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Red Dune Safari

Red Dune Safari

Red Dune Safari Dubai

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What are included in the Red Dune Safari ?

  • Exciting ride over the Dubai's magnificent red dunes
  • Convenient photo-stops to capture sunset views
  • Henna painting
  • Sand boarding
  • Falcon show
  • Shisha smoking
  • BBQ dining with a multitude of vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties
  • Refreshments
  • Traditional entertainment shows
  • Alcohol served upon request
  • Quad biking upon request
  • Pick-up / drop off arranged for guests from Dubai and Sharjah

Red Dune Safari Overview Dubai: Overview

Red Dune Safari with Best Desert Safari in Dubai includes an off-the-beaten escapade through some of the wildest as well as the most striking desert landscape in the Middle East, which alternatively enables you to feel the authentic Arabian gist and spirit. Beyond an electrifying ride over the dunes,the Dubai Red Dunes Safari package includes a trip to our Bedouin campsite that gives you the best of both worlds, combining luxurious traditions with modern amenities.

Enjoy the warmth of gracious Arabian hospitality, as you heartwarmingly sip Arabian coffee and take delight on succulent dates. Activities by way of camel riding will further allow you to step back to ancient times when this animal was the only means to move from one place to another. Moreover, guests will be treated to a unique culinary experience in our camp with cozy setting and a relaxed Arabic ambiance. Thanks to special live entertainment, such as belly dance and Tanura show, included in the package.

If you're looking for an alternative jaunt to escape from the phenomenal bustle of Dubai and engage in something absolutely raw and indigenous to the region, this is the trip you must definitely take.

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What You Can Expect in Red Dune Safari Dubai

Come with us on a fantastic Red Dune Desert Safari through some of the most striking landscapes you’ll ever see in the UAE. Feel the spirit of true Arabia in the Dubai Desert, which elevates you and electrifies you at the same time. Our Red Dune Safari begins with a dune bashing session over the red dunes in a fully air conditioned SUV. This is something that you will have to experience to truly understand. Words cannot deliver how electrifying this natural roller coaster is, or how fast it is. Just imagine this – you’re holding on for dear life, laughing and screaming, as the driver roars up a tall dune and just lets the brakes go at the top, to barge down at incredible speeds and then rise up the next dune.

Morning Desert Safari

The next highlight in the trip is the warm gracious Arabian hospitality of our welcome tent, an authentic Bedouin tent with multiple openings, embroidered in colorful threads. Sip on hot, thick and sweet Arabian coffee as you bite on succulent Arabian dates. Step back into ancient tribal days when the Bedouins would gather in a similar tent, and the sheikhs would sit back on silk cushions wearing their traditional robes, sipping coffee, eating dates and taking deep draughts of the shisha pipe. Next comes the highlight of camel riding, which in itself is an adventure. If you’ve never ridden one of these animals before, be warned that they are friendly only at times. The rest of the time they are cantankerous, so mind your camel guide’s advice while you mount one of these. Camels used to be the only means of moving from one point to the other, till modern vehicles arrived. No wonder the camel is called the ‘Ship of the Desert’.

Things to note
Insider Tips:

  • Wear flat footwear and breathable clothes to enjoy the adventurous outing in the sand without facing difficulty.
  • Keep a bottle of water with you at all times as it can get hot and dehydrating.
  • Carry sunscreen, sunblock and scarf to beat the heat.
  • Bring a camera to capture the scenic sunrise and landscape early morning.