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Dubai in April 2024 – Weather Guide, Top Things to Do and More


In Dubai, April personifies an exclusive allure, merging the summer’s budding heat with the odds and ends of winter. April heralds a favorable climate with mild breezes and azure skyline. It personifies the delicate palette of spring, the sweet scent of fresh blossoms, and the tender touch of the sunrays that blanket Dubai in a gleaming golden halo. Want to find out more? Keep reading.

April Dubai Weather

Amazing city center skyline Dubai city.

The weather in Dubai in April is typically hot, more so because of the Persian Gulf being the origin. With the ticking of the clock, the temperature rises, but it is not sweltering, which means you can wander in the breeze. As the temperature takes a dip, the evenings are favorable. As opposed to summers, there is less humidity with occasional showers and more clear, sunny skies. The average April temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius.

Top Places to Visit in Dubai in April

The favorable April weather conditions lure travelers to reap the utmost perks of exploring the city’s nooks and corners without getting cranky.

Burj Khalifa

World's tallest building the Burj Khalifa.

Encountering the towering architectural wonder, the Burj Khalifa, is sheer brilliance. The clear skies in April indicate unobstructed views. Most importantly, minimal crowds this season make the experience easy. Book the ticket in advance, which provides entry to the observation decks. Enjoy two-fold benefits by adding to it a sumptuous dining session at At.mosphere or a dining venue that piques your taste.

The Dubai Mall

People doing shopping at Dubai shopping mall.

Shopping is such a therapy, isn’t it; with the perk of a comfortable weather, you definitely cannot ask for more. The world’s largest shopping complex has a colossal number of things to offer beyond sheer retail options. Be a part of Dubai Ice Rink, Hysteria Haunted, Play DXB, the Dubai Fountain, and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Aquarium. In short, this is a resort for unthinkable things to do in Dubai with family.

Global Village

Amazing lights and decor at Global Village Dubai.

With favorable temperatures, April is a suitable time to indulge in the Global Villages’ exclusive activities, ranging from themed pavilions and delectable culinary delights to diverse culture, live entertainment, and more. The Global Village, during the auspicious occasion of Ramadan, transforms into a cultural hub. The key highlights are Ramadan-themed décor, Ramadan treats, and, of course, the Iftar.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Colorful flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden.

April is a season of full blossoms, thus making the Dubai Miracle Garden a must-see on your list. From the very beginning, you will fall in love with the vibrant flowers shaped in intricate patterns and themed displays.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

During April’s temperate weather, surveying this cultural site becomes easy with its art galleries as well as historic landmarks. Also visit the Dubai Museum within AI Fahidi Fort’s premises to survey the interactive displays and artifacts.

The few best things to do in Dubai in April encompasses, yet are not restricted to,

Desert Safari

April is probably the last summer month to take pleasure in the desert dunes prior to the onset of the unforgiving summer heat. Thrill seekers can drive dune buggy and experiment quad-biking. If you have a penchant for animals, then camel riding in Dubai will be idyllic. Foodies can rejoice on a BBQ tour. You are spoilt for choice from morning desert safari in Dubai to evening, overnight, and premium to sunrise safari.

Outdoor Activities

Dubai offers a gamut of outdoor activities for you to partake in during the mild April, like playing golf, soaring high over the desert landscape on a hot air balloon ride, skydiving in Palm Jumeirah, pampering yourself with a yacht cruise, drifting along Dubai Creek on a dhow cruise, trying cycling on the Dubai Marina Walk, joining the Big Bus tour, or enjoying the dancing water jets at the Dubai Fountain show.


April is an idyllic time for beaches, as it is not peak summer. Reap the mild weather and serene water perks at La Mer Beach or indulge in multifaceted water sports comprising parasailing, kayaking, or jet skiing. The beach waters at JBR Beach are welcoming for swimming or a sun bath. Lazy bones can be let loose at beachfront resorts adjoining the beaches of Dubai.

Outdoor Dining

Dubai, a foodie’s haven, has plenty to offer when it comes to dining: cafes, outdoor restaurants, street foods, and the like. But make it a point to experience outdoor dining at a rooftop terrace or a beachfront restaurant while observing scenic sights and a chilly breeze.

Amusement Parks

Taking pleasure in Dubai’s outdoor activities during April’s balmy climate is a plus. Partake in elating rides at Motiongate Dubai, enjoy immersive experiences at IMG Worlds of Adventure, try water slides at Aquaventure Waterpark, or hit heart-racing rides and slides at Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Dubai in April- Best Hotels

The best hotels to stay in Dubai in April include:

Burj AI Arab

Most luxurious hotel in the world Burj-Al-Arab

Dubai’s iconic emblem, Burj AI Arab, is at Jumeirah Beach Road. It is all things luxurious. From suites and services to dining, everything is steeped in opulence.

Armani Hotel

Beautiful couple standing infront of hotel Armani.

It’s the pride of Dubai; you are sure to be swayed by the sophistication as well as contemporary elegance of one of the famed five-star hotels in Dubai. Their top-tier services comprise a spa, first-class dining, and views to get addicted to.

Atlantis, The Palm

Beautiful Atlantis The Palm hotel in Dubai.

Nestled on Palm Jumeirah Island, it created a niche for exclusive experiences like the underwater suites, multifarious dining, and Dolphin Bay.

Dubai 2024 April Events

  • 2024 Meta Expo Dubai (5th-6th April)
  • Dubai Comedy Festival (12th-21st April)
  • Ramadan Night Market (9th-18th April)
  • Dubai Opera Iftar (3rd April-1st May)
  • Incognito Live- (25th April)
  • Dubai Cup 2024- (15th April-20th April)
  • Whitney Show- (1st-2nd April)

Click here for a Detailed Guide to April Events with Booking Information and Inclusions!


Q1. How is the April weather in Dubai?

It is calm and favorable, with less humidity and occasional showers.

Q2. What must I wear?

Wear soft, breathable fabrics and dress modestly on religious sites.

Name some must-try activities in April.

  • Water sports: swimming and jet skiing
  • Inland activities: camel rides and dune buggy ride

Q4. Why visit in April?

  • Fewer crowds 
  • Ideal for outdoor fun
  • Cheap accommodation rates

Q5. What to eat?

  • Fresh seafood 
  • Shawarma and falafel 
  • AI Harees
  • Luqaimat

Q6. Does desert safari tours operate during Ramadan, which usually falls in April?

Yes, desert safaris do happen during Ramadan. But entertaining programs like Tanoura dancing and belly dancing do not happen during this time. Also, you would not be served alcohol and Shisha during this time. You can enjoy adventurous activities and dinner in desert safari Dubai in Ramadan.

Final Words

Dubai in April promises an exceptional escape, with a secret-perfect mix of culinary delights, cultural festivities, and plentiful adventures revolving around an enticing mild climate. Your Dubai April getaway is a few steps away. If you cannot make it in April, visiting Dubai in May is also a good idea. There are many things do in Dubai in May as well.