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Hatta Safari - Desert Safari

Combining a visit to the Heritage Site of Hatta with a six-hour desert safari, this Hatta Mountain Safari with Desert Safari fantastic duo deal offers you an exciting and unforgettable tour from Dubai!

Hatta Safari

This trip in a 4X4 vehicle is a round-up of thrilling dune bash, striking views, and a visit to ancient Hatta heritage village as well as Hatta fort. The excitement begins from the moment when we pick you up from your location in Dubai or Sharjah and head towards Hatta. The route itself is scenic, and the delight is doubled when you take it to the dunes. This is followed by a trip to Heritage Village, where you get to know more about the Emirati culture and heritage, with a cluster of mud-walled residences, watchtowers, and mosques. For an exceptional experience, we'll further take you up to a natural mountain pool that enables you to freshen up with a revitalizing dip. The next stopover is at the famed Hatta Fort that provides you a slice of Hatta people's centuries-old lifestyle practices. Above all, the trip covers a visit to the carpet market.

Desert Safari

Best in Desert Safari's specialized desert package that introduces to the Dubai's sublime desert scenery comprising beautiful dune formations, along with a unique spectrum of activities, will for sure beguile guests seeking fun, excitement, adventure, and beautiful reminiscences in a single trip. On this six-hour desert safari, you can ride over the dunes in a 4x4 vehicle, enjoy camel ride, smoke Shisha, try traditional Emirati costumes, beautify your hands with henna, and most of all, dine on a delightful BBQ dinner while watching traditional live performances.

A few highlights of this off-beat combo tour package

  • Enjoy enchanting views as you drive through the rustic Hajjar desert trails
  • Get a glimpse of original Bedouin lifestyle
  • Unique cultural experience
  • Great dining and entertainment options as part of desert safari

What are included in the package?

  • change
  • Sunset photo stops
  • Camel ride
  • Henna painting
  • Aromatic Hubbllee Bubblee
  • Sand Boarding upon request
  • Quad biking upon request
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Belly Dance Show
  • Tanura show
  • Refreshments
  • Alcohol served in camp for extra charge
  • Separate Toilet facilities for men and women
  • Pick-up / drop back to any location in Dubai / Sharjah

What You Can Expect Hatta Safari and Desert Safari

Very popular desert safari has already become a headline for its amazing action and fun packed performance, but what still remains a dark horse is the Hatta safari.

To give you chills, here is our plan for the Hatta safari with the desert safari.

This is a thrilling experience where you can uncover the ways of living a Bedouin-inspired life. The experience promises refreshing and rejuvenating memories. You are picked from the hotel in a lavish 4*4 vehicle and unblocking from the bustling crowds on the roads, you drive past the Hatta rocky trails. The mountains, winds, and bay offer luscious sight. It is an overall a natural yet breathtaking and rip-roaring ride- all you would want to do is seize the moment. Trailing forward, you reach the translucent mountain pools, and you got this right- it’s time to dip and dive that appeases the entire mood and de-stresses you.

With gay in heart, we move ahead and drop off at the recreated Hatta heritage village. The hidden haven in the Hatta mountains, heritage village was reconstructed and modelled to form what is seen today. Here you can learn about the rural living dated back centuries. It houses the life-size sculptures, documents and accessories. Inside is the Bait Al Wali, where the ruler resided- it has got courtyards, various rooms and a seating area. After an adequate knowledge on marriage, social customs and traditional songs of then times, you can find the Hatta Fort. Built for the purpose of defence and surveillance, it is one of the major attractions. It is made of mountain stones and mud bricks. Hatta is a spectacular place that opens arms for all kinds of nature-lovers and adventure-seekers.

Numerous photographic opportunities await you as you excel in this trip forward. Because of this stunning locations and views, Hatta Safari is the perfect plan to escape the chaos of the city and stay in green and peace.

Continued in this package is one of the favourite tourist activities, desert safari. People from all over the globe are excited to partake in these Bedouin camps, set for camel riding and join the thrill of dune bashing. But what makes the desert safari amazing is the connection of culture with adventure. This blend attracts the visitors to know what’s inside the treat.

Kicking off in a lavish transfer from the hotel, the seasoned chauffeur drives you all way to the desert where the action takes place. In a 4 wheeled well-built and sturdy jeep, you are seated with a group of other people too. If you want to have a private safari with you and your family or friends, you can consult with the travel company beforehand. Talking about the domain of adventure, the flying over dunes in 4*4 is exhilarating. It’s a caravan of cars jumping all highs and lows on the sandy bumps and taking your adrenaline joys to another height. It is something you would have never experienced before.

At a distance, after you have your joy of sand and fun of screaming in the most iconic experience, you get to straddle the camels. They are up close to you and it just feels you are living the life of an Emirati. With the help of the guide you sit on the camel’s back and very gracefully ride them along the mountains of the desert. Later, the activities like quad biking and sand boarding come up in the evening which is equally exciting. Well, for these you need a kind of little priming and training. And the delight becomes double when you are the boss of your own ride.

What pacifies the entire atmosphere is the sunset view. Gradually the sun sets, the day is about to off and you can see the impressive transformation of the bronze desert to a beautiful stretch of orange sand. Not a brainer, you have to pull the camera right here and take a breathtaking picture.

Further, reaching the campsite you will discover a standard set-up of Bedouin camps that look traditional yet voguish. A dance podium is in the centre with shops in the little nooks. Here is the time to take part in all things Emirati, beginning with a poised belly dancing to unlimited shisha smoking. As you sit and gaze around, you will be welcomed to the musical world by a trained belly dancer. Later comes the professional male Tanoura dancer. You are offered unlimited refreshments like water, tea and coffee. The ambience is set right as you roam around and explore different activities like henna tattooing, getting photoed in a gorgeous Emirati dress and enjoying shisha. The delight of this safari is the BBQ cuisine arrangements, where you are served with international varieties to soothe your taste buds.

For travellers who fancy a drink, you can buy the alcohol on extra charges.

Why Hatta safari with desert safari is the perfect pair?

  • You discover the rustic lifestyle of Bedouins in the Hatta area.
  • The travel through the 115 km Hatta mountains is bliss.
  • There is serenity, warmth and peace in the air that tames all stress.
  • You get to soak in the mountain pool which is an incredible part of the tour.
  • The Hatta heritage village introduces you to centuries-old lifestyle, their customs and handcrafted martial like jewellery and utensils.
  • One of the most significant sculptures in Hatta is the Hatta Fort that has got a history too.
  • Next, the desert safari keeps you glued to the roots of Dubai, which is, desert.
  • The 4*4 vehicle turns to an abrupt adventure coaster with the extreme dune bashing.
  • The unique adventure starts with the camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking.
  • In the middle of the desert, a Bedouin camp is organised which highlights the Emirati living.
  • Enjoy along with the trained male Tanoura performer and the belly dancer.
  • Try your hands on the several activities like henna designing, shisha smoking and more.
  • You can click a picture in the Emirati dress.
  • Be filled with the sumptuous food at the BBQ buffet.
  • Complimentary transfers for all places.

Refine your upcoming Dubai trip with this truly fantastic and convenient package of Hatta and desert safari right away.

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