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Dubai Travel Guide for Food Lovers


Dubai for a long has been a tourist paradise; the city is exploding with new ventures attracting more and more tourists. While everyone majorly talks about the world record-holding sites, the luxury, and the attractive tourist places to visit, another category that is worth mentioning is FOOD. Yes! You can find the best of world cuisines in Dubai, and if you are a foodie, here’s a list of things to eat in Dubai right now.

1. Stuffed camel

Stuffed camel
Mentioned in the Guinness book of world records as the biggest menu in the world, the stuffed camel is now a regular celebration delicacy of the elite class of Dubai. The recipe has eggs, chicken, fish, and mutton stuffed into the whole camel and barbequed to make it an astounding recipe.

2. Ta’amia

Commonly known as Falafel in other countries, ta’amia is one of the most popular delicacies of the Middle East. A combination of chickpeas and various mouthwatering blends of spices, the ta’amia is very popular and savored side dish enjoyed by people of the Middle East.

3. Al Harees

Al Harees
This exotic food invention has a taste that will stay with you for a long time. This delicious preparation has a memorable taste and is a result hour of preparation and baking. A salty taste of wheat and meat, devoid of many spices gives a distinctive flavor to the dish.

4. Ghuzi

A popular item on the menu of all decent Dubai restaurants, Ghazi is made of roasted lamb served on top of rice with veggies and nuts. It is one of those items you must have to be able to boast that you have tasted the local cuisine.

5. Matchbous

Al Matchbous
Dubai cuisine’s exotic food assortment of a lamb recipe- Matchbous is prepared from spiced stew, lamb, tomato, and rice made from salt water and ripe limes. This exquisite recipe broadens your taste buds with its distinctive taste.

6. Tabbouleh

A vegetarian delight of Arabs, Tabbouleh is a delectable salad preparation made from green onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions, further seasoned with lemon juice and fresh mint. It is the perfect Dubai answer to a healthy, light yet filling meal option.

7. Esh Asarya

Popularly known as the ‘bread of the harem’, in common words, it’s a cream-topped cheesecake with a melt-in-the-mouth taste and smooth creamy texture. It is a standard option in almost all the menus of Dubai restaurants.

8. Shawarma

Now gaining popularity in other Asian countries as well, Shwarma is a combination of chicken or lamb meat mixed beautifully with vegetables, fries, pickles, and garlic sauce. However, the combination varies from place to place; it still is a perfect snack meal to curb hunger at non-standard meal times.

9. Mehalabiya

Who doesn’t like pudding? And when is topped with pistachios and sprinkled with rose water, it becomes all the more savored and a popular dessert item in Dubai. It is preferred by all age groups and is an all-time favorite dish during festivities.

10. Ryoog yerana

Ryoog yerana
Start your morning with a savory sweet taste of Ryoog yerana, an exotic Emirati breakfast specialty. Chopped dates with a folded fluffy omelet on top, served with bread. Order a cup of haleed kastar, a custard drink with eggs and dotted red seeds to wash down the heavy breakfast to a perfect end.

11. Maskouf

Maskouf is an Iranian delicacy that makes its way into the regular appetite of Dubai. This exotic fish dish has a stuffing of onions and tomatoes simmered with spices, and tangy salsa sauce, thus giving it a flavor that stays with you long after you have savored it.

12. Yemeni Mandi

Yemeni Mandi
This spicy rice and meat dish is best savored with bare hands and sitting with folded legs. The meat is cooked slowly in a clay tandoor to bring out the best of its taste and served on the bed of rice with tomato gravy raisins, nuts, and yogurt.

13. Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio
A classic Carpaccio taste with exotic layers of raw beef that is so tender that simply melts in the mouth. They are best served with a combination of parmesan and mild spices. While it is not easily available in every eatery, the taste is worth every penny spent for it at a high-end restaurant.

14. Hummus

A dip that is almost synonymous with a dish, hummus is a famous chickpea, tahini paste, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and garlic dip. It’s a unique taste that one must taste to broaden the horizon of your tasted flavor.

15. Harraq Osbao

Harraq Osbao
A party favorite, Harraq Osbao is an easy and simple dish with crowd-pleasing flavor; the dish has a naughty fried onion and crunchy Arabic bread making this dish a real treat.

To make Dubai cuisine a favorite amongst avid foodies, non-vegetarian delicacies play a major role. If you are a non-vegetarian, Dubai can be a food paradise for you. From biryanis to curries, breakfasts to snacks, Dubai has a distinctive list of options that broadens the horizon of your taste buds. In addition to Arabic cuisine, Dubai is a place where different types of world cuisine like Lebanese, European, Indian and American dishes are readily available due to it being a tourist hub. Apart from restaurants and eateries, you will also find amazing bars in Dubai where you can enjoy signature cocktails and other drinks along with delicious food.

So now, come to Dubai, not only for the world-class attractions but also for a world-class cuisine to savor.