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Morning Safari with Camel Riding

Morning Safari With Camel Riding Dubai

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What are included in the Morning Safari with Camel Riding?

  • Experience the ultimate thrill with dune bash
  • Adventurous desert dune driving in 4x4 cars
  • Go for a 15-minute desert ride
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of the widespread desert as you ride camel
  • Pick up and drop off arranged

Morning Safari With Camel Riding Dubai: Overview

No one is ever doubtful of the fact that Dubai is rife with life. But dubious, for many, is the unspoiled charm of its desolate dunes, which surprisingly provide ample choices - no matter you're looking for a laid-back environment to unwind and de-stress or indulge in an invigorating array of desert activities or simply want to look up to the magnificence of creatures that call desert their home.Here we offer you the most magical and exciting Morning Desert Safari with Camel Riding.

When you get set for a desert safari Dubai in the morning, we assure you that it would be an expedition of 3M: magic, mystery and marvels. The golden beauty of the Arabian Desert is unleashed, as you go for a dune bashing that will take you up and down of the huge sand dunes in the luxury of an air-conditioned 4X4 vehicle. Perhaps the most unique and awe-inspiring segment of the trip is camel ride.

As you hop aboard one of our friendly camels and gradually meander along the Dubai’s golden dunes, your expert cameleer will guide you through the fascinating ecology and wildlife of the desert, besides sharing interesting things about this amazing animal, acknowledged as the ‘ship of the desert.’ This unique way of traversing the desert will for sure provide a fun, educational, and unforgettable experience for everyone in your group. Drop us a line to make a booking or find out more about this tour.

Inquire online or forward us your query to or call at +971 42087444 to speak to an expert who will help you to tailor a perfect desert adventure.

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What You Can Expect in Morning Safari with Camel Riding Dubai

Did you ever think that the busy, bustling city of Dubai would have an untouched desert on its borders – mystical, beautiful and mysterious? Yes it does. The city has not encroached on the desert, which is pristine in its natural element. Come and enjoy the unspoiled charm of these desolate dunes on a morning safari with camel ride with us. During the morning, you’ll find desert creatures scampering up and down, reptiles jumping over the tops of dunes trying to burrow into their hotels before the sun hits high. You’ll see the most wonderful sunrise your eyes have ever witnessed. You’ll see the hardy desert flora opening up tender buds to take in the few drops of dew that have condensed overnight.

Morning Desert Safari

It’s all about magic and mystery during our morning safari with camel riding to Dubai's dunes. The desert’s golden beauty is unleashed in the early rays of the sun, and it’s the perfect time for a dune bashing adventure while the mica pieces in the sand are all glittering in the first light. Enjoy your rides on a superb 4x4 up and down on the huge sand dunes. You will utterly adore the unique natural roller coaster ride in the desert. The next unique highlight of the morning desert safari is the camel ride.

Things to note
Insider Tips:

  • Wear flat footwear and breathable clothes to enjoy the adventurous outing in the sand without facing difficulty.
  • Keep a bottle of water with you at all times as it can get hot and dehydrating.
  • Carry sunscreen, sunblock and scarf to beat the heat.
  • Bring a camera to capture the scenic sunrise and landscape early morning.
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