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Best Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari is an escapade that keeps your adrenaline pumping so hard that you forget normal life. What you’ll experience is without a doubt, the best and one of the most surreal encounters ever. The Dubai desert safari is sure to give you a memory that would last till perpetuity. An activity in the vast desert could be lot more than just riding camels. Haven’t you always wanted to experience the unique feeling of solitude and wildness by floating gently through the calm yet vast desert on a hot air balloon? A ride of the best Desert safari in Dubai would be the perfect choice to fulfil these long-awaited wishes. Look forward to be engulfed with a sense of adventure and ecstasy when you witness an ultimate dune bashing session during the day. Immerse yourself into the stars that float over the desert at night while you enjoy your overnight camps there.
The Impeccable Range of Safaris
Best Desert Safari is brought to you by Rayna with a mission to utilize our hardcore expertise in helping people find only the unsurpassed experiences that the serene yet vast desert has to offer. As the name itself suggests, we offer a superior and memorable desert safari experience in Dubai with a wider range of packages that would be unsurpassed according to your needs.
From a standard Desert Safari experience to the overnight deluxe safari, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of packages. A person who loves to comprehensively discover the splendid desert landscape of Dubai would love to be here and we’ve got just the right amount of adventure to be enjoyed while you stay in Dubai. This package lets you enjoy a dune bash in a 4X4 vehicle, henna designing, falcon show, shisha smoking as well as the most memorable desert sightings.
With the overnight package, you could make the most of spending your entire night right under the stars that encapsulate the gorgeous desert trail. A BBQ meal with traditional live experience is there to keep you entertained and enthused. At any time do you wish to relax, you can always go inside one of our air-conditioned tents that include comfy sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. For our tourists who think it ends here, it doesn’t. The views of sunrise right after that starry night is what would take your breath away. Make sure you capture the scenic views while you also enjoy a freshly brewed Arabic coffee with some hearty Arabian breakfast.
Standard Desert Safari
With the standard package starting with a basic desert safari, lasting for about 6 hours you get to experience breathtaking sunset views, campsite and the amazing landscape. If desert safari is what you want to experience, then you should absolutely check the box in your to-do list. For the morning person, we’ve designed a morning desert safari package that focuses on enjoying the beauty of desert landscape at its absolute best that includes a camel ride, quad biking and a sand boarding feature.
There are several other packages commencing in the mornings giving you several options of trying one option at a time such as the Morning Safari – Camel Riding package. This package gives you the sole experience of exploring the desert in the morning in the luxury of an air-conditioned 4X4 vehicle and also enjoying incredible camel ride. With this package, we guarantee you a perfect balance of fun, adventure and absolute enjoyment. If you wish to see how it is to be in a desert in the wee hours of morning, this tour is for you. Apart from wandering around the supreme sands in a 4X4 vehicle, adventurists could further upgrade by including quad biking, camel riding and sand boarding.
Desert Safari with Quad Biking
Explore the beautiful dunes while you’re riding the exemplary quad bike with our package, Desert Safari with Quad Biking. Enjoy the ultimate quad biking experience with a mind-blowing yet unique twist. Quad biking doesn’t require any sort of previous experience in order to maneuver our latest, fully automatic quad bike. With that being said, another one of our extremely popular and once-in-a-lifetime tours is our Hummer Desert Safari. Through this tour, you get to experience what it’s like to sit inside a Hummer H2 and at the same time discover the undiscovered terrains of the gigantic desert in Dubai.
You are in Dubai to experience this ultimate terrain, and wouldn’t you want to do it in style? Tourists seeking ultimate comfort, luxury with an equal amount of style should opt for this tour. You will be experiencing what it’s like to do dune bashing sitting inside a Hummer H2 and with that being said, it is 6 hours of pure adventure and some nice entertainment for you followed by a lavish vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ dinner. After this, you get to experience camel riding, henna painting and traditional attire photography back in the desert camp. The Tanura and belly dancers would be there to give some amazing performances.
Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari
What if you wish to do a lot of things at once? Well, we’ve got a combo tour package that covers everything. Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari lets you discover the deserts in the Arabian Peninsula along with a scenic tour of the city highlights. Dubai is a city that has gained recognition on an international level and the attractions would make sure exactly why. Some of the attractions that you’re going to get to see are the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Island, Atlantis, The Palm, Burj Khalifa and many more. This entire city tour would make you realize the old world charm the city possesses along with some magnificently raised structures.
The Desert Safari offers a 6-hour pure adventure in Dubai’s desert region. This includes dune bash, stops in between in order to capture the breathtaking views of sunset, camel rides, shisha and a BBQ dinner. Furthermore, Tanura artists and belly dancing performances will keep your energy levels up throughout. If these weren’t enough, quad biking or sand boarding are additional activities that are going to make your expedition to the desert terrain even more fun.
Desert Safari – Dhow Cruise
For tourists who want to enjoy a cruise journey, we have the Desert Safari – Dhow Cruise package. Explore the mighty desert trails, in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle and get lost in the thrill of the dunes before you head for that 2-hour dinner cruise. With the desert safari, you experience the desert wind buzz, sand dunes and an incredible yet nice landscape that is beautiful enough to keep your sight trapped in for long. You can smoke Shisha and also get to see how you would look in a traditional Emirati costume along with some henna design on your hands.
During sunsets, don’t forget to enjoy our wide cuisine offerings amidst the Tanura and belly dancing show. The 2-hour dhow cruise, is where you get to discover Dubai’s ultimate daily life and see some magnificent architectural wonders. Brace yourselves for an immersive experience of the entire city as you float down the Dubai Creek. Throughout the tour, you can relax on the dhow while enjoying a live entertainment show.
Overnight Desert Safari
For our tourists, who love to explore the nights, we’ve got Overnight Desert Safaris that ensure a beguiling night desert adventure. Through this package you get to explore the actual charm of the desert and sleep under stars that envelope the desert. Camel riding, dune bashing and the beautiful desert sunset view with a BBQ dinner are some of the best inclusions of this package.
Dinners are rudimentary but when it is experienced amidst the mind-blowing desert terrain, it becomes an astounding experience. With our Dinner in Desert package, you get to dine amidst the spectacular desert sunset view while you relax by the fire. Smoke shisha, ride the camel and enjoy the desert beauty. Perfect to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, you can customize it according to your needs. This package would let you leave with beautiful moments which you can treasure for a lifetime.
Premium Desert Safari
Through our Premium Dubai Desert Safari package, you can enter the world of surreal and unbounded hinterlands in the most beautiful and luxurious manner you could ever imagine. Be ready to explore the amazing landscape of Dubai and our legendary Arabian hospitality. With this package, you live a memorable evening in a luxe desert retreat that includes a 40-minute dune bash. You relax in totally cozy tents offering impressive comfort while enjoying entertainment shows including Tanura and a graceful belly dance.
Offering a plethora of luxury inclusions accompanied by an all-in-one service, would make this tour one of the best in the list. Live the serene life, leaving behind the maddening crowd and the loud city life. Through this package, you can experience what it’s like to breathe in the real Emirati culture. Relax in our exclusive Bedouin tents that boast of comfort and luxurious designs.
We make sure that you enter a totally new state of restoration once you step into those tents. Tourists could witness the real Emirati culture with a seamless line of amenities and facilities in this package. A dining experience, that would be one of the best experiences, if not the best experience with the pastoral Arabian setting, cold and hot appetizers and a distinctive assortment of grilled specialties. If you wish to satiate your needs in your own personalized manner, we’ve got that facility too!
Hatta Mountain Safari
With the Hatta Mountain Safari package, you get a chance to learn a lot extensively about the history of the entire region whilst you enjoy the mountain adventure. The undiscovered yet stunning Hajar mountain is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the region that you would be experiencing. The terrain is home to a lot of the artistic villages that also include the Hatta Heritage Village. The village boasts of a majestic 200-year-old mosque, an ancient fort and a museum speaking the story of this entire region.
The Hatta Mountain Safari is for the people fond of history and adventure. The total duration of this package will include some dune bashing on the golden dunes followed by some stunning views of old, restored villages that are still remarkable. You also get to experience what the famous Hatta Carpet Market looks like where you can do some rare carpet purchasing. These carpets are known to have original intricate work that is impossible to be replicated.
Safaris with VIP Majlis
Do you wish to switch to a more royal way to explore the tranquility and the untouched prettiness of Dubai’s desert? Our Desert Safari with VIP Majlis is the package for you! This package focuses on the spectacular and mighty ways to explore Dubai. The Desert Safari with VIP Majlis is the elegance that resonates basically with everything with the classic Arabian hospitality. After the beautiful camel rides, henna designing and shisha smoking you can simply unwind, relax at our amazingly spacious tents that feature a modern level comfort experience adding a conventional Emirati twist.
BBQ dinner are always a treat and in Dubai, amidst the desert terrain, it adds an extra kick. You can enjoy both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies coupled with some nice-tasting desserts. Tanura artists and belly dance performers will ensure that your dinner under the stars becomes an unforgettable experience. Make sure you try our VIP Majlis tour while you are on your vacation to the UAE so that you feel a complete dollop of the unique Arabian hospitality.
One of the reasons why Best Desert Safari Dubai is so amazing is because of the uniqueness of our itineraries as well as some really smart inclusions. With that, you’re receiving the personal care and apposite attention that you undoubtedly deserve. We also believe in making use of the right expertise and extremely knowledgeable consultants to guide you throughout. Regardless of the packages you’re interested in, the Best Desert Safari is certainly going to be your best choice to witness and dive into the city of Dubai and explore its magnificent architectural buildings and the desert terrain. Our services are available to individuals, families and corporates and groups of all sizes alike.
Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari

Duration : 6 hours

Breathtaking sunset views, exceptional campsite, and incredible landscape make this Dubai desert safari an experience of a lifetime.

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Dinner In the Desert Dubai

Dinner In Desert

Duration : 5 hours

Get ready for a memorable culinary experience amidst a mind blowing desert terrain rich in heritage and natural splendors.

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Morning Desert Safari With Camel Riding

Morning Safari-Camel Riding

Duration : 5 hours

We organize this tour to take an astonishing morning drive to the desert and enjoy camel riding, along with other activities.

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Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai

Hatta Mountain Safari

Duration : 6 hours

Hatta Mountain Safari with BestDesertSafariinDubai is undoubtedly a must-do adventure during your visit to Dubai.

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Morning Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Duration : 3 hours

Enjoy the beauty of desert landscape at its best, We bring this exciting package with camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding upon request.

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 Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Hummer Desert Safari

Duration : 6 hours

Check out our hummer desert safari and you may absolutely find this is the thrilling jaunt you always wanted to take

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Red Dunes Safari Dubai

Red Dune Safari

Duration : 6 hours

Experience genuine desert adventure when you hit some of the challenging terrains of Dubai’s desert in a 4X4 vehicle.

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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Safari

Duration : 16 hours

Enjoy the thrill of overnight desert safari Dubai adventure tour with belly dancing show & BBQ delicious dinner in under the stars.

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