cool apps to go to Dubai and explore it as a local

cool apps to go to Dubai and explore it as a local

The advent of internet and communication models like mobile applications has made the world a smaller place. The mobile applications are easy and simple to use which are so helpful in our daily functioning and other activities. The Dubai Visa mobile application helps you to understand and simplifies the entire process of visa applications for Dubai along with the latest procedures, regulations, and immigration rules. Following are the main features of this application which would enable you to explore and enjoy Dubai in true style.

This application is supported by all android smartphones with versions of 4.0.3 and up. Now understanding and applying for a Dubai visa is no longer a hassle. It has been simplified to the core through this application.

Understand the various types of visa available and get a detailed insight on the eligibility criteria. You can now focus on customizing your trip as per your needs and requirements, and leave the visa process on us. Now you can plan your Dubai trip with your loved ones and enjoy a hassle-free visa application process.

When we talk about Dubai, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Burj Khalifa, Dubai desert safari, Burj Al Arab hotel, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, etc. It is simply hard to imagine Dubai more than the above mentioned. But Dubai offers great diversity and variety in terms of the culture, traditions of several backgrounds including the local charm of the Emirati culture. But for a first-time visitor, it is hard and tough to go beyond these to explore and experience Dubai in true style.

The below mentioned mobile applications would help you explore Dubai as a local and gets immersed in the wonderful Emirati culture and enjoy the local culture and traditions of Dubai.

Time Out Dubai

1.Time Out Dubai:

Now get complete information about the city of Dubai, the nightlife, happening bars & clubs, hotels, spas, shopping deals, travel, restaurants – all at a swipe of a finger. You may truly be amazed at the information available at your disposable. Now discover the real Dubai in the way you want it to be. You don’t need to shell out cash for a local guide to give you a true experience of the city.



Aimlessly strolling the streets of Dubai, sounds so boring and dull. Isn’t it? When you have reached Dubai, how about getting an expert’s advice to check out and explore the real Dubai you have always dreamt off. Use the Meetup application to connect to several people around you and expand your network. Now ask the local people for the most happening place, the best deals, or even the best location for your favorite cuisine. Now get all the information at the click of a button. Checking out the happening places in Dubai is no longer a hassle and a tedious job.

Field Trips

3.Field Trips:

Looking for the perfect cuisine to entice your taste buds or check out the endless variety of apparels and accessories till you drop. The Google Field Trip application provides the relevant information from the most popular feeds and gives you suggestions based on your current location. If you can connect your Bluetooth or a headset, then you can even listen to the instructions to guide you perfectly. Now reach out to anything you wish in Dubai at the swipe of a finger.


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This application helps you to navigate to the Dubai airport through your apple or android smartphones. You can also get real-time information about flights, updates, gate numbers, departure boards and other relevant information about the terminals of the international airport in Dubai.
Dubai Metro: An iPhone application exclusively developed by RTA Dubai. You can find all the relevant information you need about the metro, the routes, the stations, etc. Now add and explore Dubai metro by using the Dubai Metro application. This application acts a perfect guide and enriches the experience for tourists and guests especially for first time visitors who want to use the public transport system for exploring Dubai.



An official mobile application of the Dubai Municipality for the locals living in Dubai. It provides all the information such as Waste Collection Service, Cleanness of the Nutritious companies, banks, clinics, the location of government offices, mosques, parks, schools, pharmacy, and malls, etc. With the help of QR codes, the application provides accurate information to anyone who wants detailed information about the city.


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Getting stuck in traffic jams or taking a longer route to a specific location can really be boring at times and this can be one of the main reasons why you don’t enjoy your journey. Now get the best route to a particular destination along with the mode of transportation to get there instantly through the Wojhati application. Travel to Dubai with the Wojhati and experience the wonderful and convenient public transport system.

Around Me

7.Around Me:

Looking for a quick bite or looking to browse through several places in a glance or even looking for an ATM for withdrawal. The Around Me application has it all to guide you the most recommended places or destinations. Now strolling is no longer an option, use the app to explore the real Dubai.

Toilet finder

8.Toilet finder:

Getting to the nearest public washroom facilities to relieve yourself can be tedious at times especially in emergency situations. The Toilet finder application helps you track the nearest public washroom amenities based on your current location.


Now you can relax and chill out, roaming the streets of Dubai is about to get more exciting and adventurous with the use of these above mentioned mobile applications.

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