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Guide to Perfect Family Time at Modhesh World


Summers in Dubai are great, because that is the time for Modhesh World 2016. Modhesh World is a world-class family event that is held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from July 9 to August 29. The event keeps getting bigger and better with each passing year, so it is something that is not to be missed. There are many Dubai attractions for kids, but Modhesh World is the most popular one, as it is among the best things to do in Dubai with kids.

Let’s have a look at what all activities one can indulge in at Modhesh World.Modhesh-full

1.The Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze is a room full of funky and weird mirrors that show you your funniest reflections. You could be tall and thin one moment, and short and fat the next. These mirrors are tons of fun and your children are guaranteed to love them. In fact, even adults will have a good laugh for sure looking at the crazy mirrors. And of course, since it is a maze, you have to find your way out of all the chaos and confusion.

2.The Slides

With a dedicated hall to it, The Slides can be enjoyed by children and parents alike. Playing on a slide is probably everyone’s fondest memory. So imagine, if your child gets to play on such world-class slides. They will cherish these memories for a lifetime. There are a total 3 slide, each one different, offering a crazy adventurous ride. Parents should also enjoy the slides and relive their childhood.

3.Vortex Tunnel

Test your balancing and concentration skills in the exciting Vortex Tunnel. In the tunnel, you have to cross the bridge while the tunnel spins around, making you feel like you are in a time vortex. This exciting ride is one of the most popular attractions and has kids lining up outside. It is a ride like no other.

4.Fly Jump

Trampolines have always been fun, but Fly Jump takes it to another level. Here, your children get to play to 2 gigantic trampolines that are bouncy yet safe. Don’t forget to take your camera with you as you will want to capture the big smiles on their faces as they bounce on the Fly Jump.


Welcome to one of the world’s few 5D adventures. Valkyrie is a great adventure that will be loved by all. Though this attraction was designed for children from the ages of 8 and above, it’s the young adults that love to play this game. Here, you get to put on a pair of virtual glasses, and save the world from a zombie attack. Valkyrie is one of the best adventure rides you will ever take.


Continuing 5D Dubai fun tours, X-Rider is a motion theater that lets you test your depth perception. This is a ride that you have to experience yourself. One tip though. Get there early as you will find a line of youngsters outside, waiting to get in.


 Modhesh World 2016 also brings to you your favourite mascots. From Hello Kitty to Angry Birds, your children can meet them, greet them, and have a great time. And the best part is, kids also get to meet the iconic Modhesh, the face of Modhesh World. Carry your camera as your kids would want to have pictures with their favourite mascots.

8.Parents’ Lounge

There are special lounge areas where parents can relax as their children play on the rides. Though, most parents also themselves enjoy the rides, some prefer to relax in the lounge areas, and watch their children enjoying in this amazing place.


Another reason why Modhesh World is so popular is the food. There are many wonderful food stalls here that serve children’s favourite food items like burgers and pizzas. However, as a parent, if you want your child to eat healthy foods, there are stalls for that as well.

Modhesh World 2016 is one of the best Dubai attractions for kids, and is being held just across the Dubai Metro Station. So, getting here is not a problem. This is one of the best things to do in Dubai with family during summer, so that you can beat the heat while having a great time. See you there!