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Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Overview

Many ‘morning’ people look forward to a good dose of excitement that rises their adrenaline in the wee hours of the morning. If you are one such kind,the Abu Dhabi morning desert safari should be given a try. Moreover, morning desert safari is also suitable to all those who do not have more time to spend while on a vacation. And what better way to break a busy routine or a mundane schedule than to indulge in some adventurous recreation on a desert safari.

Morning safari starts before dawn and thus you need to be up and ready on schedule. While the sun rises in the horizon you would be amazed to find yourself amidst the mesmerising desert terrain. Dune bashing and photography are some of the activities to look forward to while on the voyage. The desert safari in Abu Dhabi turns more exciting with the rising sun and you end up asking for more!

Before long you are served breakfast and bid adieu to your surroundings. They say less is more. Morning safari is one such endeavour and most people look forward to these safaris every time they visit Abu Dhabi or other desert terrains. If you are lucky you might as well indulge in camel rides, quad biking, or other fun activities before you are dropped back to your hotel/ residence. In the end you are replenished and all set to get back to life!

A few highlights of our Morning Safari in Abu Dhabi

  • Pick up and drop from your hotel or residence in Abu Dhabi
  • A well planned desert safari that takes into consideration the time you spend in the desert and watch the gorgeous view of the sun rising along with the breath-taking surrounding
  • Trained and professional drivers to ride you through the desert and indulge in some exhilarating dune bashing
  • Unlimited thrill all through with some stunning photography to indulge into
  • Camel rides and quad biking if time permits or as per the availability
  • Amazing hospitality and a good breakfast to relish in the serene environment
  • Safety as a top priority
  • If you wish for a less adventurous drive among the dunes, you may always request for it

Try Best Desert Safari in Dubai’s Morning Desert Safari with Quad Biking Ride for extra thrill and adrenaline rush!

Forget your anxieties and get lost as you admire the desert flora and fauna and immerse in its resplendent charm, as you enjoy an exciting dune bash across the unparalleled sands in a 4X4 vehicle. It gets even more breathtaking when you go for an adventurous desert exploration in your quad bike. We’ve the most suitable choices to cater to beginners, advanced adventure seekers, and of course anyone in between. We can further tailor this package by incorporation a thrilling session of camel riding or sand boarding.

So for a desert trip as never before, contact Best Desert Safari in Dubai, and the rest is assured that our tour experts will tailor a desert safari package that suits your unique requisites. For more information, inquire us by filling out the form or give us a call at +971 42087444 You can email your queries on this desert safari package to

What are included in the package?

  • Dune bash in a 4X4 vehicle
  • Camel ride
  • Henna designing
  • Shisha smoking
  • Photographic opportunity in Arabic dress
  • BBQ dinner (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes served)
  • Belly dance
  • Tanura show
  • Unlimited refreshments
  • Alcohol served for additional cost
  • Separate washroom facilities for men and women
  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel or location in Dubai / Sharjah

What You Can Expect From the Morning Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Dubai is a maestro in doing things lavish, big and better but when it comes to observing the traditional side of UAE, visit its capital. The exquisiteness of the desert in Abu Dhabi is beyond belief. And what makes it top-notch is the desert safari.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is more demanding amongst the tourists than anything else. Tourists flock from Dubai to try their hands on this freshly pepped experience. We have very well crafted the desert safari package that will offer the dream camping and activities that can be enjoyed only on the desert. To begin with, don’t forget to carry your camera, because you are going to capture the breathtaking views of the desert, and also wear comfy clothes that don’t bother your fun tour.

Convenience is our top priority and thus, our professional drivers would arrive at your given pickup spot on time. You see a robust 4WD vehicle waiting for you at the door, get inside and travel through the calmest roads of the city, early morning. The vehicle is comfortable, air-conditioned and luxurious to begin the session. As you come to the end of the road, you will gradually find the tall skyscrapers diminishing to a lovely stretch of sand.

It is here you find the peace and adventure mixing well to give you a journey that is unforgettable. Then starts the adrenaline racing with the dune bashing in the 4*4 vehicle. It lifts, falls, whizzes and descends in various directions. You can measure the height of sand dunes as the vehicle jumps and plummets tingling your adventure quotient. The drivers are very meticulously selected and qualified for the stunt to be done and all you got to do is have fun. The Arabian music in the background in the safari would drive the thrill to a greater level. Keep enjoying as the wheel slips and skids on the sand for 45 minutes.

The advantage of morning desert safari is you can reach the desert when the weather is still calm and the sand is relatively cool. The sun is not harsh and the rays are slanting which allows you to see the desert's vista from a different perspective, a part of it red and part of it bronze. It is a brilliant start to the day.

Each safari package includes customised entertainment add-ons. As you get over the dune bashing, you will be stopped at a camel farm. Now, this part is attractive- hop aboard a camel and ride across the sands. You have the chance to sit and straddle the came, walking in a caravan on the glossy, soft sand before the heat cranks up. It is the true way of living life like nomadic. It is one of the nostalgic moments you will have when you see camel or desert anywhere the next time.

The more amusing event is still to come and that is sandboarding. Wear the board in your feet which forces you to slip on the sand mounds. It is exciting and romping. Next, you can enrol for the hot balloon ride. It is a fascinating morning safari activity that gives you a bird-eye view. From 4,000 meters above the ground, you can observe the picturesque landscape of desert and the absolutely mesmerising exterior.

Keeping it really on-going and active, the itinerary also includes riding the dune buggy. You are geared up and sat, donning a helmet to discover the untamed desert and spot the rare plants and animals.

Trainers are available to help you with any course/ activity.

When you are through all enthralling activities, you are seated at the Bedouin-inspired camp. It is a beautiful set up with mats, cushions, carpets and low tables that allow you to gather and make memories. Later what follows is the unlimited refreshments and scrumptious breakfast to pamper your gastronomical appetite.

To the end, the driver takes you back to the rendezvous spot, hassle-free.

Here are the highlights of the 5-hour trip:
  • Start your expedition with strong dune bashing in a 4*4 vehicle.
  • Experience the famous camel ride.
  • Go on solo travelling in the dune buggy.
  • Travel the desert on sandboarding.
  • Have an awe-inspiring look of the desert from the top in a hot balloon.
  • Live the Arabian’s life in Bedouin camp.
  • Relish the delicious breakfast and refreshments.

With ample opportunities to capture the beauty and spend your time, the morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi is the perfect holiday to ask for. Book your every dynamic desert safari with just a click.

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