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Dubai in July 2024 – Weather Highlights, Must-See Places, Best Activities & Upcoming Events


Touring Dubai in July, although characterized by severe heat, uncovers a unique form of beauty. With the summer sun casting its balmy golden blush over Dubai’s skyline, a gamut of indoor attractions, cultural experiences, luxurious resorts, and Dubai’s hidden gems await those yearning to explore. From premier shopping malls, opulent spas, and indoor theme parks to places for desert camping in Dubai, the city paves the way for a rich collage of experiences. Embrace the Land of Dreams’ vibrant energy and determine its charm with a lens of extravagance and innovation, thus making it a summer destination to remember.

Weather in July

Beautiful view of Dubai skyline in the month of July.

The weather in Dubai in July is indeed hot, with temperatures soaring to a maximum of 40 degrees and a minimum of about 30 degrees. Being a desert site, this month has immensely less rainfall. The sea temperature in July touches up to about 32 degrees, and daylight lasts about 12 hours.

Places to See

The top places to visit in Dubai in July abound, including:

Desert Safari

A man in black shirt prforming fire show at desert safari in Dubai.

July in Dubai indicates peak summer, but this should not be an obstacle to stop you from taking pleasure in the wonderful desert safari. With some smart planning, like opting for an evening or overnight safari, one can enjoy this safari to the fullest without the sweltering heat acting as a hindrance. Once the sun dips, the weather becomes agreeable, helping you to relish the delish traditional Arabic refreshments, the pulsating entertainment, the heart-pounding activities, and soaking in the desert’s raw beauty. Again, a desert safari for solo travelers is a wonderful opportunity to get along with new people and weave unforgettable memoirs. In fact, a journey with sunrise desert safari is one experience you should not miss. It is best to go for a Dubai desert safari with dhow cruise tour package, as you will get some good deals on this combo package that includes two of the most important tourist attractions of the city.

Dubai Frame

Early morning view of Dubai Frame during fog

This is another much-loved spot to survey in July. It exhibits premier architectural pieces while offering the city’s finest viewpoints. The development stages that the golden city has endured can be observed within the premises. Explore the frame post-sunset to familiarize yourself with the city’s past as well as future projections while gazing at the current Dubai. Besides, the vistas here are absolutely Instagram-worthy.

Palm Fountain

Music and light fountain show at palm fountain Dubai.Surveying the Palm Fountain Dubai in July can be an outstanding experience if planned right. Schedule the visit during evening hours when the temperature falls a little and the shows gets vibrant against the gorgeous night sky. July being an off-peak tourist season means enjoying the fountain as well as its surroundings with thinner crowds. Besides, the Pointe has several water-based activities which are extremely refreshing during the sweltering heat.

Dhow Cruise

Beautiful dhow cruise in Dubai with lightings

Opting for a lovely Dhow cruise during the months of July will be truly delightful, as it promises a unique perception of coastal regions. Be it the serene waters, pristine beaches, or cityscapes, the panorama from the Dhow cruise is undeniably unmatched. A dhow cruise also brings travelers together from every nook and cranny of the globe, opening rooms for socializing, sharing experiences, and making new pals. Besides, the delectable onboard dining experiences and traditional entertainment are truly outstanding. In short, it offers an enriching maritime experience.

Paradisiacal Beaches

Dubai is truly blessed with incredible beaches, which provide paradisiacal experiences in sweltering July too. July is an opportune time to partake in water sports on Kite Beach, like kite surfing, kayaking, or jet skiing. For that upscale beach experience, one may head to Nikki Beach, celebrated for its posh ambiance and trendy atmosphere. Those who seek a secluded and quieter experience may explore the Black Palace Beach, which promises drop-dead gorgeous vistas of Burj AI Arab and the city’s skyline.

Things to Do

The best things to do in Dubai in July cover:


Arab woman carrying shopping bags in Dubai.

Reap the perks of Dubai Summer Surprises, which provide excellent promotions and discounts at retail outlets and malls all through Dubai. If this is not enough, you have a gamut of choices to shop to your heart’s content at Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the Souks, Global Village, and more.

Indoor Sports

People doing ice skating at ice rink at Dubai mall.

Partake in diverse indoor activities and sports, such as Adventure HQ for indoor climbing or iFLY Dubai for indoor skydiving. Besides, you may also opt for ice skating at Dubai Ice Rink, indoor golf at Meydan Golf, or bounce-off at BOUNCE Dubai.


Luxury place resort and spa for vacation in Dubai.

Rejuvenate and let loose at the city’s grandiose spas. Opt for spa treatments, hydrotherapy, and cooling treatments. These spas will also help in finding inner peace through yoga and meditation sessions that often happen at these spas. These spas will let you attain blissful tranquility.


Experience powdery snow at Ski Dubai, Dubai’s famed indoor ski resort at the Mall of the Emirates. Take pleasure in snowboarding, skiing, or just playing with snow.

Dining and Entertainment

Relish delish cuisines at premier restaurants, eateries, or cafes; watch a joyful live performance; or chill out at a chic rooftop bar.

Premier Hotels

With temperatures soaring in July, choosing an ideal accommodation replete with best-in-class amenities coupled with a pool for beating the heat is a wise idea. The best hotels to stay in Dubai in July comprise some of the best luxury five star hotels in Dubai. These are as follows:

Burj AI Arab

Night view of Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Grandiose and iconic, it promises unmatched luxury juxtaposed with top-notch service and incredible architecture. What is more, it boasts a pool and private beach that provide a cool retreat against the annoying heat.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Positioned at Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel provides accommodations that are stylish and sleek, designed exclusively by Giorgio Armani. This hotel is just idyllic for people who adore luxury and modern design.


Ritz Carlton, a luxurious hotel in Dubai.

Positioned along the Arabian Gulf’s shores, the Ritz-Carlton merges luxurious amenities with Arabian hospitality. The hotel’s expansive grounds have direct beach access, pools, and lush gardens.

Besides, there are mid-range and pocket-friendly accommodations to suit all budgets, namely Rove Downtown Dubai, Ibis One Central, Atana Hotel, Rove City Centre, and more.

2024 July Events

  • RHYTHM-3rd July, 2024
  • Symphonic Middle East Festival-5th July, 2024
  • Mohamed Abdo Live-2nd July, 2024
  • Parenting Hell Live-3rd July, 2024
  • Felix Da Funk-13th July, 2024
  • Hijri New Year-7th July, 2024

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the challenges that Dubai’s heat in July brings, it provides multifarious attractions and experiences that ensure a treasured summer getaway replete with cultural richness, inventions, luxury, delicacy, and more. Visit Dubai this July for an ultimate summer adventure.


Q1. Why Dubai in July?

  • Thinner crowds
  • Amazing deals
  • Numerous events/festivals
  • Untold indoor activities

Q2. Name some of the finest places and experiences to explore in July in Dubai.

  • Desert Safari 
  • Dubai Frame 
  • Dhow Cruise 
  • Beaches 

Q3. Name various activities to opt for in July in Dubai.

  • Various indoor sports 
  • Shopping 
  • Spa
  • Skiing 
  • Dining and entertainment 

Q4. Name some good accommodations in Dubai for July.

  • Ritz Carlton 
  • Armani Hotel 
  • Bur AI Arab 
  • Rove Downtown Dubai 

Q5. What to Eat in July in Dubai?

  • Shawarma 
  • Shish Tawook 
  • Knafeh 
  • Al Harees 

Q6. What should I pack for July in Dubai?

  • Breathable attire in light hues 
  • Ample sun lotion 
  • Comfortable footwear 
  • Essential documents