Blog Dubai A One-Stop Solution for Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

A One-Stop Solution for Desert Safari Tours in Dubai


The Dubai landscape is decorated with the great Arabian desert from all sides. The sand gravel in the southern region of the UAE is fine and features crushed corals and shells. That is why exploring the heart of the great Arabic Desert is one of the most eventful journeys you can undertake in your lifetime. Explore the Bedouin culture, amazing wildlife, and a host of other exciting indulgences in your Desert Safari. We bring you a comprehensive desert safari tour guide on the various types of desert safaris and the unique facts of Bedouin life.

A few important things to consider when venturing into the desert:

Best time to explore the Great Arabian Desert

The winter months of November to March and the corresponding pleasant weather in the afternoons make it the best time to explore the desert. This season brings the best weather as the night is also not very cold to handle.

Prices & Duration

The ideal duration of exploring the best desert safari is 5-6 hours on average irrespective of which type of safari you choose. You can be part of this journey starting from AED 70 per person.


The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Hatta Mountains, and Lahbab Desert are the most popular ones for the desert camps. You will witness a unique experience at each desert camp you choose for in your package. For a more authentic desert cultural experience, try the Lahbab Desert. For all the wildlife lovers, opt for the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. For the ones who want extreme desert adventure, opt for the Hatta Mountains.

Types of Dubai Desert Safaris

Every type of Desert Safari you choose will offer you a unique experience. You can opt for the morning, evening, and overnight safari that best suits your expectations and requirements. The price of the various types of safaris also varies depending on the inclusions you opt for in your package. Dune bashing can opt-in your package if you have it in you to withstand the ups and down of the desert landscape. Pickup and drop back to your hotel are usually included in your package.

Morning Dubai Desert Safari

Morning Dubai Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is perfect for the early risers. The safari starts from 8:30 am onwards. The gorgeous serenity of the grand Arabian Desert is best explored in the early hours of the day as the desert is relatively empty. You can go for a morning desert safari with camel riding for a unique experience. Very few people opt for this type of safari compared to other types of safaris. The pros of choosing this type of safari are that the weather is at its pleasantry best which makes venturing into the heart of the grand Arabic Desert even more delightful. You can wind up all the adventurous activities you have opted for in your package before the sun hits you with its heat. Certain activities like hot air ballooning are exclusively sold only in the Morning Desert Safari. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast featuring several local delicacies like Balaleet, Chabab, and Rgaag with egg. Explore Dubai’s unique facts and modern attractions through the day after winding up.

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

This type of safari kicks off usually around 4 pm and goes on in the late evening until 10 pm. The indulgence in the package starts once the sun is on the verge of setting down or post setting down. The weather is quite supportive, offering you plenty of opportunities to explore the great Arabic desert easily. Spend the entire evening enjoying a wide range of exotic and adventurous activities at the desert camp. The sunset looks gorgeous in the setting, and click moments are guaranteed. You are generally greeted by a group of gorgeous and professional belly dancers. The exotic barbecue dinner serving both local and international global delicacies makes up for a perfect experience.

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

One of the best and the most recommended one of the lots as you get to spend a full night under the moonlit sky. Your typical overnight safari starts from 4 pm onwards. Discover unspoken and hidden facets of the Bedouin life and culture as you witness both the sunset and the sunrise the next morning. Feel the magic around you as you witness the color of the sand being transformed from golden to red and vice-versa due to the sun’s rays. The night at the camp does get a bit cold so ensure you have your warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold desert vibes. The camp comes with its fusion of exotic and adventurous activities that you can indulge in as per your preference and taste. The delicious barbecue dinner with Middle Eastern and Global delicacies enhances the overall experience.

Adventure in the heart of the grand Arabic Desert

The amazing desert terrain makes for a perfect landscape to venture into several exotic and adventurous activities. All modern adventure sport lovers should try camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, fat tire biking, horse riding, dune buggy riding, and sand skiing. Choose the one that perfectly fits your adrenaline pumping taste and preference. On the other hand, if you are laid-back, try applying henna on your hands and legs, clicking pics in traditional Arabian attire, falconry, Tanura dance performances, etc.

Choosing the best Dubai Desert Safari Experience


If you are looking to book a Dubai Desert Safari on a budget, then look out for the inclusions or indulgences in your package. There may be many inclusions that may or may not match your budget—for example, look out for a package that offers complimentary meals – Breakfast or Dinner. Booking tickets online after a well-researched package is also a good option to save some bucks for other experiences.

Activities in the inclusions

Dubai Desert Safaris offers two types of inclusions in every package – authentic culture and adventure. Opt for the one that suits your nature and requirements. For example, there could be two tours offering two unique experiences simultaneously. So, research well before finalizing the Dubai Desert Safari package.

Reputation & Customer Reviews of the tour operator

Do your research well about the tour operator before you finalize a package. The tour operator’s reputation makes a big difference in how you would endeavour and enjoy this unique desert adventure. You will ruin your entire experience if you go by word of mouth or hotel recommendations. Instead, be a smart customer by doing the right kind of research, reading the customer reviews, and then going ahead and choosing the desert safari tour that will give you a taste of the traditional Arabian life.