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Dubai in June 2024 – Weather, Places to Explore, Accommodations, Events and More


June in Dubai means sweltering heat going beyond 40 degrees, but this should not hold you back, as there are myriad best things to do in Dubai in June. First and foremost, this month falls under the off-peak season, so you can take pleasure of a dip in the costs of hotels, air fares, and activities, thus making it light on the wallet. Besides, due to the thinner crowds, you will find smaller queues and more space for first-hand exploration. Also, the waterparks are brimming with activities to let you stay hydrated and cool and make the most of the summer. Last but not least, Dubai has endless indoor attractions in the form of malls and entertainment complexes to keep the intense heat at bay.

Weather in June

Twisted buildings in Dubai at night.

The weather in Dubai in June is scorching, with arid conditions and temperatures reaching beyond 40 degrees. There is plenty of sunshine, fluctuations in humidity, and no rainfall. The evenings are balmy, while the nights are agreeable with a minimum temperature of 26 degrees. Irrespective of the heat, June witnesses a decent number of tourists in Dubai for indoor activities, entertainment, and shopping.

Places to Explore

The top places to visit in Dubai in June include:

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the first indoor snow park .

With 40-plus degrees outside and a chilly, snowy feel inside, Ski Dubai is undeniably a must-visit this June. This indoor skiing facility is enclosed with real white snow to escape the heat. Located inside the famed Mall of the Emirates, it has immense on its plate to be unfurled, such as countless rides, ice walls, ice caves, and bobsledding. Most importantly, you cannot sideline Gentoo as well as King Penguins at Penguin Encounter.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin kissing a girl at Dubai Dolphinarium

Exploring Dubai Dolphinarium in June will be truly delightful. Observing the super cute dolphin and seal shows indoors away from the outdoor heat is truly a treat to the eyes. Opt for Majestic Dolphin Swim for swimming with the wonderful creatures, feeding them, and also capturing the lovely moments. The seals also display excellent performances. Being a much-famed attraction, book your tickets in advance to skip the queue.

Dubai Mosques

A white color building known as Jumeirah Mosque Dubai.

Surveying Dubai mosques in June will be both a culturally enriching and serene experience. There are endless beautiful mosques in Dubai, from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to Jumeirah Mosque and more. Exploring them during Eid promises a different vibe altogether. This is the perfect time to gain a better understanding of the city’s culture and religion. Most importantly, dress modestly and make your visits during the morning or late evening to avoid the intense heat.

Desert Safari

A girl doing sandboarding at desert safari Dubai.

Should you be in Dubai during the sweltering June and Dubai desert safari is on your itinerary, it is highly suggestive to choose an evening or overnight safari to make the most of this expedition in the breeze and also pick the right dress code for desert safari to tour comfortably. Gazing at the infectious sunset vistas, immersing in adventures from dune drives to camel treks, savoring the traditional menu, observing the Tanoura performance, trying the shisha, stargazing and all this without the scorching heat draining your energy away. There are diverse Dubai desert safari locations, with each distinctive in its own way.

Green Planet

Colorful parrots at Green Planet Dubai.

Enter this tropical, lush rainforest with over 3000 species of flora and fauna that are absolutely exotic. The birds’ melodious songs, the educational opportunities throwing light on biodiversity, the tropical atmosphere, the climate-controlled environment, the feeding sessions, and the animal encounters-there is ample to discover here. There cannot be a better refuge from the sweltering heat.

Things to Do

Spa Retreat

Luxury place resort and spa vacations at Dubai.

Let loose at Dubai’s leading spa and get pampered with treatments like facials, massages, wellness therapies, and more to unwind from the intense summer heat.

Beach Activities

Happy family enjoying at beach in Dubai

If you are a water baby, immerse yourself in endless water activities encompassing paddleboarding, parasailing, jet skiing, and more at Dubai’s exotic beaches. It is highly suggestive to indulge in such activities early morning or late evening when the climate is bearable.

Indoor Golf

Golfer holding a club at Dubai's Golf course.

Golf aficionados can head to Dubai’s premier golf facilities like Topgolf to take lessons for brushing up your golfing skills from an expert or take pleasure in a game with fellow golfers.

Cooking Classes

Foodie can enroll in a cooking class in a hotel or culinary institute and try their hands at international or traditional Emirati gastronomy. Enhance your culinary skills through new techniques and flavors.

Indoor Ice Skating

A lot of people doing ice skating at ice rink in Dubai.

Simply cool off here by gliding across the chilling ice. No matter a novice or an expert, this refreshing spot inside the Dubai Mall will leave you asking for more.

Best Dubai Hotels

The best hotels to stay in Dubai in June entail,

Luxury Hotels

For exceptional and opulent amenities, book a stay at the Armani Hotel, Atlantis the Palm, or Burj AI Arab.

MidBudget Hotels

For a quality stay at a moderate price, book a stay at the Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel or even Rove Downtown. They are centrally located, offer the best amenities, and ensure good comfort.


Dubai is replete with budget hotels as well as hostels like Ibis AI Rigga and Dubai Youth Hostel that offer comfortable, hygienic stays within budgets.

June 2024 Events

  • Hans Zimmer-31stMay to 1st June, 2024
  • Aashish Solanki Live-1st June, 2024
  • Russell Kane Stand-Up Comedy Show- 2nd June, 2024
  • WHITE Fridays- 7th and 14th June, 2024
  • Bobby Wilson Show- 18th June, 2024
  • Dubai Summer Surprises- 29th June to 3rd September, 2024

Bottom Line

Surveying Dubai in June will indeed be worthwhile for visitors that appreciate wallet-friendly prices, thinner crowds, are keen to discover indoor as well as outdoor attractions, and, above all, are comfortable with the heat.


Q1. How is Dubai climate in June?

It is scorching with arid conditions and temperatures touching beyond 40 degrees. There is plenty of sunshine, fluctuations in humidity, and no rainfall.  

Q2. Why Dubai in June?

  • Thinner crowds 
  • Attractive deals on hotels and accommodations 
  • Celebration of Ramadan

Q3. Name some June delicacies in Dubai.

  • Luqaimat 
  • Machboos 
  • Mandi 
  • Harees 
  • Qoozi 

Q4. What should I pack for my holiday in Dubai in June?

  • Breathable, airy, comfortable attire 
  • Comfortable shoes/sandals 
  • Sun lotion, glares, and hat 
  • Water bottle 
  • Umbrella

Q5. Name some June outdoor activities in Dubai.

  • Spa
  • Jet skiing or parasailing 
  • Golfing 
  • Cooking classes 
  • Indoor ice skating