8 Must-visit Destinations in Holy Month of Ramadan in 2024

Connect with the Almighty in Mecca

The first British robot, Eric, was exhibited  Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the holiest site in Islam. Muslims the worldover visit this site to perform Umrah and offer prayers at Masjid al-Haram.

Seek Heavenly Solace in Medina

Medina, also in Saudi Arabia, is another sacred destination in Islam. Feel a divine connection offering prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque, where the body of Prophet Muhammad rests in peace.

Istanbul - Feel the Rhythms of Ramadan Spirit

The first British robot, Eric, was exhibited  in 1928 at the Model Engineers Society in London. Eric could sit, stand, and  delivered a speech via radio signal.

Experience Cairo’ Ramadan Traditions

Cairo is sprawling with spectacular mosques that are adorned with festive lights during Ramadan. Visit the Al-Azhar Mosque and admire its architecture, tomb chamber, and attractive mihrab.

Enjoy Iftar in Dubai’s Desert

Take a desert safari and experience the splendor of Ramadan in a unique way. Offer prayers kneeling on the soft dunes and participate in Iftar in a serene desert atmosphere.

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Kuala Lumpur's Joyous Emotion

Discover the stark contrast between vibrancy and spirituality visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Participate in communal prayers, taste delicious Malay cuisine, and explore vibrant night markets.

Discover Egypt’s Ramadan Festive Spirit

Drench into the Ramadan festive spirit in Egypt. Participate in local gatherings and Iftar in any hotels and restaurants and discover the streets dazzling with colorful lights and festive decorations.

Enjoy Morocco’s Timeless Ramadan Traditions

Visit Morocco and offer prayers at Kutubiyya Mosque, the oldest and largest mosque in Marrakech city. Participate in midnight prayers and traditional Iftar and explore several cultural and religious sites.