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Best Things to Do in The Dubai Desert Safari


A desert safari in Dubai is ideal for all tastes and requirements. It only gives you the much-needed adrenaline rush but also delights you with the most amazing experiences that are unmatched. Yes, you can look forward to enjoy a spectrum of things on your desert safari, including 4X4 dune bashing, camel ride, falconry, quad biking, sandboarding, and desert camp activities. In this post, we bring you the best things to do on a Dubai desert safari that will last a lifetime.

Top Desert Activities and Experiences

Spend a Night in the Desert

Night in dubai desert

You may have yet to come across this special indulgence as this is a unique way to experience the best of Bedouin culture and hospitality. It lets you put all your worries to rest and spend a night in the middle of nowhere. Sleepover at the royal retreat as you look to unwind after a tiring set of desert activities during the day. You can add luxurious elements and customize your overnight desert safari the way you want. Tour operators offer plenty of personalization choices to match their guests’ tastes and requirements.

Stargazing at the Dubai skyline

The desert skyline gets beautifully decorated with many stars and the moon. It’s a special feeling to witness the star-studded sky in the middle of the grand Arabian Desert. It is an ideal way to relax and unwind after indulging in the adrenaline-pumping desert activities during the daytime with extreme heat. There are exclusive tours if you want to take your stargazing experience in Dubai to the next level.

The Dubai Astronomy Group arranges astronomy tours in collaboration with organizations. This allows you to explore futuristic and educational projects, along with themed events, workshops, and outdoor observations of key astronomical occurrences. This is a beautiful way to explore the gorgeous night star-studded sky.

Bask in the Tranquil Ambiance of the Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village

The Hatta Heritage Village is a beautifully restored mountain village with stone and mud houses dotting its landscape. It demonstrates the Emirati’s way of life centuries ago. These are among the oldest villages in Dubai, where visitors and tourists can get deeper insights into the lifestyle, clothing, weaponry, artifacts, and furnishing used in the bygone era. Maximize your experience by exploring Hatta Lake and the mountains with a 4×4 air-conditioned vehicle.

Encounter Fascinating Desert Wildlife at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Get a professional safari guide as you navigate the desert landscape. You will encounter a variety of flora and fauna that have mastered the art of surviving in the desert. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a protected area that will help discover the pristine desert ecosystem and wildlife that has been restored and carefully preserved after a great round of efforts by its authorities.

Enjoy Delightful Local and International Cuisines!

Local Cusines in Dubai

This stands among the highlights of the desert safari as the perfectly grilled barbecue and international and local cuisines will set your gastronomic juices flowing like a merry. There are plenty of options, both veg and non-vegetarian, with unlimited beverages and Arabic coffee available at your disposal. Food is a great way to explore the local culture, and there is no better way than to dine in the heart of the grand Arabian Desert. If you have booked a private safari, you will also get an option to enjoy eco-friendly dining amidst the sands as the chef prepares a curated menu that satisfies your taste and preferences. The top sellers include fusion lamb asador, black truffle, beef tacos, grilled chicken shawarma, dulce de leche pie – a local dessert, and several other options for vegans.

Sunset and Arabic Attire Photography

The desert also lets you capture the mesmerizing sun and go down in the sands as the dunes transform from a golden hue to a reddish color. In addition to the sunset, you will get plenty of opportunities to capture unforgettable moments throughout your journey. At the desert camp, you also get to wear traditional Arabic attire.

Enjoy Falconry

Falconry desert dubai

Falcons are closely associated with the Bedouins, who used to train wild falcons and use their speed and agility in hunting and tracking down their prey. Over time, the bond between the falcon and the falconers has become inseparable, which is clearly visible in the falconry demonstrations. We recommend you try the falcon display with a hot air balloon flight for the best desert experience.

Adventurous Desert Activities

Camel Safari

Camel Safari dubai

The camels have been used for navigating through the harsh desert landscape since ancient times. It has eventually transformed into an adventure ride. The camel is a very calm and loving animal. The camel owners will offer special instructions on boarding a camel, along with the dos and don’ts that you must follow as part of this experience. The camel safari is a beautiful way to explore the desert landscape and browse through various sights in the desert.

Dirt Bike and Flat Tire Biking

There is no better adventure to indulge in the fine dunes as you go bashing across the golden dunes on a dirt or flat tire bike. Of course, there are mentors to train you on how to navigate the rough desert landscape, but eventually, your skill will be showcased in this thrilling activity. The oversized tires of the bike are designed to help you easily navigate the sandy landscape.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

Experience the nerve-wracking moments as you indulge in a desert safari dune bashing Dubai with a professional driver who knows the code to give you the adrenaline rush you may have always wanted. The thrill of going up and down the dunes aboard a powerful 4X4 vehicle leave a silken trail that is both beautiful to watch and experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The hot air balloon ride is a beautiful way to check out the entire desert landscape as you witness them from a different perspective going up and away into the sky. The hot air balloon rides are arranged only as part of the early morning desert safari activities before the sun rises to lighten up the sand dunes. Capture these precious moments, and you can use this opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one(s). You will also be able to spot various desert animals that inhabit the region.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking Desert Safari

A quad biking adventure allows you to experience is the true taste of adventure in the middle of the grand Arabian Desert. So take control of the wheel and hit the dunes for heart-pumping action with your family or friends in a dune buggy. You will never be short of action as you get sweeping views of this majestic desert landscape as you are up and down the golden dunes.



This is a super exciting activity in the desert. It is one of the best desert safari activities you can indulge in for true adrenaline seekers. The snowboard-like contraption stuck to your feet challenges you to maintain your balance as you glide down the fine dunes, just like you would experience at Ski Dubai. Most desert activities like sandboarding are part of the desert safari in Dubai packages.


The Dubai desert safari offers a wonderful combination of eventful and adventurous activities to match all tastes and preferences of global customers. You can be guaranteed a wonderful time irrespective of the type of desert safari activities or experiences you indulge in.