Top Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day in Desert Safari !

Top Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day in Desert Safari !

Valentine’s Day in The Desert Safari


The Valentine’s Day is considered as a day of love and many couples use this day as an occasion to express their love to their valentine. But many are confused as to how to surprise their valentine with something unforgettable and memorable which would last forever. Dubai can surprise you with its wonderful offerings and surprises. So if you are looking forward to an exciting Valentine’s Day adventure in Dubai. You should be heading straight to the Desert Safari with your valentine. The Desert safari would definitely be one of the memories which you would fondly remember. You would receive several valentine day offers on the desert safari with some tour operators also offering an overnight stay at some of the famous sea view boutique hotels. Their inclusions should include a private dinner along with an in-room breakfast served with bubbles, with massage & spa facilities. So sit back and relax as the tour operators arrange your pick up and drop from your hotel or apartment. Do your research before selecting the right operator. You will have endless options, so selecting the right operator would give you the best experience of this wonderful journey.

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The journey starts in the afternoon through the deserts of Dubai. Use this opportunity to hug and cuddle with your partner. Apart from the warmth & affection, it provides you sufficient stability during your ride, as the journey through this terrain is a bit bumpy. The 4×4 terrain vehicle leaves a silken trail through its route totally mesmerizes you. You can even spot several wild animals during the desert safari tour, mostly gazelle, and oryz. There are several stops in between during which the tourists and guests have photo-sessions either individually or in groups. A lot of couples engage in selfies to capture these priceless moments. The first destination is the camel farm, where the journey breaks for a while to allow the guests and tourists to go for a camel ride, trying out a henna design on their hand or feet, and sand boarding. The camel ride gives a spectacular view of the entire desert. Again holding on or hugging your partner would provide you the required stability throughout the camel ride. The journey then continues till you reach the campsite.

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As you would approach the sunset, the amazing and wonderful background is literally a sight to watch. You can feel the love in the air. These romantic moments can be experienced best with your valentine beside you. Walking hand in hand and enjoying the warmth of the sun awakens your romantic senses. Share these wonderful romantic moments with your valentine. Such beautiful exotic moments are rare to be found during our daily busy lives. As the long journey comes to an end, the lovebirds can entice their taste buds by the delicious barbecue dinner. You can enjoy it with the wonderful belly dance and shisha. The campfire sets up the romance in the air, and the moonlight contributes to a sensual atmosphere. Couples snuggle by the campfire and get cozy watching the starlight. Tour operators arrange an overnight stay at some of the best sea view hotels. Early bird risers can also enjoy the wonderful sunrise over the Hajar Mountains. Overall the experience would be priceless and be cherished for a long time. Come and celebrate this Valentine’s Day in the Dessert Safari.

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