city participates in this event. In short, you get to enjoy amazing deals and discounts in almost all malls and stores of the city. During the DSF, you get to buy everything from clothes to jewelry at great prices while getting the chance of winning amazing prizes.

Water Sports

Water Sports Dubai

Dubai is home to some fantastic theme parks and water parks, where you can indulge in thrilling rides. However, if you want to enjoy some water adventure, head to the beaches of the city, where an array of water sports activities await you. Here, you can indulge in water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat riding, kite boarding, deep sea fishing, etc.

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari

Do take the time out to go on an evening desert safari, where you can enjoy the beauty of the desert as well as the numerous desert activities as well. The desert safari in Dubai begins late in the afternoon and includes dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, and quad biking. You also get to enjoy entertainment programs and a delicious BBQ dinner too. There are great exciting reasons to try a desert safari in Dubai once.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon

If you want to enjoy the raw beauty of the desert, you must go on a hot air balloon ride. The hot air balloon ride usually happens early in the morning, giving you the chance to enjoy an aerial view of the desert. You also get to see a beautiful sunrise in the desert and also the chance to observe the flora and fauna of the place.

Dubai Desert Classic

The Dubai Desert Classic, an immensely regarded and prestigious golf championship, takes place in January and is a significant athletic event. This men’s golf competition, which typically takes place during the final week of January, has been going on since 1989. The Gulf Swing, the Middle Eastern golf season highlighted by other big competitions including the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship & the Qatar Masters, is concluded with the Dubai Desert Classic. Even Nevertheless, this competition held in Dubai during the close of January is the most well-known occasion. If you enjoy playing golf, you must check out Blacklight Minigolf 3D, an 18-hole 3D minigolf facility where you can have a memorable day out with your family.

Dubai Marathon

The Dubai Marathon is another of January’s distinctive events. If your visit falls during the month and you enjoy this sport or not, do not hesitate to check the date of this meeting. This competition, which started in 2000, attracts thousands of runners & sponsors each year. That is a show that is enjoyable. And if you are wondering why it was completed during this month, the answer is obvious: January has the lowest recorded temperatures, with low being defined as 22 to 24 °C, so it is a fantastic average for celebrating this event, which would not be advised at another time of year due to the city’s high temperatures.

Welcome the New Year

Prepare yourself for a fantastic evening if you are in Dubai in January, especially on New Year’s Eve! On New Year’s Eve, the Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world, puts on a spectacular fireworks display for guests. Make sure you get there a little early to ensure a spot! If you cannot acquire a location, there are other equally stunning places to view these record-breaking fireworks, such as the beach at Burj Al Arab or a boat docked at the Dubai Waterfront. You can choose from a variety of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai, which are renowned as well.

Walking Tours in Dubai

Dubai is fortunate to have mild temperatures, low humidity, and sun-warming rays in January. The ideal time to walk about the city is now.

Due to the excellent weather, you can take long walks while learning fascinating details about the city’s history, culture, and inhabitants. The most affordable but fascinating way to experience Dubai at its core is with a City Walking Tour.

Places to See in Dubai in January

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa UAE

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is a must see for people visiting Dubai. You can visit the observation deck on the 124th and 148th floors of the Burj Khalifa to enjoy a majestic aerial view of the entire city. Apart from the view from the top, the ride to the observation deck on the fastest elevator in the world is also quite exciting.

Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future Dubai

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Museum of the Future is most popular for its astonishing architecture. Moreover, it also supports and promotes technological innovation that can change the future of the world. Made up of 7 floors, you will get to see interesting exhibits on topics like climate change, space travel, spirituality, etc. in this unconventional museum.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

The largest mall in the UAE, the Dubai Mall offers more than a shopping experience. Home to more than 1200 stores, the Dubai Mall is a paradise for shopping lovers. Apart from this, you will find an ice-skating rink, an aquarium and underwater zoo, a gaming zone, a children’s indoor theme park, and a large multiplex here. Dubai Mall also has several restaurants and eateries. The fountain show outside the Dubai Mall is one you should not miss. If you are looking for retail therapy, you will be glad to find the best places to shop in Dubai that have the most varied choices.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is known as the most luxurious as well as the only seven-star hotel in the world. Apart from admiring the sail-shaped hotel from the outside, you must also take time to go on a Burj Al tour, where you can admire the opulent interiors of the hotel. You will also get to check out some of the most luxurious suites and enjoy some of the finest beverages at the lounge while admiring the views of the Arabian Gulf.

The View at The Palm

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah, which is a palm-shaped island, is one of the finest architectural marvels in Dubai. To get an aerial view of Palm Island, head to the Palm Tower. Standing at the height of 240 meters, The View at The Palm will give you a 360o view of the palm island and the nearby area. You will also get to spot some of the iconic landmarks of the city from this observation deck. There are plenty of more things to do in Palm Jumeirah.

What to Pack in your suitcase during your visit to Dubai in January?

Even though the highest temperatures in Dubai in January are between 22 and 24 degree Celsius, the lowest temperatures are closer to 15 degrees Celsius, therefore it is a good idea to pack a sweatshirt, cardigan, jacket, sweater, or something similar to remain warm at night when it becomes chilly.

Travelling to Dubai in January with Kids

Visit one of the elegant outdoor family brunches to enjoy delectably tasty cuisine and tons of kid-friendly activities, like bouncy castles and candy bars. Most hotels offer free entry to children under six and 50% off meals for children aged six to twelve. Try Bubbalicious in The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, another one of the top picks for family hotels, for a genuine treat, or go to Dubai Parks and Resorts to take advantage of the Lapita Daycation package, which includes entry to the pool. In other parts of the city, taking the kids to Mushrif Park to check out the International Village and try out the ropes courses & ziplines at Aventura is a favorite activity for energetic youngsters. The courses are suitable for children as young as six, and there is also a junior’s area. Check out these indoor trampoline parks and multisport facilities in Dubai, as well as the full list of indoor venues, if you catch a rainy day. La Mer, the waterfront venue is a pleasant spot for kids to visit, even though the beach water might be chilly at this time of year. It is a great warm winter night out with Laguna Waterpark, Roxy Cinemas, a skate park, and incredibly colorful & Instagrammable beach huts as well as kiosks.

Tips to Travel to Dubai in January

  • The temperature in January is pleasantly warm, so wear comfortable cotton clothes while spending time outdoors. However, do carry something to keep you warm at night or while exploring air-conditioned spaces.
  • January is the ideal month to visit Dubai, and so you can see a lot of tourists in Dubai during this month. Apart from booking your flight tickets and hotel reservations, it is also important to book online tickets for important attractions you want to see in Dubai.
  • There is a slight chance of experiencing rain in January. Hence, it is best to carry an umbrella with you while exploring the city during this month.
  • Mid-afternoon is the ideal time to go beach hopping in Dubai in January, as the water can be a bit chilly in the morning and evening in January.
  • It is still important to wear sunscreen during the day and keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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Is January a good time to visit Dubai?

Yes, January is one of the best months to visit Dubai, as the temperature is still cooler owing to the fact that January is a part of winter in the city.

Does it rain in Dubai in January?

Yes, there is a very slight chance of rain in January. However, the rain does not last for a long time.

Can I indulge in outdoor activities in Dubai in January?

Yes, January is a great month to indulge in outdoor activities, as the weather is pleasant.


As January is a great month to visit Dubai, you must plan your holiday accordingly. January is one of the few months when you can enjoy the city to the fullest.