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Why Should You Experience the Traditional Life in the Dubai Desert?


Dubai is one of the most amazing cities in the Middle East. It is a modern-day city that is the prime example of futuristic living. As a tourist, you can take one of the Dubai city tours to see the futuristic architecture, attractions and lifestyles. They are simply awe-inspiring. However, Dubai is also a city that takes pride in its past. They have preserved their culture, and even offer tourists a taste of that amazing culture.

Dubai desert safari tours are a great way to experience the culture of the Emirati people. Therefore, we have many different kinds of safaris that offer adventure, and culture. UAE is 80% desert land and the Emirati people survived harsh conditions for thousands of years.

They were primarily desert dwellers, and have developed a wonderful lifestyle, which you can experience in the desert safaris.

Desert Safari camp

The desert safaris recreate of how the bedouins, the original settlers of the land, used to live in the desert. And not just live, they thrived in the desert, and knew how to have a great time. The desert safaris are all about this great time. The whole camp is like a time capsule that is still lives in the ancient times. Gorgeous majlises, huge bonfire, people dressed in traditional attire, and the smell of shisha, coffee and BBQ, you will be completely lost in this new world.

1.Desert Safaris

Before you get to catch your favourite dance form, there are many other adventures that await you in the desert safari. Firstly, you have to show some bravery, and do some dune bashing. In powerful 4×4 SUV Jeeps, you take a bumpy ride over the azure sand dunes. You will feel like you are in one of the world’s most exciting roller coaster rides. The SUVs are driven by expert drivers, so, you are safe throughout the ride. All you have to do is enjoy the whole ride.

Desert Safari

After dune bashing, you also have the option of quad biking and sandboarding. The state-of-the-art quad bikes are super fun to ride, and this time, there are no drivers. It’s only you and the sand dunes.

Sandboarding is a fast rising popular sport. It is similar to snowboarding, except, instead of powder white snow, you slide down on the smooth golden sand dunes. Sandboarding is super fun, and will be well-enjoyed by youngsters.

Another option you should definitely try is camel riding. After all, what’s the point of being in a desert if you don’t ride a camel. The camels are friendly creatures that are trained. They also have human handlers so you are guaranteed a safe enjoyable ride through the desert.

2.Bedouin Style Desert Camp

After the desert adventures, you are taken to the desert camp where you will experience your favourite dance performance. But before that, there are many other activities you can enjoy. You can dress up in traditional Bedouin costumes and take pictures. You are guaranteed to get pictures worthy of your social media account.  Ladies get can Henna tattoos on their hands and feet. These paintings stay on for a couple of days, and will make your hand and feet beautiful.

Shisha smoking is another traditional activity that you should try. It is popularly known as Hubbllee Bubblee, and used to be a tradition for all the Bedouins, who would sit by the fire and smoke it every evening. You can do this too. It is a harmless and fun activity.

Time will fly you enjoy these activities, and soon it will be time for dinner and entertainment. Dinner is a BBQ spread of veg and non-veg food prepared by the best cooks. Sitting by the fire, with the cool desert wind and a hot plate of food in your hand makes for a fabulous dinner experience.


But this dinner experience gets better with performances by Tanoura and Belly dancers. Tanoura is an ancient Egyptian dance performed by men, and Belly dance is performed by women. Both of these performances will thoroughly entertain you, the desert camp has the best dancers. Entertainment performances was a huge part of the Emirati culture.

After dinner and performance, it will be time to head back, unless you have taken the overnight desert safari. Then you get to stay back and spend the night under the stars. Overnight safaris are also quite popular, as you get to spend the night under clear starry skies.

People who regularly vacation in Dubai, try all the different safaris on offer. Therefore, if you want to experience the culture of UAE, and see an authentic belly dance performance, head to the desert for a desert safari.