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Desert Safari Dubai in Ramadan – Balancing Fun and Faith


Dubai is famous worldwide for its lofty skyscrapers, modern and natural tourist attractions, and uncountable venues for shopping, eating, fun, and adventure. No matter how glamorous and modern it is, it gives off a different look during Ramadan. As people immerse themselves in prayers, reflection, and spiritualism, Dubai gears up for lots of cultural experiences and special events for the locals and tourists. One such event is the Desert Safari. Embarking on a desert safari in Dubai during Ramadan is like maintaining a balance between fun and faith.

Desert Safari During Ramadan

Tourist enjoying camel ride at desert safari Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai During Ramadan offers a different mix of spectacle, spirituality, and cultural experiences. The golden sand dunes of the desert look extraordinary during sunrise and sunset. Witnessing these spectacles helps in connecting with nature and in spiritual development. We try to link everything that we see in the desert and experience on the safari to an unforeseen power. The desert scenery serves as a profound testament to the overwhelming goodness of the Almighty and the tranquil atmosphere of the desert fills us with a sense of gratitude and compels us to contemplate. Hence, Emiratis found that building a desert camp in Dubai desert is one of the best ways to showcase their culture, heritage, and traditions to their guests from the other countries.

Nourishing Body and Soul in the Desert with Iftar

Iftar served during Ramadan in dubai desert safari in Dubai.

The best part of a desert safari in Dubai during Ramadan is the opportunity to break the fast in the tranquil atmosphere of the desert. The food is served right in the middle of the desert. Every morsel that you take in nourishes your body and soul. The lavish spread of local cuisine with an array of delicacies not only satisfies the taste buds but also offers heavenly pleasure. Warm, smokey meat flavors combined with fragrant rice dishes and rich sweet delicacies make every single bite a treat for the tongue. The gathering of the people for the food exhibits communal harmony and respect for the custom.

Pre-Dawn Meal in the Desert: A Calm Start to the Daybreak

Pre dawn meal called Suhoor served at desert safari Dubai

To fast for the day, it is essential to have a meal before dawn. This pre-dawn meal is called suhoor. You can also call it the early morning meal. Imagine the cool night breeze and having a pre-dawn meal with your loved ones under the light of lanterns. You will experience the drop-dead silence and calmness of the desert. The participants of the Suhoor converse with each other softly so as not to disturb the tranquil atmosphere of the desert. Imagine yourself having a whispered conversation and having Suhoor in the predawn hours. This experience will definitely heal your body and mind.

Dune Bashing in Dubai: Stimulation and Calmness

Dune bashing at desert safari Dubai

The highlight of a desert safari is dune bashing. No desert safari will be conducted without the inclusion of this adventurous ride on the rising and falling sand dunes. With the steering of a powerful SUV under the total control of an experienced driver, you will be a co-passenger and enjoy the roller-coaster ride on the towering sand dunes. The enormity of the desert will fill you with deep reverence for the Almighty as you traverse through the golden sand dunes. As the SUV goes up and down the sand dunes, you will find a connection between the ups and downs of life. The whole experience will teach you to be determined and have faith in yourself to overcome the challenges of life.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai: A Trip to Look Deep into Soul

Beautiful view of night sky at overnight desert safari Dubai.

The best option for those who desire to be a part of nature rather than observe it from a distance is an Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai. You can sit around the bonfire with your loved ones and listen to the tales, engaged in soulful conversation, admiring the gleaming stars amid the tranquil desert atmosphere. Participate in traditional customs, listen to the sounds of nature in silence, and practice meditation and yoga to reconnect with the desert more deeply. The calmness of the night creates a perfect environment for self-examination and contemplation of the meaning of Ramadan and its significance in the lives of people. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Dubai at night.

Dubai Desert Safari Guide for Ramadan

People standing on sand at desert safari Dubai.

Embarking on a desert safari during Ramadan has a lot to do with choosing the right timing and schedules. All the tourism companies that offer desert safaris make some adjustments to their safaris to accommodate fasting and prayer schedules out of respect for the sacred festival. This Dubai desert safari guide will help you experience adventure with fun and faith.

Respecting cultural sensitivities: As Ramadan holds great cultural significance in the minds and hearts of Muslims, it’s necessary to respect the cultural sensitivities and restrain from playing loud music, making public display of affections, and using foul language and gestures.

Cultural Learning: Going on a desert safari during Ramadan offers a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the culture and tradition of Islam. Visitors can connect with locals, tour guides, and fellow participants who are Muslims and gain a good insight into the importance of Ramadan and its rituals and customs.

Dress with modesty: When taking a desert safari during Ramadan, it is necessary to wear clothing that is neither flashy nor revealing. This is applicable to not just women but men as well. Choose a dress that goes with the culture, and stay modest and calm while interacting with other guests.

Maintain Adequate Hydration: The warm temperature of the desert dehydrates the body rapidly. That’s why drinking enough water during the safari will help maintain the hydration level of the body. Maintaining adequate hydration will help regulate the body temperature and provide strength for all the physical activities involved in the safari.

Book in Advance: Most locals and tourists love to engage in desert safaris during Ramadan. Therefore, it is a discreet decision to book it in advance. Securing your spot in advance will help avoid disappointment.

Desert Dining with Arabian Cuisine

Iftar served in desert safari during ramadan.

Desert safari during Ramadan is one of the popular Dubai family activities. It offers a unique opportunity for locals and tourists to enjoy an assortment of Arabian dishes. The tour operators provide traditional settings that create communal harmony.

Traditional Setting: Muslims follow the tradition of breaking fast with their near and dear ones. They also invite their friends and neighbors to Iftar. To imbibe the cultural spirit of the festival, a traditional setting is arranged in the camp that creates a homely environment to break the fast.

Iftar: The evening meal served to break the fast is called Iftar. During Ramadan, desert safaris offer meals with various Arabic dishes, such as kebabs, grilled meat, and rice. Along with the food, nuts and fresh fruits like dates, juice, and desserts are also served.

Dates and juice: Dates have been grown in Middle East countries for centuries, and they have become an integral part of the Islamic tradition. As dates are high in nutrition, they are consumed for breaking the fast. Fruit juice prepared from grapes and oranges, tamarind, and yogurt are also offered.

Communal harmony: Desert safari operators provide such a seating arrangement for their guests, be they family or a large group, that Muslims and guests of all faith sit and dine together, which creates a fantastic atmosphere displaying a wonderful spectacle of communal harmony.

Dubai Desert Safari Experiences during Ramadan

Camels standing under red sky at adesert safari camp.

Morning Desert Safari: This safari is perfect for those who don’t mind sacrificing their sleep to witness the spectacle of a desert sunrise and engage in fun and adventure in pleasant desert weather.

Evening Desert Safari: This safari is the best to take during Ramadan as it allows you to partake in Iftar and observe the beauty of the desert sunset.

Overnight Desert Safari: This safari offers total value for your money since you can enjoy everything included in the safari package, be it dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, buggy riding, culture activities, and more. You can also enjoy a delicious desert dining experience, which includes BBQ and a combination of traditional and international cuisine. But the best part of this safari is to stay for a night in a Bedouin-style tent and observe the stars. You can also participate in Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal.

Dinner in Desert: Enjoy a wonderful dinner in desert after Iftar with your family and friends. After a long day of fasting and prayers, you can unwind in the desert, enjoying the delicious dinner with a variety of traditional dishes.

Balancing Fun and Faith on Desert Safari during Ramadan

Taking a desert safari during Ramadan not only means indulging in adventure, but it also involves respecting the cultural significance associated with the festival. Here is how you can achieve fun and faith on the safari during Ramadan:

Timing: To allow guests to follow the rituals of prayer and facilitate them to break fasting, desert safaris are conducted in the early evening and late afternoon. This helps guests to break their fast before sunset and engage in the pre-dawn meal.

Respect the culture: Ramadan is a sacred period when people contemplate and try to connect with the Almighty. So, when going on a desert safari during this holy month, respecting the local culture is important.

No Alcohol: To maintain the sanctity of Ramadan, no alcohol is served on a desert safari. Guests are advised not to bring alcohol or come drunk for the safari.

Prayer Facilities: There are dedicated spaces reserved for Muslims to offer prayers in the evening during the safari. Visitors are requested not to loiter or use these spaces, especially during the prayer timing.

Iftar Experience: Iftar is the evening meal that followers of Islam take to break their fast. All the desert safari operators offer the same kind of experiences Muslims enjoy at home for Iftar during Ramadan. They prepare and serve traditional Iftar meal along with dates, fruit beverages, and several Arabian dishes in the Bedouin-style campsite.

Pick an experienced tour operator: Before booking, research a tour operator that not only provides thrilling Dubai desert safari activities but also allows the freedom and facility to engage in prayers, break fasting, and the morning meal. The tour operator must have deep respect for the culture and understand the sensitivity of Ramadan.

Taking a desert safari during Ramadan is a chance to find yourself, connect with nature, and experience spiritualism. Whether it’s dune bashing or appreciating the stars and all the wonders of nature in a tranquil desert atmosphere, every moment can reflect a harmony between fun and faith. In short, the desert safari during Ramadan can be a journey where you can introspect and take a step toward growth, be it spiritually or personally.