Blog Sharjah Khorfakkan Beach – One of the Best Attractions in Sharjah

Khorfakkan Beach – One of the Best Attractions in Sharjah


The small city of Khorfakkan facing the Oman sea in Sharjah is popular for its fertile land, the only natural deep seaport, and the iconic Hajar Mountains. If you want to uncover this little gem in Sharjah, we recommend starting early morning from Dubai in an air-conditioned land cruiser. Then, drive towards the northeast. So, let’s take you through one of the best attractions in Sharjah, Khorfakkan beach, which is also considered one of the best places to visit in the UAE.

Traveling to Khorfakkan

You should spend a full day exploring the Khorfakkan beach from Dubai. If you start early from Dubai, you will easily reach here within 40 minutes. Then, take the new road constructed by the Sharjah Government that will reduce your travel time by almost half. Each tunnel on the E311 or the Bypass Road cuts through the rugged Hajar Mountains making driving a real pleasure. There are five tunnels in the route, and the longest will take you 2.5 km, which is also the longest land-based tunnel in the entire Gulf region. You will find sand-swept roads as you move closer to Khorfakkan. Stop by one of the roadside cafes to grab a quick bite. As you reach the Hajar Mountains, you will feel the wind saltier and with a plunge smell as well. The Hajar Mountains stand among the oldest mountain ranges worldwide. They are rugged and crusted but not very tall in stature.

Khorfakkan beach

Featuring among the most gorgeous beaches in the entire UAE region, the Khorfakkan beach features among the top places to visit in the UAE with its serene, silent, and calm waters against the backdrop of the Hajar Mountains. You can simply bask in the aura of the beautiful hamlet or indulge in numerous beach activities for some fun. Nestled among mountains, coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and crystal clear water, the Khorfakkan beach features golden sun-cooked sand and blue seawater. The mesmerizing clouds that form several natural patterns on the beach make the beach even more enchanting and captivating to witness. The beach is the perfect balance between fun, entertainment, and relaxation, making it one of the preferred holiday getaway spots in the region.

Khorfakkan beach activities

beach activities

There are plentiful activities that you can look to indulge in on the beautiful Khorfakkan beach. From viewing the amazing marine life to enjoying the soft waves hitting the coastline, simply basking in the sun’s warmth, or putting on your exploration hat to browse through various water sports, the Khorfakkan beach activities cover the taste and choices of all global travelers. Here is the popular list of Khorfakkan beach activities that you can look to indulge in:

Anemone Gardens – Placed just on the northeastern side of Shark Island, the Anemone Garden has a slightly higher water depth of 20 meters in a popular snorkelling spot near the Khorfakkan heart beach. Get ready to be welcomed by jacks, juvenile barracudas, and shy seahorses. These aquatic creatures are shy, and your presence in the water can be intimating to them, which would scare them away.

Coral Gardens – the gorgeous coral reefs on the Khorfakkan beach further enhance the aquatic beauty of the waters apart from the beautiful marine life that will surely leave you spellbound at first sight. Guitarfish and crocodile fish are some of the aquatic animals that you will find near the coral reefs.

Dibba Island – the visually appealing marine life found on the Khorfakkan beach is the highlight of Dibba Island. You will have amazing opportunities for snorkeling to explore the aesthetic marine life. However, you need to be underwater to witness the underwater magic here. On this island, you will find a range of boulder corals and a range of aquatic marine life like turtles, batfish, clownfish, jawfish, and much more.

Diving and snorkeling – The Khorfakkan heart beach will have plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts to explore the beautiful aquatic marine life and the coral reefs decorating the underwater landscape of the region.

Shark Island – the name may sound or bring in an element of fear or doubt in your mind, but there have been zero sharks found in Khorfakkan beach. The only sharks found here are black-tip reef sharks who migrate between November and April. However, this island makes up for a great opportunity for snorkelling and diving as you witness the odd turtle, fish, and other marine animals on the beach.

Water sports in Sharjah

Water sports – you will find a range of water sports here at the Khorfakkan beach, like parasailing, diving, kite surfing, snorkelling, jet skiing, and much more. Of course, you can set the tents and bring in some beach mats, and prepare some barbecue to have some fun as well. It features among the best places to visit when the temperature outdoors gets a little tolerant for a day out in the open, i.e., from October. So if you happen to visit Dubai in October until March, Khorfakkan should be on your bucket list. The locals do frequent this splendid attraction throughout the year as the beach is buzzing with activity always.

Other activities – You get to rent small boats to head to different islands. Several local vendors provide fins, masks, and snorkels on rent. The vendors are very friendly with the tourists. However, don’t just give the price they demand. They can be a touch expensive at times on their demands.

Khorfakkan places to visit


Al Rufisah Dam

This gorgeous dam is still yet to be discovered fully by the tourist population. However, there is a serene and calming ambiance around this dam that will give you a peaceful feeling of solitude, making it among the best things to do in Sharjah. During the winter, the active monsoons fill the dam with blue water that will also fill up your heart and soul. Visiting this dam right in the desert is quite a unique proposition. You can enjoy the lush green environment and give yourself the quality me-time you cannot take out during your busy city life. Take pictures of the sunset, sunrise, the dam, the sky, and the sun – all the elements that create a beautiful orchestra.

Friday Market

When you have an array of affordable items at your disposal, you will be forced to indulge in some tempting shopping indulgence. The Friday Market unleashes the best of carpets, fruits, and earthen potteries, along with several other cheap stuff to add to your collection. Take your camera along as you browse through the vibrant colors at the Friday Market. Like any other market, haggling is a norm here, so you can go ahead and bargain without any guilt. After your round of shopping, head to the nearby cafes and restaurants where you can grab some rolls and the ubiquitous cup of tea.
Khorfakkan waterfall

A new Amphitheatre and an artificial waterfall were recently added to the list of glittering landmarks in the region. Inaugurated by the highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the ruler and member of the supreme council of Sharjah, both the insertions have been instant hits among the tourist population. The Khorfakkan waterfall is placed 43 meters above sea level and is 11 meters wide and 45 meters long, with multiple openings for the water to slope down from the cave top to the mountain bottom.


You will find several hotels in Fujairah, but none will be better than the Oceanic Resort and Spa of Khorfakkan. One of the best Khorfakkan beach resorts known for its secluded beaches, idyllic sunsets, and peaceful getaway. You have a temperature-controlled swimming pool to relax in the ocean waters. There are plenty of beach sports like volleyball or tennis you can look to engage in here. If you are tired of your exploration journey, refresh your batteries at the spa and sauna for a good night’s sleep.