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Overnight Safari Deluxe Overview

Looking for a comprehensive desert experience complemented by luxury and magnificence? Our Overnight Safari Deluxe will definitely provide you with an once-in-a-lifetime experience. With all the staples of a desert safari, such as dune bash in a 4x4 vehicle, henna designing, falcon show, camel riding, Shisha smoking, and more, this brilliant package will offer an authentic and remarkable nocturnal experience amidst the wilderness of the Arabian Desert. Not to mention, it is structured to provide you with the most memorable desert sightings as well as experience.

The safari begins with a 45-minute dune bash. Awaiting your visit to our traditional desert camp is a host of cultural experiences, along with a barbeque dinner over swopping dune bash stories. After a delectable BBQ meal and impressive traditional live performance, guests can relax in our spacious and air-conditioned tents replete with all essentials, including comfy sleep bags, pillows, and blankets.

Refreshments are also made available to make the most of each moment you spend under the desert stars. The thrill doesn't end here. It will be even more uplifting when you wake up to the awe-inspiring views of sunrise and savor a freshly brewed Arabic coffee, along with a hearty Arabian breakfast.

Do not hesitate to call us if you’re interested in our Overnight Safari Deluxe, which doesn’t spare on pampering our valuable guests. Simply dial on +971 42087444 to know everything about your favorite desert trip. You can also drop your queries to

A few highlights of our Overnight Safari Deluxe

  • Enjoy the natural desert habitat at its best
  • Luxury desert experience
  • Experience camel riding
  • Relax in air-conditioned deluxe room
  • Try shisha smoking
  • Relish traditional BBQ dinner
  • Delicious Arabian Breakfast
  • Opportunities to indulge in activities like quad biking, sandboarding etc.
  • Pickup and drop back facility included

What are included in the package?

  • Dune bash in a well-maintained, safe purpose-built vehicle
  • Sunset views
  • Camel ride
  • Henna painting
  • Aromatic Shisha smoking corner
  • BBQ buffer dinner
  • Live traditional entertainment
  • Alcohol served for extra charge
  • Well-appointed room
  • Water, tea & coffee served overnight
  • Washroom facilities
  • Morning breakfast with Arabic coffee
  • Pick-up and drop-off to your rendezvous spot in Dubai / Sharjah

What You Can Expect From Overnight Safari Deluxe Tour

It’s the invite to spend a night beneath the stars!

The Dubai Luxury Overnight Safari is a cold bliss in the sultry desert. Generally, Desert Safari promises an unforgettable and enjoyable trip for your lifetime, but in case it’s the overnight safari, get ready to face the real excitement and fun. It takes the thrill to another level. Thanks to the luxurious and opulent set up that makes the complete package worth a try.

This unique desert trip is a perfect balance of adventure and nature. If riding on rollercoaster and exploring on the ferry sounds monotonous, the Dubai Desert Safari will give you a different exposure to Dubai and its untamed desert.

Our deals can be customisable according to your preferences, to make your trip as personalised as possible. We arrange everything for you from the very start- for us your convenience matters. So, this fascinating trip begins from your door-step by picking up in 4x4 land cruiser and driving through fabulous city of Dubai. This vehicle seats 6 people and if you like privacy you can come up with a cheaper rate negotiating with the travel company and booking the whole vehicle for yourself.

Hearing the fascinating Dubai stories you reach the alluring and undulating stretch of sand dunes, the Arabian desert. It is here that you get your adventure fix in the slumping lows and pulsating highs of wavy sand land. You got to hold tight on this robust and powerful vehicle that will fill your blood with adrenaline joy and let you experience the pleasure of extreme dune bashing. The car surfs the silky sand just like the ship sails on the sea. With 45 minutes of insane riding and listening to Arabian music in the vehicle, you’ll be stopped at an impressive landscape that has a caravan of camels.

Get a taste of ancient days when camel, so called as the ship of the desert, was the most profound means of transport. Here you can take a snap of this amazing Emirati culture where several people are riding the camels, the sand looks golden and the sun seems glimmer. Get ready, jump and straddle the camel! This camel safari is the underdog of the safari trip as the experience is a fusion of culture, nature and excitement. Gradually the sun sets, turning the whole desert to a beautiful stretch of orange earth. Don’t miss out on capturing the elegance of this dramatic landscape.

Along with the camel riding, there are options you can choose like the quad biking that races around our desert race track, followed by sand boarding. Both add-ons promise unlimited amount of fun.

Next in the array is the tranquil overnight getaway under the stars in the Bedouin-styled camp. You are welcomed by our team in the Arabian style. Surrounding the gazebo and bonfire, this is an amazing set up for you to leave your worries, relax and rejuvenate. On the comfortable seating arrangement of cushions, pillows and carpets, you can relish all the live entertainment. We present the best of dancers and male artists to perform belly dancing and Tanoura show. While you cherish these iconic performances, you are served with unlimited refreshments like water, tea, coffee and Arabian specialities. You can get in action with several enthralling activities; adorn your hands with henna designs and tattooing, capture the cultural you in the Emirati custom dress and smoke the flavoursome Arabic water pipe shisha -there is unlimited of smoking for you under our banner. You can also get a photo with the falcon bird on your hands. As you indulge in this bewildering ambience, there is an international buffet dinner. These mouthwatering BBQ cuisines and world class dishes are brought at your table, prepared by the best chefs.

When all the spectacles and amusements of the night are done, our permanent tents are comfortably furnished. There are several amenities to keep you cosy and convenient like the sleeping bags, blankets, cushions and utilities like tea and coffee. It is time you experience what it feels like to sleep under the covers of moonlit and blanket of stars. The pleasant breeze night air and the glittering sky view will drift you off to the best ever sleep.

Later you can rise to the serene and rare insight of charming sunrise view. After you have had a peaceful sleep, there is an attractive set up of delectable breakfast and refreshments like tea and coffee in the morning. The trip concludes with drop off at the rendezvous spot.

It is a luxurious desert camp boasting all basic amenities, starry sky and unforgettable fun. This overnight safari is highly booked and appreciated because of its magnificence and a range of itinerary. Book the safari as it’s your moment to enjoy with friends, family and partner while we take care of the rest.

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