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Exploring Dubai In February 2024


Dubai’s unparalleled beauty and several superlative attractions, whether gifted by nature or created by humans, make it an ideal destination for a vacation to enjoy leisure activities and adventure. However, for a memorable vacation, it’s necessary to choose the right time to visit. And February is the best time to visit. Dubai in February is more enjoyable. The pleasant weather during this month provides an ideal environment for various outdoor activities and exploration. Find out the weather, activities, and must-see places in Dubai in February.

Dubai Weather in February

Tall buildings under clear sky in Dubai

The weather in Dubai during February can be described as sunny days with mild temperatures, which makes it favorable to visit this lively city of UAE. As Dubai ushers into a warmer spring season, the temperatures in February range between 20°C to 25°C. The days are sunny but not too hot. The evenings can be cooler as the temperatures drop to around 15°C to 18°C. These weather conditions offer pleasant conditions for visitors to engage in outdoor activities and sightseeing.

You will experience weather conditions with clear skies and low levels of humidity, which create a pleasant atmosphere to stroll through the busty streets of modern downtown Dubai, enjoy the pristine beaches, or take a desert safari in Dubai with kids. You can enjoy numerous events, outdoor activities, things to do, and places to see in Dubai. In short, February is the perfect time to explore and enjoy Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai in February

Explore Dubai Art Season

Beautiful lanterns decor in Dubai

As winter loses its grip, Dubai in February becomes a canvas where the bright tones of creativity and culture come together to form an amazing art season. This is a unique time for tourists to experience the booming art scene in this city. Both galleries and open spaces become hives of art, exhibiting the works of native artists as well as those of others located around the world.

One of the art events held in February is the Sikka Art Fair in the Al Fahidi district, a historic neighborhood where contemporary art forms are displayed in traditional Emirati buildings. The Art Fair is scheduled from 23rd February to 3rd March 2024. You will enjoy walking down the alleyways populated by seductive installations and interactive artworks that depict the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai. Apart from appealing to the aesthetic sense, the Art Season also provides an ideal platform to discuss current global cultural trends.

Attend the Dubai Food Festival

Delicious arabic food kept on a table

In February, Dubai transforms into a culinary paradise and attracts food lovers across the globe. There is a grand Dubai Food Festival that will occur throughout the city. This year, the Food Festival is scheduled from 23rd February to 25th February 2024. You can enjoy the world’s best gourmet foods during this festival. Every single hotel and restaurant in the city, even street vendors, offers an unforgettable gastronomical journey.

From spicy Emirati delicacies to sumptuous international cuisines, you can give your taste buds a delightful experience. If you want to bring the recipe for any dish, you can participate in cooking demonstrations delivered by celebrity chefs. Various themed feasts organized citywide promise visitors an immersive dining experience. Whether you’re curious to learn about or taste global cuisines and Emirati food, this food festival captures Dubai’s cosmopolitan essence perfectly.

Enjoy Dubai International Boat Show

The Dubai International Boat Show is perfect for marine enthusiasts and those who are interested in marine technology. It is scheduled to open from 28th Feb to 3rd March 2024 and the venue is the colossal Dubai Harbor. The show is graced by vessel manufacturers and marine technology companies around the world wherein they showcase the latest products related to water transportation.

The Boat Show displays latest superyachts, luxurious vessels, and glamourous boats anchored along the pier. You can have a closer look of these water transportation designed to move across oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. The show also displays fishing boats, motorboats, and sailboats. It is good for visitors, buyers, and exhibitors.

Participate in the Chinese Year

If you visit Dubai in February, one of the events you can enjoy is the Chinese New Year, which is one of the greatest events in Asia. During this festival, there is a spectacular laser show organized by Burj Khalifa. All the parks and resorts in the city wear eye-catching decorations and offer an atmosphere full of entertainment. The one thing that stands out during the Chinese New Year is the Great Temple Fair held at Dubai Parks and Resorts. Participating in this event at this location offers a golden chance to learn about the culture and traditions of China.

Taste High-Quality Wines and Delicious Food at Madinat Souk

If you love wine and gourmet food, then February offers the best opportunity to satiate your taste buds. In this month, a food and wine festival will be held at Madinat Souk during the third week of February 2024. This is the best opportunity to sample high-quality wines and delicious food in Dubai. On top of that, you will also receive useful tips on combining wine and food to enjoy the best drinking and dining experience. This festival is a must-attend for all who appreciate good food and wine.

Dubai Desert Safari

White Color Jeep at Desert Safari Dubai.

February offers pleasant weather and clear skies for exploring the huge desert. You can go dune bashing and quad biking over the golden sand dunes. For those who desire something more enlivening, an overnight safari in the middle of the desert with the stars and sky as companions is definitely a must. To enjoy the desert sunrise view, a morning desert safari is a good choice. The hue of the desert that you can get to see when the sun begins to rise and spread its light, will leave an indelible impression on your mind and heart.

Families with kids can enjoy camel trekking and sandboarding. These safaris also offer options to try dune buggy in Dubai. Moreover, in addition to adventure, your can immerse yourself in traditional, cultural activities held in a Bedouin-style campsite. The desert safari also offers a buffet dinner with local and international dishes to taste. All these activities provide your desert safari in Dubai with an unforgettable memory.

Places to see in Dubai in February

Burj Khalifa

Tallest Building in the World Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa: This iconic building is a must-see for a complete vacation in Dubai. You can marvel at the spectacular scale of this tower, its stunning tower, and the many firsts it has to its name. Book a Burj Khalifa tour and ride the fastest elevator that zips off to the observatory deck on the 124th floor in a few seconds. Drink in the panoramic view of the city from the observation deck and see the diverse landscape of Dubai graced with desert and ocean.

Dubai Marina

Tall Buildings under clear sky at Dubai Marina

This is an artificial canal city and one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Dubai, where wealthy people and celebrities hang out and own offices and apartments. Built on the shore of the Persian Gulf, Dubai Marina is one of the happenings, and ultra-luxurious smart cities constructed using the power of money and innovative technology to facilitate all types of comfort to the residents. Walk along Dubai Marina’s pretty promenade full of modern cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. Cherish the marvelous feel and appreciate how beautiful yachts look when on the water with their shiny bodies glowing under sunlight, as well as enjoy boats of different classes docked in the marina.

Jumeirah Beach

view from Jumeirah beach on modern skyscrapers in Dubai

Relax in the idyllic settings of Jumeirah Beach with plenty to offer. This is a prime spot for locals and tourists and is best for sunbathing and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. You can also indulge in various adventurous water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, flyboarding, and donut riding. Families with kids will enjoy this pristine beach, as there is ample space for their little ones to play and have fun. The best time to visit the beach is after 5 pm to witness the sunset.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Garden Decor at Miracle Garden Dubai

As named, this garden is truly a miracle in every aspect, be it for its sheer size or the varieties of fresh flowers that grow here. The garden has various miniature and life-size structures, all created with fresh flowers. Walking through the garden and witnessing the colorful blossoms work like an elixir for the mind and heart. You will admire the best examples of horticulture and floriculture. Entering this garden is like being in a fantasy land full of flowers.

Old Dubai

Historical Buildings at Dubai's old city.

This neighborhood of Dubai offers a close glimpse into the rich history and culture of Dubai. It is a charming place that is aloof from the glitz and glamour of Dubai. Here, you can experience the simplicity and the way of life Emiratis used to lead in the past. One must-visit spot here is Al Fahidi, a historical neighborhood where you can see traditional wind-tower houses and explore a museum that houses the best utility and crafts of the olden period.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

A Man Enjoying at Dubai Aquarium.

Located inside the huge Dubai Mall, this aquarium and underwear zoo is an iconic attraction that takes visitors on an amazing journey of the underwater world and showcases stunning collections of exotic marine life. It is a colossal tank and the world’s largest suspended aquarium. It houses several species of sea animals. Walking through the underwater tunnel will give you the opportunity to see sharks, rays, and many other deadly predators ruling the underwater world. The Underwater Zoo offers the best insights into the various aquatic ecosystems and species found in oceans. For the daring souls, this place is good for cage snorkeling and shark diving adventures.

Global Village

The view of Global Village in the evening.

It is a multicultural festival park that offers a delightful cultural extravaganza and celebrates the beauty and diversity of global culture. It is an ideal place to enjoy shopping, dining, and experiencing global traditions all in one place. This park features several pavilions, each representing a different country, that showcases the heritage, architecture, food, and craftsmanship.

What to Pack during your visit to Dubai in February?

Couple of things to be packed while traveling

No matter whether you are sightseeing marvelous amusing landmarks, basking on pristine sandy beaches, or spending exciting and thrilling ventures, follow these tips for things to pack.

1. Lightweight Clothing: The temperatures in February range from mild to warm. Such weather conditions make packing lightweight and breathable clothing necessary. So, use warm clothing during the day, making it easier for you to survive the temperatures. Wearing cotton and linen clothes is the best option. After the sunset, evenings and nights are cooler; hence, carry a light jacket or sweater.

2. Swimwear: Dubai in February is the beginning of spring season and so this seems perfect to visit beaches. Remember to pack your favorite swimwear.

3. Sun Protection: It is good to have a sunscreen with a high SPF rating since the sunrays can damage your skin. You will further require a pair of UV-protected sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. Further, an extensive hat that covers your head and then one additional protection covering in the form of a lightweight scarf or shawl for protection against glare are compulsory.

4. Comfortable Footwear: In February, you can enjoy many iconic landmarks and discover fascinating neighborhoods. For this, comfortable footwear is essential. Carry light, ventilated shoes like sandals, flip-flops, or walking shoes. For those who want to enjoy a night of fine dining, cocktail parties, and other events in the evening, wearing closed shoes is necessary to protect their feet from the cold.

5. Modest Clothing for Cultural Sites: Regardless of how modern and cosmopolitan Dubai is, it’s a must to respect the local culture and tradition. Ensure to pack modest clothes that cover shoulders, knees, and midriff when visiting mosques or any other religious sites, or cultural attractions. A scarf or wrap can also be useful if you need to cover up occasionally.

6. Hydration Essentials: Hydrating is integral, especially when visiting Dubai since it has a desert climate. To remain hydrated in the city, carry a reusable bottle that can be refilled repeatedly throughout the day. While electrolyte tablets or hydration pack may add that additional water boost, it is a must to bring these when going for outdoor activities.

7. Travel Adapters and Electronics: To charge your electronic devices, bring a universal travel adapter, as the city’s electrical socket is Type G. Don’t forget to pack photographic equipment like a camera or a smartphone to take pictures of unforgettable scenes and moments.

8. Travel Documents and Essentials: Finally, check that you have all the travel documents: passport, visa (if needed), insurance, and itinerary. Use a light holiday pouch to carry your papers and other crucial documents that should stay secured and be handy when needed throughout the trip.

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Dubai is a travelers’ paradise in February, with an amazing variety of things to do and places to see. The weather in February is perfect for outdoor activities, exploring the busy streets, relaxing on clean beaches while watching beautiful sunsets, and enjoy exhilarating desert safaris. There is ample opportunity for cultural enthusiasts to immerse themselves in art exhibitions and culinary delights; for maritime enthusiasts, the International Boat Show is a delight. Therefore, load yourself with light clothes and start a fascinating trip into this city that changes every moment.