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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Tour Description

Taking an Abu Dhabi desert tour is a delight for every traveller/ tourist because it is a good mix of fun, adventure and cultural know-how. Be it a car drive or a bumpy camel ride, it is excitement per se. The feel of the terrain is something that you would be engulfed into and would carry along for life!

Dune bashing is one of the best parts of the safari although it comes with many hair raising moments. With the maddening roller-coaster drive, wheel spinning swirls of sand over the car, riding sideways on two wheels and falling back; it is one life time experience. For an adventure lover, it is simply euphoria!

As the sun goes down and you enjoy breath-taking views of the landscape at many picturesque locations, you get an opportunity to carry your memories in the form of photographs.

Before long it is time to enjoy the rich culture and hospitality of the Gulf in the form of fine food spread, beverages on a star studded night surrounded by the cool desert aura. Shisha and belly dancing along the campfire are other attractions that bring laughter and smiles to culminate the night.

If you are lucky enough, you might as well go for some more small adventures in the shape of quad biking, sand boarding or a soothing camel ride.

A few features of the Abu Dhabi Hummer Desert Safari include:
  • An all-encompassing desert safari with professional and trained drivers who can handle the intricacies of a desert voyage
  • A thrilling and unique off-road excursion
  • Excitement and merriment with fine dining and other adventurous add-ons
  • Safety at its top priority with minute attention to detail
  • Great hospitality from the time you get picked and dropped to your hotel/ residence
  • Ample time to see camels and relish the vistas
What are included in the package?
  • Dune bash in a 4X4 vehicle
  • Camel ride
  • Henna designing
  • Shisha smoking
  • Photographic opportunity in Arabic dress
  • BBQ dinner (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes served)
  • Belly dance
  • Tanura show
  • Unlimited refreshments
  • Alcohol served for additional cost
  • Separate washroom facilities for men and women
  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel or location in Dubai / Sharjah
Terms and Conditions
  • The SIC tour transfer timing will be modified by 30 minutes to 60 minutes, based on several aspects including vehicle availability, traffic condition, and your location.
  • Some tours entail you to carry your pertinent identity documents by way of original passport and Emirates ID. We, therefore, advise you to refer to each tour's 'Important Notes' section, where we specifically mention the mandatory trip prerequisites, (if any). Apparently, the should not be held responsible, in any circumstance, if you're not able to go or continue with a trip due to the absence of these documents.
  • If the guest fails to turn up on-time for the pick-up, the has the complete right to retain the 100% of tour payment.
  • No refund or alternate transfer services will be provided, if guests do not show up at the designated pickup point on-time. It is considered as No Show Charge.
  • For trip delays or cancellation that occurs due to reasons beyond our control, such as vehicle breakdown, bad weather, or traffic issues, the will arrange alternate services but based on its availability.
  • Our drivers or tours guides take care of the seating arrangement, which largely depends on its availability.


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Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

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What You Can Expect From the Hummer Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is amazing! And what else is amazing is its umpteen trends of tourism, from lavish architecture to amazing attractions. And if you are on the hunt of something specific that displays the breathtaking views, fascinating exposure and rip-roaring activities, here is your destination.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is the feel of tranquillity at the end of the hustling day. It is an expedition that adds freshness and warmth to your rest part of the journey. Precisely, it is for someone who admires the Arabian beauty and wants to live it up close and personal. You can observe the luxurious mix of culture, camping and camel. Whether you look for an exciting escapade or want to have a moonlight date, this trip is the right space.

The beginning

You get to spend 6 hours on this memorable activity. In just a day you can achieve the treat of desert and solace of heritage. The day embarks with a formal pick-up from your hotel/ airport and takes you for a comfortable drive in a 4*4 vehicle. As you get near to the desert you can realise that this is going to be an ‘alive and kicking’ kind of getaway.

dventurous jitters in dune bashing

The 4WD vehicle is not just for travelling, it is your ultimate fix for the adventure. The driver alerts you that he is ready to rush the land cruiser and give you the thrilling vibe. Get your seat belts on and revel in the roller coaster ride. The vehicle swings, from left to right and up to down, and converting the normal journey to a hair-raising experience. To pump up the beat is the Arabian music in the background! The entire safari takes up to 45 minutes to finish.

The galore continues with sand boarding and quad biking

To keep your adrenaline running high, the event continues with another set of bold and electrifying sports. Measure the tall sand dunes with the exciting sandboarding. It is similar to ice skating and closer to nature. If you are a fresher to this genre of game, you might fall off at times, but there are trainers who are available to teach you its basic.

Following, embrace your wild side and take on the best ride of your life by yourself. Head towards the desert on the quad bike that guarantees you a terrific and fast exploration. The team will gear you up with the safety attire, gloves and helmet. And then you can try this truly exhilarating adventure, which promises to be a fun ride for everyone.

Stop at a camel farm

The desert trip is incomplete without watching the caravan of the camel or riding them. With this thought, the safaris standby at a farm where you can find a troop of camels. Here is a chance to sit on the back and straddle the camels. Sounds so beautiful, right? Well, what’s even more stunning is the sunset in the backdrop. You can observe the sun slowly sinking below the horizon and changing the colour of the sand from bronze to orange. It is the most picturesque landscape at Abu Dhabi.

Let’s rock the party with belly dancing

Trailing onwards, you find yourself in the sight of camps. It is a Bedouin tagged camping that enlightens you on the culture of Emirati. You can discover how the regional people are so warming and welcoming to the tourists. You are greeted with refreshments like water, coffee and tea. You can thereafter sit in the aesthetic decoration and arrangement of cushions, mats and low tables. Make yourself at home as the eve commences with the graceful belly dancing. It would not be surprising if you don’t shut your eyelids while the dancer shows her skills with utmost poise. Later follows the Tanoura show, which is, even more interesting-. The male artist turns your head in gasp and appreciation as he does uncountable spins right in front of you.

Explore the camp and activities

The time is to be valued and thus, you can step up and take a round of what’s happening around. There are lovely souvenirs, experts doing exceptional henna tattooing and stalls of unlimited shisha smoking. Besides these, you can wear the Arabian costume and take pictures of yourself for the remembrance.

The evening finishes in style with a delicious dinner

While all this happens, you can relish the scrumptious array of international cuisine. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to comply with your taste and preferences. And as everything comes to a happy end, our drivers are professionally present to drive you back to the rendezvous spot.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi steals the show with its glittering golden sand and dozens of activities carried on it. Plan your outstanding holiday in the capital of the UAE with us and enjoy the best deals.

It’s needless to ask what the adventurer wants – just more adventure, if you please! The desert doesn’t say no, you see. So if you’re the adventurer who’s longing for an adrenalin rush, head straight to the desert during the morning or afternoon, when the sun is shining bright and the desert sands reflect the sunlight like glass shards.

Enjoy a few hours of intense fun on the dunes. Dune bashing is a favourite sport, which involves driving very fast in the desert right up the tall dunes and coming down at speed to head right up the next dune. It’s the desert version of an irregular rollercoaster that’ll keep you breathless. Then there’s sandboarding which is rather like snowboarding except you’ll be doing it on the smooth sands of the dunes. Quad biking and riding on camels are two other sports you will love to enjoy in the desert. Imagine riding a quad bike at great speeds, making sudden stops and jerking around in a split second on the desert’s hard sands, wadis and dunes.

The romantic soul will be totally at home in the desert, especially during the early morning sunrise and in the evening, when darkness steals over the golden sands. Imagine greeting the sun and welcoming a new day, just as the sun’s rays break over the dunes and the wadis. During the evening desert safari Dubai, a romantic soul will first pay homage to the sunset and then enjoy the quietness of the night desert, celebrating in a lovely meal in the welcome tent and watching some bellydancing. An early morning sunrise safari or an evening safari or even a nocturnal safari would be good to satisfy the romantic heart’s yearning to be a part of the desert landscape. The overnight safari would also be perfect for the romantic soul, who is bound to enjoy sleeping under the stars in the cold, dark desert, celebrating in its quietness and beauty.

Animal lovers never had it so good; if you’re one, do sign up for a nocturnal safari, where you can go in search of night desert creatures while seated on a camel. Spot the elusive desert fox, and the reptiles that scurry back into their holes when you appear. The Dubai desert has the occasional gazelle, the oryx, and several other creatures that you’d love to spot and photograph. If you’re lucky, you might spot other rare creatures such as the Arabian leopard, eastern spiny mouse, Arabian tahr, Blanford's fox and Botta's serotine.

A desert safari in Dubai is a definite ode to the Middle Eastern culture and if you’re a culture vulture, you simply shouldn’t miss the evening or overnight safari. During these two safaris, you’ll be exposure to a culture capsule that comes with bellydancing, Tanura show, henna painting and more. You’ll be invited to sit in the huge welcome Bedouin tent and put on some Bedouin robes, and armed with a hookah. After this, as you stretch your legs and sit down, you’ll get to watch a rousing bellydancing performance by one of Dubai’s great dancers. The Tanura show is eye-catching, with the male dancers swirling like dervishes. Stretch out your hands and feet to the henna artists who’ll be happy to paint delicate, traditional designs using the delightful smelling henna. Best of all is the full international and Emirati BBQ buffet dinner that’s laid out in the dining tent. Here’s a chance for you to really study the Middle Eastern culture, by tasting their food. After eating your fill and observing the various food rituals, you will be handed your hookah and some dates for digestion. Enjoy this ritual as it is the same as is followed in actual royal families. The post-dinner rituals are just as important as the dinner rituals. You’ll enjoy the culture, the food, the dancing, the henna and the sheer Middle Eastern atmosphere within the welcome Bedouin tent.

Are you into photography? Then what you want is an early morning or evening desert safari, to capture scintillating pictures of the desert sunrise and sunset, two fabulous opportunities to capture the kind of show on camera that one seldom gets. The early morning safari takes you into the desert just moments before the sun breaks out over the distant eastern skies. Set up your tripod and watch as the sunrays slowly make their way down, defining the tops of the dunes, slowly changing colour from deep black to purple to crimson to orange, as the sun finally breaks through and spills its golden light all over the desert. The evening sunset experience is just as glorious, except in reverse. Watch in awe as the process reverse during sunset, till you’re left in the darkening desert, with the orange globe having said its final goodbye for the day. Capture the entire sequences of sunrise and sunset on video for a fabulous record. There’s much to photograph in the desert layout, apart from the sunrise and sunset. Cast your eyes around and you’ll see beautiful desert reptiles lazing on rocks soaking up the day’s heat. Lovely desert cactuses stand, bravely holding on to their water supply. Dunes cast shadows around them, making for a photographer’s dream of light and shadows. The early morning and evening safaris are the best desert safari Dubai for the avid photographer.