Blog Dubai Enjoy New Year Party 2024 in Dubai Desert Safari

Enjoy New Year Party 2024 in Dubai Desert Safari


Discover one of the most unique ways to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in the city of fun and festivities. Dune-bash, Dance, DJ and Dine at the Dubai Desert Safari.

Happy New Year!
We always do the same, why not get onto another boat and try something off the road?


Dubai knows how to bring in the New Year with real joy and zest. From tons of spectacular fireworks and yacht parties to keeping it subtle with a beach picnic or desert safari, the city can easily be your personalised NYE getaway. It has something for every kind of fun-seeker, either you are a spendthrift to budget traveller or comfort to crowd party-er.

This time unfold the New Year Party in Dubai in a traditional yet amazing style. For people who look to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, the loud hailing and crowded festivals, can sit and unwind at the timeless Bedouin setting in the core of the desert. It is not your regular desert safari that would wrap by the evening but it is a step ahead and includes array of grand live shows, mouth-watering cuisines and beverages and unstoppable merrymaking.

So, jump on the bandwagon and give your New Year a kick-start. Here is an overview of some of the ways to celebrate the New Year in Dubai.

1.Feel relieved with a convenient pick up

A driver, who is professional and qualified picks you up in an air-conditioned and well-maintained luxury vehicle. He will ride you through the bustling areas of the city and you will see the bigger buildings fading away into the horizon. The is an exclusive desert night.

It looks beautiful and ecstatic being here. It is quite unusual to throw a party at such spot and that is what makes the evening more special. Don’t forget, it is never going to be just another of your New Year celebrations, so, make every moment count. The fest is defined by the tranquil desert, which is topped off with glitzy fireworks, numerous entertainment, BBF feast. Needless to say that loads of surprises are promised.

The New Year desert safari welcomes you with utmost love and warm hospitality. You will be greeted with soft drinks, water, tea, coffee and dates.

2.Enjoy adventurous desert activities

Begin with the adventure that could be either perching a camel in the desert just like the good old time, or wild sand skiing with the full power. These activities will bring you closer to the magic of oasis and give you the real flavours of desert life. You would feel pumped up to celebrate the New Year with greater pomp and more zeal.

3.Watch sunset

If not this, you can just sit back and enjoy yourself watching and revelling in the best versions of the desert, from the sun in the sky to drowning in the horizon and finally the moon lightens the earth. As the sun starts to set and the sand clicks to change shades, you already realise that this is going to be a magnificent eve. The night takes another turn when you sit in the Bedouin camp under the starlit sky and the live performances commence.

4.Shake a leg at the dance floor

The DJ concert is unexpectedly joyful. It’s time you bask in the rhythm of some world-class music. It is known to have the best playlists and sets the mood for the party. Everyone comes on the floor, lay their hair down and dance like nobody’s watching. No matter how you throw your hands or move your waist, the DJ guarantees a crazy evening.

5.Admire the live performances

Take a break as the trained artists come to grace the stage with their performances. The sensational artists will make you doubt is this everything for real.

Waiting in the wings is the belly dancer. She is gracious, talented and rocking. The dancing involves a continuous yet rhythmic movement of the waistline which is a lot difficult and makes the guests go wow at every beat.

The next in the episode is the ultra skilful Tanoura show. This one of the many ancient dances in the UAE is still continued because of its irreplaceable glory. During the innumerable spins by the male artist, their colourful twirling skirts create various eye-catching patterns. The crowd cheer with shock and happiness. It is a dance form as a tribute to nature and respect to Almighty by Sufi men on the Sufi music, to reach spiritual inner-purity.

Following on the list, the experts would arrive to present a jaw-dropping fire dance. It is impossible to believe what you see from your eyes. The locals as wells as travellers gasps and shouts with excitement. It is like the trailer of the real fireworks that are waiting for the clock to strike twelve. During all this, the international BBQ buffet is opened for the guests to relish and drink. It is the authentic dish collection cooked under the 5-star standards by the top chefs to give you a different platter than what a usual restaurant would serve.

6.It’s not over..

There are a few more activities you can participate in until the ball drops at midnight. The traditional Arabian dress is demandable and a lot of tourists put it on and get pictures in it. You can do it too. Besides, that one can get the henna designing and adorn their hands. There are flavoured shisha to vape and have good times.

In some desert safaris, you would be taken for a thrilling 4*4 ride that pulsates the heart and rushes the adrenaline like no other. It is undeniably awesome to explore the desert in a Land Cruiser, Hummer or other 4WD vehicles, in the robust technique.

In the last leg of the day, the cake and champagne arrive for midnight. The countdown begins, the fireworks explode and the champagne pops open.

Usher in the New Year full of hopes and happiness.


7.Highlights of the New Year Desert Safari Party In Dubai 

• Pick up from the selected destination
• Camel riding
• Sand skiing
• New Year Cake and champagne ( When you choose the option)
• Unlimited alcohol (When you choose the option)
• Fireworks
• Henna Designing
• Arabian Dress Photography
• Belly dancing
Tanoura show
• Fire dance show
• Musical dancing
• Magic shows
• Games
Dune bashing in 4*4 (When you choose the option)
• Unlimited refreshments as water, tea, coffee and dates
• Unlimited shisha smoking
• International BBQ dinner with both veg and non-veg options
• Separate washrooms for male and female.
• Drop off at the rendezvous spot.

Wish to give a new twist to the New Year Party in Dubai? Well, now you know the party at desert would give you a combination of class, adventure, chill and elegance.