Blog Dubai A Guide On Selecting The Best Sightseeing Dubai Tours

A Guide On Selecting The Best Sightseeing Dubai Tours


Best Sightseeing Guide for Dubai

Welcome to the land of Dubai. If you are in Dubai for 2 days, you should know what you can do in 48 hours in Dubai. Here, we would like to enrich you with things to do in Dubai beyond skyscrapers and shopping malls. The local culture of Dubai has always thrown surprises to the tourists and guests which is one of the reasons why you find people coming back to Dubai again and again.

Start your day at the seaside with the cool breeze from the sea as the waves keep arriving at a steady pace. There are beach activities, water sports, food trucks, events, and delicious food stops, etc. among the several things you can get engaged with. You can even enjoy a delicious breakfast at the Jumeirah walk. Move on the historic Bur Dubai and the Dubai Creek. There are many famous mosques in old Dubai. Apart from that do check out the Gold Souk. Old Dubai gives a warm feeling of an Emirati culture and traditions. New Dubai is more dazzling with glitz and glamour.

Visit the famous Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. You would definitely be in awe of the beauty of this magnificent structure. There is an observation desk on the 124th floor gives you a stunning view of the Dubai skyline and the entire city. It is truly going to sweep you off your feet. You have endless things to do in New Dubai, right from shopping for local brands and designer brands to fine dining. Check out the Palm islands, the man-made islands in Dubai. The entire island is in the shape of a palm tree. You would be truly amazed by this wonderful man made creation.

Stop over for a lunch at the Madinat Jumeirah. It offers great variety and delicacies with an excellent ambience. Do check out the Burj Arab Hotel, you will find several tourists taking selfies and clicking photographs. One of the great landmarks of Dubai. One of the famous malls in Dubai is the Dubai Mall which is a one-stop destination for the entire family. There are ice skating facilities at the Dubai Mall. Dubai would be the only place in the world where you can find both extremes of a desert and with ice skiing facilities. The air-conditioned malls of Dubai are definitely going to give you a great relief from the extreme temperatures during the daytime. The amazing Dubai Fountain is adjacent to the Dubai Mall. It the one of the spectacular sights to watch the dancing fountain where the sprayed jet water rises up to a height of 140 meters equivalent to a 45 storey building. There are shows every 30 minutes starting at 6 pm every day.

As you head into the evening, it is time to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai. There are wonderful rooftop lounges at the Dubai Marina facing the beach. The Jumeirah Beach hotel gives you amazing views and several tourists and guests often head there in the evening. If you are still not down, head to the Dhow cruise. It is one of the most amazing places to enjoy in the evening. Floating in the sea under the moonlight stars will give you one of the most spectacular views of the city under lights. If you are looking for some fine dining, check out the vault bar on Sheikh Zayed road.

As you head into day two, enjoy a boat trip early morning in Dubai. Early morning is the best time to go around Dubai. It gives a fresh feeling strolling by the seaside. It is one of the perfect ways to start the city. Next head for a skydive. Going free fall against the wind is definitely going to refresh you and get your adrenaline pumping. Next, check out the wonderful desert by going for a Dubai desert safari. This wonderful journey on a 4×4 terrain vehicle is going to give you memories to cherish. You can even stroll in the desert on a quad bike. Look out for the silken trail the vehicles or the bike leaves as you move through the desert. The sunsets at these locations are simply amazing and mind blowing. You can finish off your day either at the barbeque dinner at one of the desert safari locations or at the Barasti beach bar.